Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Review 2021 Current Update

Yamaha YAS-107BL Sound Bar Review 2021 Current Update.

The Yamaha YAS-107 stands as an outstanding sonic performer. Whether you’re looking for a soundbar solely for the purpose of improving dialog or one that will give you a great cinematic experience, you simply cannot go wrong with Yamaha’s YAS-107.

Even though the Yamaha YAS-107 Sound Bar looks like your everyday ordinary sound bar, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

It is a three-way speaker, meaning that the highs, mids, and lows are split between three different drivers.

The 1-inch metal dome tweeters and 2-1/8-inch woofers are similar to the ones used in other sound bars, but the 3-inch active sub woofers are what really sets this sound bar apart.

It’s a stereo speaker, so there are two of each driver present. Separate amplifiers are used for the high end and low end frequency, pumping out a total of 120 watts of power.

Yamaha markets this sound bar as both a home theater speaker as well as a home stereo system.

Yamaha YAS-107BL  Design

To make it more elegant, most of the device is covered with acoustic fabric, there is only to spots where you can see the plastic, on the bottom bar, and around the connection holes.

The unit is 2.25 inches high, 5.25 inches deep, and around 35 inches long.

Of course, you can still put it on your TV stand and it will fit nicely in front of 32 inches’ screen or bigger.

It has a button bar right on the top of the speaker, the buttons are relatively small but they cover almost every feature in the system.

You can still control everything throws an included remote, or you can download the Yamaha app on your iPhone or Android phone where you have more control options.

Yamaha YAS-107BL Connectivity

One of the first things that you will consider when buying a soundbar or even any gadget is connectivity, and what connections are offered by the device, of course, you have to make sure that it offers everything you might need.

With the new YAS-107BL, Yamaha provides a variety of options. The unit has an HDMI input and output which support HDCP 2.2, meaning that you can use it with 4K and HDR videos. For Audio input, you have an optical input, with a cable included in the box.

You can find a 3.5 stereo input, and if you don’t like the included subwoofers, you have a subwoofer output, and Yamaha offers a lot of options for external subwoofers starting with $125.


  • Exceptionally clean and clear dialog
  • HDMI 2.0a support, with 4K UHD HDR passthrough
  • Preamp subwoofer output, so you can add the missing sub



  • No subwoofer included
  • Very basic feature set (apart from HDMI 2.0a)

Yamaha YAS-107BL  Performance

When we look at the new sound bar’s cheap price, we would expect it to disappoint us when we try it. But when it comes to performance the sound quality of this small speaker will surprise you.

In music mood, the soundbar has great performance, with really sharp bass when necessary. Thanks to the DTS Virtual X technology, the clear sound would surround the room without any external speakers.

When you’re buying the soundbar for your home, you will never expect it to perform like home theater, but Yamaha delivered this as well.

with the home cinema mood, and 3D surrounding sound all across the room, the YAS-107BL doesn’t let you down.

The Features

One of the stand out features of the YAS-107BL is the variety of ways in which you can actually control and interface with the product.

As you would expect, the most obvious of these is the dedicated remote control which comes in the box.

If your TV is compatible with HDMI-CEC, then you can use your normal TV remote to operate volume, power, and other simple operations.

Lastly, we have the dedicated Home Theater Controller app for iOS and Android.

As well as allowing you to operate the usual functions of the soundbar such as adjusting input, volume, and such, it will also provide some additional flexibility in terms of sound adjustment and surround mode options.

More Features

  • Ultra-Slim, beautifully-simple design.
  • Built-in subwoofers for Deep bass without a second box.
  • Clear voice for enhanced dialogue clarity.
  • Bluetooth wireless music streaming.
  • Simple setup with HDMI, optical or analog Connection.

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Whats More?

Yamaha’s new YAS-107 soundbar offers several refinements from its predecessor, the YAS-106, and therefore takes its place as one of the top recommendations in the budget price class.

On the outside, the YAS-107 sports a sleeker shape than its predecessor. On the inside, there are two 1-inch dome tweeters, two 2-1/8-inch midrange drivers, and two 3-inch cone subwoofers in a dual-ported design.

There’s a bass port on each end of the soundbar.

While the configuration might look the same as the YAS-106, Yamaha said it offers several improvements over the previous generation.

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