Zyxel Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band WiFi System 2020 Latest Updated Review

Zyxel Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band WiFi System 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Zyxel Multy U is a premium Tri-Band WiFi system designed for your home. Innovative leather strap to the Multy U units provides the option of hanging it in elevated position enabling it to have better WiFi performance

Overview of the Zyxel Multy U AC2100 Tri-Band

As mention above, the Multy U is a tri-band system. Each hardware unit is a tri-band router with two 5GHz bands plus one 2.4GHz band.

In a wireless setup, one of the 5GHz bands works as the dedicated backhaul.

As a result, the system will deliver faster performance, compared to the dual-band system, like the Google Wifi or Bearifi Edge Mesh.

Specs-wise, the Multy U is middling.

It features 2×2 Wi-Fi 5 which delivers the top speed of 867MBps on the 5GHz band and 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz band. Each router sports a 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU, 256 MB RAM, and 512 MB of flash storage.

You’ll find two Gigabit network ports on each Multy U unit.

Zyxel Multy U: A cool design that’s impractical


Like most typical canned Wi-Fi mesh systems, the Multy U includes identical hardware units, called hubs.

One is used as the main unit to connect to your internet source, like a modem, and the rest work as satellites to extend the Wi-Fi coverage.

Each hub is a thin square box with rounded corners, designed to be hung up.

There’s even an included a leather strap for each unit. From the marketing point of view, this seems like a nice idea, a novelty.

Not only that looks messy, but it’s also a tripping hazard.

No web interface

The Zyxel Multy U doesn’t have a web user interface which is quite normal for this type of mesh.

However, as usual, I tried calling up the interface anyway, and interestingly, I got a “your Internet is blocked” message. So it seems there might be a place for a web UI.

But Zyxel did confirm with me that the Multy mobile app is the only option for you to set up and manage the system.

A flashy app that’s a pain to use

The Multy is one flashy mobile app.

When you launch it, you will see a fancy-looking circle spinning around the word “MULTY” — which, by the way, sometimes spins for a bit too long — before the app fully loads.

During the setup, you’ll also see a lot of animations when you move between different sections.

And I’m talking about high-quality, colorful, well-rendered graphics here.

I have to admit; I was initially impressed by the app’s cool sleekness. It set a certain level of positive expectation.

But the animations got old quite fast when the outcome didn’t match the anticipation.


Tri-band powered for maximum performance

Utilizing three wireless bands, the Zyxel Multy U delivers blazing fast speed through its dedicated 5 GHz connection (between nodes), and broadcasts with the remaining 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi network.

Exceptional WiFi coverage throughout your Home

Experience no degradation in speed and reliability with its dedicated wireless backhaul for creating a large wireless network coverage in your home environment.

Automatically connect to the fastest path

A mesh-based WiFi network helps organize an evenly spread signal.

No matter how you place the Zyxel Multy U WiFi system, it automatically optimizes which units to connect with for the best connectivity, even if you accidentally disconnect one.

Adjust to your needs

Enjoy the benefits of both hanging and standing with magnetic stand.

Place your Multy U vertically on the desk or hang it in elevated position enabling it to have better WiFi performance. Easy to install, no tools required.

Easy to install and manage with Multy app

The Zyxel Multy app provides visual setup guide and ensuring that you get connected without the complications of knowing technical network information.

While on your home network, the Multy app allows you to test Internet speed, manage network remotely, setup guest WiFi, and stay informed with push notifications.

Why You Should Get It

Support Amazon Alexa voice control

The Zyxel Multy U  an Amazon Alexa-enabled device. Alexa enables you to interact with Multy U using voice. Let you connect to Alexa to manage home network easier. Make your voice-control experience better.

Expand for more WiFi coverage

Want to increase WiFi range ? Multy U is an expandable WiFi system that can easily add extra nodes for additional WiFi coverage in a multi-room environment.

Stay informed, stay connected

Stay up-to-date with your Multy’s push notification.

Receive the latest information on new device connection and firmware updates that provide the latest performance and stability enhancement.

View speed test results once the test has concluded. Get all of the information right from your notification bar!

Remote access your Multy U system from your mobile phone anywhere

Keep your home network up and running, even while you’re away from home.

Manage multiple Multy systems in different remote locations through your phone whenever/wherever you are.

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