Tile Mate Anything Finder 2020 Latest Updated Review

Tile Mate Anything Finder 2020 Latest Updated Review.

It doesn’t have the range or the loudness of the new Tile Sport Series, but the Tile Mate remains a good value if you want a dependable key tracker

Tile Mate – How well it works

Fundamentally, the Tile’s purpose is to locate your important items – be that the keys to which you have one attached to, the bag you’ve slipped a Tile into, or the laptop onto which you’ve stuck the device. How you use your Tile is up to you.

Location is found via Bluetooth, so you pair your Tile with the companion Tile app for your smartphone. You can then walk around until you’re within range of your Tile and the icon will change to green.

Once you’re within the range of your Tile, you can use your phone to make the Mate or Pro emit a chime to help you find your missing item.

The new Tile devices are definitely louder than the older models, but even then – depending on where the Tile is located – the sound might still get muffled if the device is in a bag

i f you’re in a loud environment, it will still be tricky to locate your Tile – but the app will at least let you know you’re looking in the right place.

About Tile Mate

About Tile Mate

Best Ever Tile Mate – a versatile water resistant Bluetooth finder for everyday things with a 200ft/60m range which is 50 feet longer than the previous iteration. , replaceable battery and Smart Home integration.

Tile Mate is easy to attach to everyday items such as car and home keys, gym bags, or kids’ pencil cases and backpacks.

With improved findability, Tile is committed to greater peace of mind, at a time when the average person spends nearly a year of their lifetime endlessly trying to locate misplaced items.

  • Tile Mate is a versatile, cost-effective tracker for everyday things.
  • Bluetooth version 4 (BLE).
  • Includes 1 x Tile Mate.
  • Weight 39g.

If you’re someone who has never lost your keys, phone, or wallet, then kudos to you for being hyper-aware of all your things.

However, if you’re someone who has lost one or all of those things, then you should seriously consider the benefits of such a device.

The Tile Mate is lightweight, slim, and can be easily placed on a key ring or in a wallet

You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth connection and use the Tile app to ring your keys or wallet whenever you need a little extra assistance finding them

Alternatively, if you lose your phone, just press the Tile twice to make your phone ring — even if it’s on silent. You can even log into a website to find your missing belongings if you’ve managed to lose all of them at once.

How the Tile Mate Performs

How the Tile Mate Performs

As with other key trackers, you attach the Tile Mate to your key chain — or any other object you don’t care to lose — and use Bluetooth to connect the Mate with your phone.

A Tile app on your Android or iOS device lets you sound the alarm on any object you’ve misplaced. Tap the Find button in the app, and the Tile will start playing a jaunty tune until you tap the Find button again.

A map built into the app displays the last location where your Tile was logged, though don’t expect a detailed view.


  • Helps you find misplaced items.
  • Smaller design.
  • Simple, well-designed app.
  • Find Your Phone function.
  • Customize alarm sound with four preset tunes.


  • Non-removable battery.

Design and Pricing

The Tile Mate ($20.00 at Tile App) replaces the second-gen Tile. It measures 1.3 by 1.3 by 0.2 inches (HWD) and weighs 0.2-ounce.

It’s slightly smaller than the previous model, which measured 1.5 inches across and weighed 0.3-ounce.

The Trackr Bravo is roughly the size and shape of a quarter, while the Tile Slim is the widest and thinnest tracker—meant to fit into wallets—at 2.1 inches across and just 0.1-inch deep.

The Tile Mate Pairing

The Tile Mate Pairing

The Tile Mate works with Bluetooth devices running Android or iOS. I connected it to a Samsung Galaxy S6

in a few seconds with the free Tile app. You can pair up to 250 Tiles to one account.

It’s meant for a single owner; once a Tile is paired with an account, you need to directly email the company with device information to un-pair it and let someone else use it.

Tapping a Tile on the main list brings you to a bisected screen, with a top half that contains the Tile’s name, a green ring that indicates if it’s connected

The bottom half has two tabs: one with basic tips about the Tile Mate’s features, and another where you can view a Google Map with your Tile’s location, change the alarm tone, or read the FAQ.ere’s a list of the Tiles connected to your phone.

You can add new Tiles, edit the name of each Tile, and view a Google Map that shows where a Tile was last seen.

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