WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar 2020 Updated Review

WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar 2020 Updated Review.

If you’re trying to save some space around your home, then a sound bar for your audios system will be your best pick. Now making a choice for your sound bar can get quite complicated. Here is a detailed review on one of the best sound bar available in the market, WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Sound Bar.

WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar 2020 Updated Review

About WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth SoundBar

The WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar is likely going to be a good choice for people who are running screens in the rough ballpark of 55″. You could go a bit higher or a bit lower, but anywhere around 55″ is really what will fit best.

Apart from size, you’ll need to think about the sort of added features your soundbar comes with. In other words, was the bass enhanced to make it sound especially good for movies? Are there different sound modes you can switch between? Having those kinds of options can make a big difference.

The S11 isn’t really trying to be some kind of all-in-one style device. Rather, this equipment is specialized. It was made to provide high quality sound, and not that much more. Still, there’s a certain level of adaptability built-in to this thing because it use Bluetooth. And that allows you to connect alongside desktop PCs, smartphones, and basically anything else you’d want to connect with.

Those who are interested in finding a value-based soundbar will usually have less concern for features, and more concern for audio quality. And that’s actually a reasonably good description of the S11.

Though it doesn’t exactly have tons and tons of extra features, it does deliver when it comes to audio performance. Which isn’t to say this speaker doesn’t deliver on features. It does have more than a few nice things to offer to extend the capabilities of this equipment.



  • Powerful Bass: built-in 2 subwoofers produces deep bass for all your movies, music, gaming and TV shows, enhance your hearing experience
  • 90dB of room-filling: powerful 4 drivers output great surround sound in your room, upgrade your TV audio experience, 34-inch great fit for 40″ or above class smart and traditional TVs
  • Clear Voice: 2.1 channel designed with DSP Technology for amazing clarity and precision, support 4 equalizer modes including movie, news, music and default sound mode
  • Multiple Inputs: enjoy wireless streaming music via the Bluetooth 5.0; wired connection support Aux, ARC, USB and optical input, what’s more, ARC connection support the TV remote and cable remote
  • More Features: 34-inch 80w; bass and treble adjustable; wall mountable, mount kit provided; remote control;100% satisfaction service

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Audio Quality

Looking at its audio capabilities, it’s quite clear that the S11 has many things going on. Because it’s actually constructed from several audio parts. In addition to the pretty standard 3″ dynamic drivers, WoHome has included two 3″ sub-woofers. One thing that you will not find are tweeters, but adding another pair of drivers would’ve upped the cost of this soundbar considerably.

The 80W output is closely matched by 105dB sensitivity. You probably shouldn’t be listening to your music or movies that loudly because it’s more than enough to cause hearing damage, but the potential is there. If you’ve got to choose between tweeters and bass, when you’re trying to watch movies or get immersed in media, bass will win nine out of ten times. That’s certainly the case here.

If you were willing to spend a little more for your sound quality, then you’d want to consider something like the Bose Solo 5. But if you’re stuck working around this price range, then the WoHome S11 will probably outperform your expectations in this particular category.

Wireless Connection & Remote Control

Wireless Connection & Remote Control

Along with your numerous analogue connections, it’s possible to go wireless using Bluetooth. In this instance, the S11 makes use of Bluetooth 4.2, which is perfectly adequate for equipment like this. Your connection radius stretches around 50-ft in total, which is also a tad above-average for equipment like this. Ideal for being used in larger rooms.

It is worth noting that the included remote cannot be swapped over to your universal remote or a television remote. You’re required to use WoHome’s remote to control their S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar.

But that’s not too terrible since their remote is actually pretty competent. The layout is quite approachable, stuffing the most common options near the top of the remote, and less common menus down near the bottom.

The remote also lets you move between sources, sound modes, to mute/unute, or otherwise adjust your sound settings. It may also be worth noting that the chassis matches that of the WoHome S11 Sound Bar.

Who Should Choose the WoHome S11 2.1 Channel Bluetooth Sound Bar?

Soundbars are made for people who want to save space. Even for people who have the space to do is, not everybody wants to run a bunch of speakers through their home.

The WoHome S11 is compact, but it’s powerful enough to fill basically any home theater with booming sound. This sound bar would make most sense paired with televisions between 35” and 70”. But it would also work quite well with projectors of virtually any size.

Aided by the remote, you can move between audio sources, like streaming music services and your television, in only a couple of clicks. Though the S11 doesn’t come with a bunch of extra smart-home connectivity features, or a bunch of voice control features; it does deliver when it comes to sound quality.

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