The Egg Personal Cloud Device by Eggcyte 2020 Detailed Review

The Egg Personal Cloud Device by Eggcyte 2020 Detailed Review. 

The Egg Personal Cloud Device by Eggcyte: If you’re trying to identify the type of storage service that’s worth your time, after a bit of research you’ll find it boils down to one that offers a combination of convenience/flexibility while remaining at an affordable price tag. The Egg personal cloud is one to look out for.

The Egg Personal Cloud Device


The Egg is the first Personal Web Device. It lets you store, share and secure your music and files without using intrusive cloud services 

What’s more? 

The Egg is a versatile new device that makes it easier than ever to privately store, stream and share, your personal photos, videos, music and other content.

With up to 256GB of storage, The Egg fits in your pocket and lets you import directly from cameras and phones (wirelessly or with USB cable) without a PC or laptop.

With its Wi-Fi, you can use it as a portable media streamer or you can connect it to a router and access it from anywhere. 

 With The Egg, You Can:  

  • Import photos, videos, etc. from phones and cameras without PC or laptop
  • Extend storage on phones and cameras so you never run out of room when you need it most.
  • Create a private, personal cloud so you can enjoy everything you love everywhere you go
  • Message others in complete privacy with a “Chat” app that also lets you share hi-res photos and full-length videos  
  • Enjoy movies, videos, and music when off-the-grid with the media streamer
  • Control and access your Egg across devices with iOS/Android app or web browser.
  • Self-configuring Wi-Fi lets you easily connect to most access points or public hotspots
  • Password protected
  • Notification system with real-time alerts
  • No subscriptions, no monthly fees The Egg has up to 256GB of storage space and a battery that provides about 2 – 3 hours of active use when away from a power outlet.

The Egg is also an access point that allows you and others to view your content even if there is no available wireless connection.    

You Can Carry It Anywhere

You Can Carry It Anywhere


The internal mechanics are powered by Intel Atom technology and there are also a number of small, practical features that entirely differentiate itself from similar storage devices.

For one, it’s extremely small but built from the finest materials so it feels solid, and built with quality in mind. It also gives you the ability to upload to a personal website.

Access The Egg Remotely 

You can connect to The Egg from anywhere in the world, this is what makes it a true private personal cloud. When it’s connected to your home or public WiFi network, it becomes accessible via the Internet.

The Egg will give you your very own unique URL where you can access it via their app or any web browser.

You can even add content right from your phone, laptop, or other device and store it directly onto your Egg at home.

Additionally, you’re given the ability to invite guests to see your content by creating an account for them to login with. 

How Did The Egg Come To Be? 

How Did The Egg Come To Be?

The Egg has actually been in development for the past 2 years but due to high demand, there aren’t many discounts out there at the moment.

It started off as a “Kickstarter” project, after which it attracted a lot of attention. Since then, a team of professionals joined in to add their flavor to the developments.

Soon it became among the hottest, best-selling storage devices. 

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