SoundPEATS Truengine 2 2020 Detailed Review and its Benefit

Soundpeats Truengine 2 2020 Detailed Review and its Benefit.

Soundpeats Truengine 2: SoundPeats accurately markets the TrueEngine 2 earbuds as the world’s most advanced TWS earbuds available on the market. 

SoundPEATS Truengine 2


With the proliferation of wireless audio products, it can be a bit overwhelming making a purchasing decision and the newest shiniest option isn’t always the best one. So what is it about the SoundPeats TrueEngine 2 earbuds that stands out? 


To start off there is a really wonderful feature that allows you to use a single earbud in mono mode as long as you leave the other earbud in the charging case. This feature is incredibly convenient when you need to multitask.

For example, if you wish to listen to an audiobook or some music but also need to be aware of people around you trying to get your attention, you can jump into the mono mode and maintain situational awareness. 

Build & Design 

Some might not like the slightly bulky part of the earbuds that stick out of your ear however these do help pack in all the cool technology that makes these earbuds so great. 

These also have an EarFin which is a patented design from Freebit. The EarFin keeps the TrueEngine 2’s secure in your ear no matter what physical activity you find yourself engaging in. From dancing to basketball or if you just like standing around shaking your head. 

The headphone dimensions are 26 x 19.6 x 31 mm with the silicon earmuffs and the charging case is 86 x 40 x 41 mm. As of writing this, they only come in black but luckily black pretty much goes with everything. 

Battery Lifespan 

Battery Lifespan 

Now we are getting to an element of earbuds that causes endless frustration that our corded brethren don’t have to worry about. Of course, we are talking about battery life.

Packed into these small earbuds is a 55mAh battery that gives you up to 6 or 7 hours of battery life and when paired with the charging case you get a total of 30 hours of playtime before having to plugin.

From zero power to fully charged, you can expect around a 2 hour total charge time. 

With the earbuds inside of the charging case, you are looking at a total weight of 78.1 grams making these incredibly light yet surprisingly sturdy.

Though this is not the greatest battery life in either the earbuds or the charging case it is still quite respectable and perhaps the only thing about this product that is average. 

Audio Quality 

Any wired or wireless earbuds being designed today are either going to utilize dual-driver technology or they are going to be designing obsolete earphones. Single driver options suffer from an inability to accurately represent sound across many frequencies without interference, resulting in muddled sound quality.

The dual-driver technology is superior because it has two drivers in each housing instead of the usual single driver. The biggest advantage of using two drivers is the ability to tweak individual sound elements for delivering a powerful bass but without the distortion, you’d normally get with a single driver unit. 

Wireless Connectivity 

Despite all of those features previously mentioned, it doesn’t end there. The TrueEngine2 earbuds also come with QCC3020 Boosted Hi-Fi sound. This is the latest Qualcomm chip for extremely low power Bluetooth connection that extends the battery life and helps produce a stable audio stream.

As discussed previously, the feature that enables the individual unites to pair to your phone simultaneously or be used in mono mode, is the utilization of Bluetooth 5.0. It has what’s called “Dual Audio” that allows a device to connect to two different Bluetooth peripherals at the same time.

This has been used in wireless speakers to allow them to pair together and create a surround sound functionality over Bluetooth. 

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Should You Buy Them? 

Should You Buy Them? 

Despite the fact that the TrueEngine 2’s were built for urban sports and individuals with a very active lifestyle, you can still be a lazy person and enjoy them. Though hopefully you at least feel slightly guilty for not pushing them to their limits like they were designed to be.

After all, if you were born to climb mount Everest but were locked on an island with only a few small hills to climb, you wouldn’t be too happy about being unable to fulfill your potential and purpose.

Fortunately for you, however, these are earbuds and therefore have no feelings or ability to understand what purpose even is, so feel free to use them however you please. 

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