Samsung 43ru7470 43-Inch Ultra Hd 4k Smart Led Tv Review

Samsung 43ru7470 43-Inch Ultra Hd 4k Smart Led Tv Review.

Samsung UE43RU7470 has a very good picture quality, thanks to the 4K resolution. It’s time to remodel your homes with a superior 4k TV!

The most important display feature is the HDR 10+, which provides bright and colorful images with astonishing clearness. This feature is very useful when playing games or watching colorful content.

Samsung 43ru7470 Latest Design

The Samsung UE43RU7470 is not the best-looking TV on the block. It’s perfectly normal for a direct-lit LED TV at this level to have a 6cm profile but, seen front-on, one can’t help but notice the unfashionably broad 1.5cm bezel and the carbuncle of a boomerang stand.

The stand looks particularly silly in the smaller screen sizes, given it’s almost as wide as the display itself. It’s also quite impractical because of the way it sits so far in front of the screen.

You might find it won’t go as nicely into an alcove as you hoped but it’s well worth considering wall-mounting on an extendable bracket if that’s the case.

Samsung 43ru7470

Around the back, you’ll find some cable tidying stripes where you can trail your wires.

They’re a good addition considering that this set does not benefit from the brilliant Samsung One Connect junction box.

Instead, you’ll find 3x HDMI 2.0 and 2x USB 2.0 sockets waiting for you on the rear of the panel alongside the regulars like an optical audio-out connection and an Ethernet port.

If you want to use headphones, then Bluetooth is your best bet

Samsung 43ru7470 HD/SDR Awesome Performance

The Samsung UE43RU7470 gives you excellent picture quality straight out of the box. There’s very little tinkering you need to do to get the best from it.

Samsung 43ru7470

Watching Ant-Man in SDR at 1080p, we’re blown away by the level of detail we get from the close-up shots of the actors.

Even in scenes of high movement, there’s very little smearing and that’s no mean feat.

For both SDR and HDR source material, we used a minimal amount of Samsung’s motion processing technology.

It’s not as artful as what Sony can do with its sets and, while a light touch can remove the worst of the judder, if you take the processing levels up beyond two or three notches, the image quality will start to suffer.

Color-wise, Samsung’s Dynamic Crystal Colour technology does a very decent job at 1080p too. It’s apparently able to produce over 1 billion colors.

Samsung 43ru7470 Amazing Sound

This is a budget, flat-screen TV, so don’t go expecting too much from the 2x 10W speakers around the back of the Samsung UE43RU7470 panel.

Unsurprisingly, there’s little weight to the sound. It’s not rich at any point and there’s little detail to hang onto but you can play with a few settings to at least get the impression of something greater.

There are three major sound modes – Standard, Optimised, and Ambient. Standard is the honest version of this set’s audio credentials, and it doesn’t offer much in the way of a soundstage.

There’s very little audio projected much beyond the panel itself, but it’s your best bet at getting enough dynamics to appreciate the sound of rain falling and the spray on the deck of the ship in Life of Pi.

At the same time, though, the waves crash against the bows without the bass to give a feeling of impact.

Ambient mode rolls off the treble for a more bottom-heavy effect – albeit at the expense of the subtler parts of the soundtrack – and pushes the sound out a little wider.

Here, the TV analyzes your environment and adjusts its equalizer for what it considers to be the right settings for your room. If you’re not happy with what it comes up with, then go with Standard mode.

Samsung RU7470: Image Quality

By budget TV standards, the RU7470’s VA panel has a high level of contrast, achieving extremely dark greys that get closer to true black than its IPS rivals.

Image quality is pretty great across the board, too: colors are generally pretty natural-looking, human skin tones look impressively realistic, and overall color accuracy isn’t far off the mark.

Further inspection reveals that the panel’s color uniformity is also pretty solid apart from mild dark tinting at the extreme outer edges when displaying certain shades.

Some shades also cause a low-level Dirty Screen Effect, where a solid color may not look entirely even when displayed across a large portion of the screen.


Samsung UE43RU7020 Interface: Fast, Clear, and Easy To Operate

On one hand, the UE43RU7020 has by far and away from the best interface of any nominal rival.

Samsung’s Tizen-based smart TV interface is similar to that incorporated into its flagship QLED TVs costing ten times this amount, and consequently, it’s impeccable.

It’s fast, clear, simple to understand, logical to operate, straightforward to customize, and doesn’t hog the entire screen when it’s up and running. Good luck trying to find a non-Samsung TV at this sort of price that comes close.

The brilliant OS is navigated using the remote control of such unyielding unpleasantness that it virtually takes your breath away.


  • Good spec
  • Brilliant OS
  • Impressive upscaling
  • Rapid response time
  • Great overall picture performance


  • Eco mode should be avoided

The Samsung UE43RU7470 is the best 43-inch Samsung TV you can buy. we hope you found this review really interesting.

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