Wohome S9920 Home Soundbar 2020 In-Depth Review

Wohome S9920 Home Soundbar 2020 In-Depth Review.

The S9920 is easy to listen to, and that’s no small accomplishment for a budget bar. Setup via the optical digital audio input and Bluetooth takes just a few minutes. A subwoofer output jack is conspicuous in its absence. Here is an in-depth review of the Wohome S9920 Soundbar.

Wohome S9920 Home Soundbar 2020 In-Depth Review

About Wohome S9920 Soundbar

A couple years ago, a 50” television would’ve been considered enormous. But average screen sizes are getting bigger, and consequently, many people feel drawn to larger sound equipment. As a general rule of thumb, you want a soundbar that’s within 30-inches of the size of your television.

That makes the Wohome S9920 Soundbar suitable for screens between 40 and 60-inches. If your display is much larger or much smaller than that, you’re probably going to want something bigger or smaller to match. Putting aside size, when you’re buying sound equipment, you’re really paying for two different categories of stuff.

The first category is raw sound quality, and the second category is additional features. People who are searching for a value-oriented soundbar will typically care less about features and more about audio quality. More or less, that describes the S9920 Soundbar. What it lacks of features, it aspires to makeup in general sound performance.

That’s not to say the S9920 doesn’t bring anything extra to the table. For instance, it supports 3D surround sound backed by DSP technology for the kind of precision and clarity you generally don’t see under the $200 price point. When you start to compare the S9920 to smart-home speakers, only then will it begin to disappoint.

Technical Details

Brand Name Wohome
Speaker Type Soundbar
RMS Power Range – Speakers 40 Watts
Peak Power Handling – Speakers 80 Watts
RMS Power Range – Amplifiers 80 Watts
Product Dimensions 98.04 x 10.16 x 10.41 cm; 4.5 Kilograms
Item model number S9220 Pro
Item Weight 4 kg 500 g

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Audio Connections

Audio Connection

Turning to connectivity, this soundbar is capable of working either wired or wirelessly. When you go wireless, connections with Bluetooth 4.0 ensure about 33 feet of range. That range drops considerably when you start to add walls and other obstacles, but it’s no better or worse than similar Bluetooth equipment.

When you start exploring wired connections, you’re able to choose between coaxial, optical, USB, and RCA inputs. There are also some RCA and optical cables included with the S9920 to help you get started. Nothing truly unique is available for connection options, but all the essentials are covered.

Audio Quality

Within its lengthy body, you’ll find four 15W dynamic speakers, two 10W tweeters, and two bass reflex tubes. Tweeters are drivers made specifically for the treble range. Though the bass reflex tubes aren’t exactly the same as subwoofers, they do help round out the bass tones to an extent that most soundbars don’t.

Soundbars are a compromise. If you really want unmatched audio, then you have to bite the bullet and start using separate audio components. You’d want tweeters separated from your midrange drivers, and you’d want a subwoofer instead of a couple of bass tubes. But in going that route, you’d probably transform your room to something unrecognizable; a place littered with cables and speakers.

People who choose soundbars recognize the alternative is difficult, expensive, and sometimes unsightly. They want something simple, less expensive, and something that can stay out of the way. Though the S9920 faces every audio challenge inherent to any soundbar, it does so with impressive stride.

Who Should Choose the Wohome S9920 Soundbar?

Who Should Choose the Wohome S9920 Soundbar?

The mounting equipment is a little pathetic, but the fact there’s any included mounting equipment at all is really a cherry on top. The Wohome S9920 isn’t trying to sell you a bunch of extra features, like fantastic mounting equipment or microphones. It’s a soundbar focused on loud and affordable audio quality. The audio hardware is fairly competitive for a soundbar in this price range.

Wohome’s audio isn’t trying to replace a $1,500 surround sound setup or an expensive model like the Bluesound Pulse 2i, it’s trying to replace the kind of feeble speakers you find built inside televisions. Knowing that’s the goal its developers set out to achieve, it’s fair to call the S9920 a success, though with a few caveats in mind.

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