Zetta Z18 Mini BLE HD Camcorder 2020 Latest Updated Review

Zetta Z18 Mini BLE HD Camcorder 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Black Box camera Z18 is the smallest camera in this family with the powerful control software of the whole family. The camera can be turned on / off remotely (max 50m) from your mobile phone.



The mobile app can also indicate the status of the camera such as switched off / standby / recording.

The Z18 black box camera can be used in many different ways, both as a security camera in or around the house, but also in a shop or warehouse.


The Z18 Mini Bluetooth HD Security Camera is a versatile surveillance device that you can use virtually anywhere.

It records full 720p HD video and you can control the camera using your smartphone or tablet.

It’s perfect for keeping an eye on your home or office, protecting yourself from reckless drivers on the road, or taking awesome videos on your next vacation.

Capture all the exciting moments in your life with the Z18 Mini Bluetooth HD Security Camera.

The Z18 Mini Bluetooth HD Security Camera features a compact, sleek design that won’t bring attention to itself.

It’s less than 2 inches long, so you can easily tuck it in your purse or a bag if you want to record video on-the-go.

It’s small enough that you can hide it on your desk, shelf or on the dashboard in your car.


From a physical standpoint, the Z18 is incredibly compact. Measuring about 1 x 1 x 1.6 inches, sticking this camera into a small or tight location is really not a troubling task.

Neither is carrying it on your person, or stowing it inside of a vehicle.

But size has its trade-offs. Because you’re dealing with such a small camera, virtually all of the control options are done through a wireless connection. For some people, that’s good news.

For others, it’s a minor inconvenience. But that’s somewhat unavoidable when dealing with a small camcorder like the Z18 Mini.

Whats More

Despite its small size, the Zetta Mini Bluetooth HD Camcorder records full 720p HD video and audio. It captures faces and other important details clearly across long distances.

You can even record clear HD video in low-light conditions. Just keep a small lamp on in the room and you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening on your property.

When you’re trying to be discreet, you shouldn’t have to walk up to the device every time you need to start or stop a recording.

That’s why you can control the Z18 Mini Bluetooth HD Security Camera using your smartphone or tablet.

Just download the included Bluetooth app and you can remotely start or stop a recording as long as you’re within 87 yards of the camera.

If something catches your eye, you can quickly start recording without anyone being the wiser.

Why You Should Get It

Ease Of Grasping The Phone In One Hand

The Zetta mini is a size that allows you to have a firm grip even while using it.

Since your hand is kept stable, it is difficult to accidentally drop the phone, and it is very easy to use. Since the original body size is small, the phone is still easy to hold even when using a case.

The Weight You Feel When Using The Phone With One Hand

The ZTE nubia Z18 mini is a slightly heavy smart phone so using it with one hand for a short period doesn’t cause any pain, however when used for long periods continuously it can hurt your hand.

If you add a case and accessories it feels even heavier. It is preferable to use the phone with two hands and a proper case.

Ease Of Pushing The Upper Button On The Screen Using One Hand

Even when used with one hand, the Zetta mini has a size which allows buttons on the edges of the display to be operated.

However, people with small hands may lose their grip if they try to press the buttons at the edges.

The Size Of The Buttons On The App

The buttons displayed on the ZTE nubia Z18 mini are large, and therefore it is difficult to press the wrong ones.

While some buttons may look small depending on the app, you probably won’t feel that stressed when you actually use it.

Ease Of Typing In Letters Using The Flick Function

Keys on the Zetta Z18 mini can be pressed even when held with one hand, but your grip may weaken when trying to flick the buttons at the edges.

As a result, it may become unstable in the hand when flicking quickly, but it won’t be easy to drop as long as you are careful.

Ease Of Typing In Letters Using The Keybord Funtion

If you aren’t being careful it is really easy to mistype when using the Zetta Z18 mini with two hands since the buttons are so small.

In addition, typing at high speeds is pretty difficult and I can’t say its very suited for it.

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