Starry WiFi Station 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Starry WiFi Station 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits. 

Starry WiFi Station: The truth is, home WiFi doesn’t have to be a complicated or overwhelming thing to deal with anymore. Set to release on March 15th, the Starry Wi-Fi Station redefines the way you think about your WiFi network. Known as the World’s first ambient touchscreen WiFi station, Starry gives you a clearer insight into your connection with all of the simplicity for anyone to understand, without lacking the functionality of your typical router or network bridge.

Starry WiFi Station 


Starry Station is a touch screen router setup that allows fast and easy WiFi experience. This is convenient to any internet activity whether gaming, streaming videos, surfing, and even downloading videos and photos.

It incorporates a Parental Control for which blocks and restricts any devices for connectivity to WiFi. The user could also call directly to the touch screen or message via the app directed to the device. 


The most important facet of the Station’s design is that it was crafted to look such a way that wouldn’t inspire users to just shove it in the closet or under a desk. With its triangular design and soft edges, coupled with a cute, rounded touchscreen, Starry largely achieves this. 

Equipped with just two Ethernet ports, one of which being for the WAN connection to your modem or gateway, the device’s focus here is obviously on the wireless. Inside are dual-band, 4×4 MIMO 802.11ac (a/b/g/n, too) radios, and the whole thing is powered by two dual-core processors – one for the network and one the interface, respectively. 

The system runs on 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of Flash storage, to run the interface and store updates and log data, respectively, and also sports an 802.15ac radio for IoT devices. 



Honestly, the Starry Station’s core strength isn’t a pure throughput advantage over what your average, ISP-provided router or gateway is capable of, but rather its ease of use and overall stability. 

We found that the Starry Station provided a much more stable connection during our time running both speed tests and download tests than we’re used to with Verizon’s supplied gateway, with far less deviation in reported figures in megabits per second (MBps). 

In short, with the Station, you’re going to enjoy download speeds that remain at their peak for longer with fewer dips in MBps. Steadier connection speeds affect all sorts of Internet consumption these days, too, like streaming video and online gaming. 

Is it really that easy to set up? 

Yes. The setup process is dead simple. You just plug the Starry into the power, connect its WAN port to a broadband modem, and turn it on. After that, via the touchscreen, you can pick a name and password for your Wi-Fi network from randomly generated options or type them in yourself. And that’s it. 

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What information is collected by Starry via the Wi-Fi Station? 

According to Starry, it collects throughput usage, “network health” score, speed tests, connected device types and router configuration.

It then stores the configuration state of the router and telemetry data (speed test, throughput, ping and so on) so that it can display the graphs to the user via the touchscreen or the mobile app.

It also collects data around how users use the device, such as which screen on the mobile app they spend the most time using, and so on. 

Starry says it doesn’t collect information on what users are doing online, such as the websites they visit, what apps they use, what movies or audio they stream, and so forth. 

Manage Your Kid’s Screen Time 

It happens all too often, your children have a tendency to use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or other devices way too often. With Starry, you can easily manage different “screen times” for individual devices in your home.

With the free smartphone app, you can set time rules and keep your children’s devices offline during specific hours of the day. To make things efficient and understandable, everything is laid out in a simplistic manner where you can disable certain devices on school nights, weekends, etc. 

Never Forget Your Password 

Safe and secure passwords are nearly impossible to remember on your own, and it’s not safe to keep them written down somewhere where some stranger or unwanted guest can find it. From the touchscreen on Starry, you can access the network name and password at any time without going through any confusing or complicated settings. 


MegaPath Speed Test Plus 5GHz (Download/Upload)

  • Within 5 feet/1.52 meters; no obstructions: 101.66/114.3 Mbps 
  • Within 13 feet/3.96 meters; three plaster walls: 97.4/68.8 Mbps 

MegaPath Speed Test Plus 2.4GHz (Download/Upload) 

  • Within 5 feet/1.52 meters; no obstructions: 101.4/114.4 Mbps 
  • Within 13 feet/3.96 meters; three plaster walls: 68.4/47.3 Mbps 

1.5GB Steam download 5GHz (peak speed) 

  • Within 5 feet/1.52 meters; no obstructions: 12.7 Mbps 
  • Within 13 feet/3.96 meters; three plaster walls: 12.7 Mbps 

1.5GB Steam download 2.4GHz (peak speed) 

  • Within 5 feet/1.52 meters; no obstructions: 12.7 Mbps 
  • Within 13 feet/3.96 meters; three plaster walls: 9.9 Mbps 


  • Simple setup. 
  • Strong throughput performance in testing. 
  • Sleek design. 
  • Touch-screen display. 
  • Solid support. 


  • Expensive. 
  • Limited management options. 
  • Only two network ports. 
  • No USB ports. 



This router’s main advantage is its simple and easy to follow instructions consisting of user-friendly interface and display for which is ideal even to router beginners who have no idea about LAN, WAN, or any computer stuff. This router gives also an acceptable internet speed. Aside from that, it keeps you on track regularly through its mobile app. This is completely ideal for utilization on homes for which needs as much as possible convenience and sophistication. 

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