Toymail Talkie – The Voice Chat Smart Toy 2020 Latest Updated Review

Talkie is a smart stuffed animal that connects parents and kids through voice messaging The cuddly toy has a speaker inside that connects to wifi and allows kids to send voice messages to an app on your phone

You can use the app to send a voice message back that will play through the speaker in their Talkie.

Parents can set a circle of contacts that kids can choose to send messages to. There’s a button on the back that they can press to cycle through their list. They can even connect to other Talkies, so if they have a friend with a Talkie they can talk to them as well..

The Playtime Experience

The Toymail app is essential to playtime with the ToymailTalkie. The application does a great job of walking you through the set up.

Simply put, the application asks you to sync the device and your phone after you create a log in and password.

Once everything is synced you can create your child’s profile and invite friends to your trusted circle. Only members in your trusted circle can send and receive messages to the Toymail Talkie.

There are three buttons on the main unit, that can be interacted with through the stuffed toy.

There is a message button, cloud button and play button which is located separately on the front of the device.

These buttons are used for playing and checking for new messages as well as recording and sending messages of your own.

Whats More

By connecting the toy over Wi-Fi to the Toymail app on Android, iOS, or Kindle, friends and family members can be invited to the contact list.

Talkies use a three-button interface to make it easy to learn. Pressing the cloud button cycles through the approved contacts.

A button with a speech bubble allows children to record their message and send it.

When a Talkie has received a reply, children press the mouth to hear it speak.

This simplicity allows children as young as three to use it.

Beyond its role as a messenger, Talkies react to physical play.

They snore, laugh, and squeal in excitement based on the interaction.

Talkies by Toymail

The fun way to stay in touch with you kids! This Wi-Fi enabled plush smart toy doubles as a two-way voice chat device, providing a snuggly friend that also lets children send and receive messages.

You can also use this Talkie by Toymail toy to remind kids to complete chores or let them know it’s bedtime.

The Easy Way To Connect

With the press of a button on their Talkie, your pint-size loved one can send you a voice message any time, and you can reply directly from our free Toymail app.

Want to share the joy? Add family and friends to the Talkie’s trusted contacts and boost your kids? social chops! Send messages from TALKIE-to-APP or TALKIE-to-TALKIE.

Safe And Smart

Safe And Smart

Talkies connect over your secure 2.4Ghz home Wi-Fi. Sending and receiving voice messages is completely free, no phone-plan needed!

Talkies are the modern long distance walkie-talkie ideal for globetrotting moms and dads, grandparents, divorced parents, and those deployed in the armed forces (air force, navy, army, military).

Give your child a safe means of entertainment and connection. No more worrying about unfiltered access to content that other internet connected devices enable.

Made For Kids, Screen-Less

Using a Talkie is simple. Squeeze the toy to play messages, press the smiley face button to cycle through contacts, and press the chat button to record and send a message.

Perfect for 3 year-olds and up! Talkies foster communication skills encouraging kids to connect with family and friends without distractions.

You?ll love the honest and spontaneous messages and stories your imaginative child will share with you.

Adorable & Cuddly

Talkies stuffed animal exterior is a super soft to the touch interactive plush toy.

A talking toy that delivers voice messages is not only magical to interact with during the day, but Talkies make great bedtime companions too by enabling Talkie?s night-mode.

With seven adorable and huggable characters, one will be just right for your kiddo!

App Enabled?

App Enabled?

Apps available at this point include an app called Sleepie, which is supposed to send soothing bedtime sounds for helping put your kids to sleep, and one called Voicie, that adds “fun voice filtering” to the toy.

This first handful of apps has been built by Toymail (and are free), but the startup previously us it plans to launch paid app content in future

So presumably some third party branded apps will be on way in future, opening up an additional app-based revenue stream for the hardware startup via relevant commercial tie-ups.

Parents can send messages to kids’ Talkies via the companion Toymail Talkie app on their smartphones. And now they can also load additional functionality onto the toys via the Toymail Cloud (aka its app store)


How does a plush toy with no screen run apps, you might wonder?

These are exclusively audio apps — in keeping with the original concept for the toys to put communications technology within the reach of younger kids

Indeed, the Talkies — which is the name of the current gen of the toys — look more like teddy bears than mobile phones.

But turn them around and there’s two buttons on the back for kids to cycle through their Toymail contacts, and record/send messages.

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