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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Android Development Skills

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Android Development Skills.

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Android Development Skills

The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Android Development Skills.

It is worthwhile to mention that Android apps development is a very rewarding job. Imagine how your creations are used and appreciated by thousands of Android users. This will certainly be an amazing experience.

Unfortunately, this sounds a little bit dizzy, why because; the road to becoming the best Android developers is far from easy. There are millions of applications, so it will be very difficult to point out your applications by users.

If you really want to develop your career as a respected Android developer, here are some helpful tips that can help you develop your Android development skills.

As an application developer, you do not only have to learn to code. You should also learn about the latest trends and what users expect from an Android application nowadays. This is worthwhile, because creating an app that no one likes forever is a waste of your great talent. Doing it this way, is a must because it is the most effective way to create Android apps that appeal to the public.

Stay Updated

As an application developer, you not only need to find out how to encode. You should also know about the latest trends and what customers expect from the Android app today. This is very important because creating an application that no one loves is definitely the loss of your great talent and skills. The next trend is indispensable because it is the most effective way to create Android apps that attract the public.

Be User Security conscious

When developing an Android application, you must consider user security. Learn how hackers and security flaws usually affect user data and make sure your app does not pose a threat to the security of your app users. Limit the number of permissions your app needs to improve the security of your app. In addition, do not forget to always follow the best practices of Android that are designed to protect the safety of users.

Get more familiar with the Android framework internals.

I’m not talking about the documentation, but about the actual framework code. I saw many developers who were afraid to dive into the internal components of the Android framework. Do not be one of them. It’s amazing how much you can discover when you see how things really work and how different pieces fit together.

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Learn and also read more Codes

It’s worthwhile to focus on your work and use codes that you have learnt and mastered. However, you are going nowhere far, as a developer if you only think about what you already know. As an app developer, it is very important to always improve your skills by reading Android PDF courses and even see how other developers work. Take a look at some open source applications and then learn the code, discover how the developers of these applications work. There are so many great things to learn, so be sure to take every opportunity as an opportunity to learn new things.

Try to learn about design

I can understand that as a developer, your main goal is to learn how to write better code. But if you want to become a complete developer, you should start familiarizing yourself with the user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX). This will change the way you look at the applications you have coded. Try to talk and interact more with your team’s UI and UX designers to get a better idea of ​​the design of the app. 

Start being a perfectionist

“Perfect” is a subjective term, but as a general rule, try to get the best possible version of the product you must deliver, all the time. Do not settle for less. Do not work on something just for the sake of doing it. Be passionate about the work you are doing and do it better than the best. This will help you grow constantly and become a more successful long-term developer. 

Testing is necessary

When testing your  applications, do not use emulators as this does not give the proper picture of how the application works on a real smartphone. In addition, it is always better to test the application on a low-end device because this is where applications can have problems.

Develop Apps that work with multiple devices

One of the biggest challenges in developing apps for Android is that there are countless different Android devices. As a result, what might work on an Android device may fall short in the other. Of course it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to test your apps on all Android devices in the sun. But there is one thing you can do to make sure your app works on most Android devices.

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It is consistency. Instead of pixels, it is best to use dip (density-independent pixels). Although there are some shortcomings in the dip, it is great for Android, because it can be easily adjusted to the size of the user’s phone. As a result, regardless of the device, users can easily use your apps.

Listen carefully to what users are saying

You develop applications for users, to give them a great experience when using their Android smartphone. So, you absolutely must listen to their comments. You will not hear good comments every time, especially if you’re dealing with angry users who are disappointed with your applications. However, listening to what users say is a great way to improve. In addition, you can also use their comments to make your apps more perfect, or even as an idea for your next apps. 

The road to building a successful application is long and hard, but that does not mean you should not even try this trip. If executed correctly, projects like this can be very rewarding.

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