Best Right Angle iPhone Charging Cable 2020 Detailed Review

Best Right Angle iPhone Charging Cable 2020 Detailed Review.

Right angle connectors are a smart solution to a simple problem. They help make cables last longer. They prevent cables from sticking out awkwardly while plugged in, or otherwise getting in the way of your hands. In this review, we will be highlighting the best Right Angle iPhone Charging cable.

Best Right Angle iPhone Charging Cable 2020 Detailed Review

Choosing the Best Right Angle iPhone Lightning to USB Charging Cable

Your selection won’t be complicated, but it helps if you know exactly what you need.

Construction Materials

Nylon is the golden standard for charging cables. It’s quite protective against a variety of different abrasive forces. It’s also a good choice because it allows you to physically tie the table into a knot without damaging the wires inside.

This is why you see nylon used to cover wires which can’t be removed from products, like high-end computer keyboards. When you really don’t want a wire to break, it’s the most practical choice.

If you plug in a right angle connector with the cable running downwards, then the cable will most likely run past your hands. At that point, you’ll want to start thinking about the texture of the cable, and even how easy it is to clean. This is another area where nylon tends to excel, though you do have to be gentle with cleaning it because the nylon fibres can become frayed.


Outside of cables that are destroyed by a disaster, most cables will eventually be destroyed through ordinary use. Like a human body, a right angle iPhone Lightning to USB Charging cable will undergo some regular wear and tear. Unlike a human body, the charging cable doesn’t have the ability to repair itself.

Just because these cables are braided and well-protected doesn’t mean you should treat them roughly, if at all possible. Tiny bits of damage that accumulate in the cable will never go away until ultimately it stops working. You don’t need to treat a great cable as though it were a sheet of glass. But all the small efforts you make to treat the cable with respect can be rewarded.

The most basic upgraded cables can generally last through about 5,000 bends. That’s a step above cables that have no special protection at all, but it’s still far from a permanent solution. Truly advanced cables can be constructed to survive nearly 100,000 bends, though that kind of construction usually has a premium cost associated with it.

Connection Angle

You’d think that all right-angle connectors would all use a perfect right angle. Actually, there are a handful which uses a slightly wider angle. The general idea is to imitate a right angle connection with respect to its functionality, but without requiring the cable make a flush connection against the side of your device. If you’re trying to connect the cable within a space where it could interfere with some other component, these wider angle connectors can be a good choice.



AUKEY Right Angle Lightning Cables come in a two-pack. One cable is bright red, while the other is a dark black. Both have silver connector ends, highlighted by the AUKEY name printed across the topside of each connector.

This is probably just shameless branding, but it does help you quickly figure out which direction is the topside of the connector cable.


  • 90-Degree Design: The special 90° connector design keeps the cable organized and out of the way, making it easier to play games or watch videos while your phone’s charging. It also reduces stress on the cable
  • Tough & Flexible: A durable braided nylon Lightning cable with strong aramid fiber support cores and reinforced tinplated connectors in zinc alloy housings for dependable daily use
  • Charge & Sync: Charge your Lightning-enabled Apple device while transferring data between the device and computer with transfer speeds up to 480Mbps
  • Wide Compatibility: A cable to link any Lightning-enabled Apple device to a USB charger or a computer. Works with iPhone 11 / XS / XS Max / XR, iPad Pro / Air 2 / mini 4, iPod touch (6th generation) / nano, and more
  • Package Contents: AUKEY CB-AL01 90° Lightning Cable 2-Pack, User Manual

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Puridea 90 Degree Charger

The Puridea 90 Degree iPhone Lightning USB Cable looks like an ordinary cable. It’s matte black with silver connection ends. What could be more ordinary?

But looks can be deceiving. The 8-pin USB-C connection head is composed of a resistant aluminium alloy, capable of transmitting your data smoothly without bumping into problems or disconnections. And the durability of this cable is truly unparalleled.


  • 90 Degree Angled Connector: The right angle is specially designed for MOBA fever. It’s more convenient and more comfortable for playing games, watching the video, read e-books when you lie on the couch or bed while charging.
  • Durable Materials: Tangle-free Nylon Braided Cable with aluminium connector has a long bend lifespan. Stronger and flexible Nylon material is stress and stretch resistant.
  • Spring protection: Cables add the spring, this can increase cable durability and prevent the cable from blasting. In the laboratory environment, the bending test can reach 90,000 times +.
  • Compatible Devices: Phone 7 / 7 Plus / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / SE / 5s / 5c / 5 / Pad Pro / Pad Air / Air 2 / Pad mini / mini 2 / mini 4 / Pad 4th gen / Pod Touch 5th gen / Pod nano 7th gen.
  • What you get: 6FT Puridea Right Angle Cable X 3. Six months of free return and refund service, 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. Any questions or product damaged please feel free to contact us.

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FOXSUN Right Angle 90 Degree Lightning to USB Cable

FOXSUN Right Angle 90 Degree Lightning to USB Cable

Initially, FOXSUN cables look like a generic product, almost worthy of being called a knockoff. But far from it, these cables are actually MFi certified by Apple.

Each cable is tested to ensure it can withstand more than 10,000 bends, 10,000 plugs and unplugs, and 100KG of force. You probably don’t want to use these cables as rope, but it should tell you something they could serve that purpose without breaking.

FOXSUN cables don’t exactly use a 90-degree design. But they do closely approximate the 90-degree design, which is great for reading e-books, watching streaming videos, gaming, or otherwise using your mobile devices while they’re still plugged in.

Choosing the Best Right Angle iPhone Lightning to USB Charging Cable

AUKEY Right Angle Lighting Cables are contentious. You may or may not like the fact you’re forced into receiving one red cable and one black cable. You may be concerned the connection head will have a problem with thicker phone cases. But if those aren’t concerns for you, then the AUKEY cables can provide incredible quality at value pricing.

Foxsun Right Angle 90 Degree Lightning to USB Cables are a good choice for someone who’s looking for something cheap and effective. The most basic kit includes one short cable and one long cable, which keeps you equipped for almost any occasion. Both cables are equally well constructed, and protected in ways that make them ideal for someone who’s looking for their cables to last.

The Puridea 90 Degree iPhone Lightning USB Cable is gorgeously made. It’s constructed to last literally ten times as long as the other cables on this list. By the time you’re ready to replace it, you might not need USB or Lightning plugs at all. That makes the Puridea cable an excellent choice for someone who wants their cable to last forever. They’re also pretty economical if you can make use of several cables.

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