TP-LINK RE355 & RE450 WiFi Range Extender 2020 Review

TP-LINK RE355 & RE450 WiFi Range Extender 2020 Review. 

TP-LINK RE355 & RE450 WiFi Range Extender: Few things are more frustrating than spotty WiFi coverage in your home or office. It makes for a troublesome experience with slow connection speeds, interrupted downloads, and horrible lag or latency issues. Regardless of what you use your network for, I think that it’s safe to say we can all agree on this.

TP-LINK RE355 & RE450 WiFi Range Extender

 Introducing the TP-LINK RE355 & RE450 

Recently released, the TP-LINK RE355 and RE450 provide a solution to slow or unreliable WiFi coverage while boosting speeds and expanding range without any hassles.

Starting at around $85, the RE355 is the AC1200 version that provides up to 1.2 Gbps of transfer speeds.

While priced a bit higher at around $105, the RE450 is the top of the line option as an AC1750 version boasting 1.75  Gbps. 

Both designed specifically to provide up to 10,000 feet of additional wireless coverage for your network, they offer an easy in-outlet design that gives you the freedom to place anywhere inside your home, office, or business workplace.

Each equipped with three powerful dual-band external antennas, they’re all paired with their own high-powered amplifiers to send a clear and distinctive signal to multiple WiFi connected devices. 

Easy Installation and Setup

Easy Installation and Setup

As with anything that’s tech or network related, many people often worry about how they’ll set it up and configure it.

Rest assured, the installation process is very straightforward and simple – it only takes a few minutes.

First, you’ll need to plug the extender into an area that’s within the current router’s wireless coverage.

Next, join the wireless broadcast that you’ll see from the RE355 or RE450 Extender from any computer.

Then, open up a browser and head on over to From there, enter in the username and password (admin, admin) and you’re good to go.

From here, you can change the extender name or adjust settings at any time. 

Difference Between the RE355 & RE450? 

Normally we review one device or product at a time, but the reason we decided to review both the RE355 & RE450 together is that they’re so similar. But what’s the real difference between the two?

They look identical, but the RE450 is slightly faster than the RE355. By offering AC1750 speeds rather than AC1200 speeds, the RE450 is more ideal for those who want to use their connection for ultra high definition streaming in 4k, online gaming, or those who need the fastest data speeds possible.

Although AC1200 may provide more than enough speeds for your given situation, it’s nice to see that two different options are available. 


  • – Expand Wi-Fi Network for Ultimate Performance 
  • – Expanded 450Mbps on 2.4GHz + 1300Mbps on 5GHz totals 1750Mbps Wi-Fi speeds 
  • – Three adjustable external antennas provide optimal Wi-Fi coverage and reliable connections 
  • – Gigabit Ethernet port acts as a wireless adapter to connect a wired device to your network at gigabit speed 
  • – intelligent signal light helps to find the best location for optimal Wi-Fi coverage by showing the signal strength 
  • – works with any wifi router or wireless access point 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts 

Gaining WiFi coverage in your home, office, or business environment doesn’t have to be a problematic hassle like it once was.

With a simple installation process, powerful amplifiers, and beamforming technology, you can successfully increase the range of your router by as much as 10,000 additional square feet.

The plug-in design makes it a discreet and slick upgrade that doesn’t pose as an eyesore since it’s much slimmer and low-profile than many other wireless range extenders that we’ve previously reviewed in the past. 

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