Reolink Go 4G Security Camera 2020 Latest Updated Review

Reolink Go 4G Security Camera 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Reolink Go is a security camera that uses 4G LTE and 3G for communication and a solar panel to keep it powered. Other than the cable that runs from the solar panel to the camera, the Go camera is 100% wireless.

A Quick Overview

We understand that not everyone has ample time to read every word of our review.

So, we have summarized what we liked best and what we thought could use some improvement about the ReoLink GO here.

Beautiful image:

The 1080p HD camera quality and night vision were truly incredible. Our footage was clear and crisp each time we viewed our live feed.

Large storage:

The ReoLink GO had multiple storage options, including an optional micro-SD card that held up to 64 GB of footage and the free ReoLink cloud with another 1 GB of footage. We never worried about storage space while using the ReoLink GO.


We don’t exaggerate when we tell you that the ReoLink GO is durable. It could withstand mild water pressure and function as if nothing happened. For outdoor use, this was a great feature.

User-friendly App:

We loved viewing our camera’s live feed and using the two-way audio on the ReoLink app. We had no questions on how to use the application on either our iOS or Android devices.

No Wi-Fi Needed:

Our remote cabin had absolutely no Wi-Fi, so we thought having a security camera up there might be impossible. Not with the ReoLink GO, though!

Hardware Specs

  • Video Resolution 1080p HD at 15 frames/sec
  • Video Format H.264
  • Field of View Fixed lens, 110° diagonal
  • Night Vision Up to 10 m (33 ft)
  • Digital Zoom 6x digital zoom
  • Audio High-quality speaker and microphone


The Reolink Go is a security camera that’s shaped a bit like a bullet.

It has a white and grey plastic housing with the Reolink logo in blue.

The lens is on the front of the camera and there is a large motion sensor below it with night vision IR sensors, and a status LED.

The “butt” of the camera has a threaded socket for the included mounting bracket.

The back (butt) of the camera twists off to reveal a large battery compartment along with a SIM card slot and a micro SD card slot.


The camera ships with a battery that slides into the camera.

Just make sure you pay attention and orient the arrow on the battery compartment with the arrow on the battery before you try to push the battery in place.

I say this from experience because I didn’t do this the first time and had a heck of a time removing the battery so I could insert it correctly (facepalm).

Anyway, no harm was done… but lesson learned to pay more attention.

You’ll also want to insert your SIM card and micro SD card in their respective slots before you insert the battery.

It should go without saying that a SIM card and a micro SD card is not included with the camera.

Reolink app

To view the camera’s live footage, you have to use the Reolink app for iOS or Android.

I installed the app on my Pixel 2 XL.

The application is pretty easy to navigate.

There’s the main screen that shows a thumbnail image of the camera with status icons for the 4G signal and battery level for the camera.

Tapping the camera thumbnail image takes you to the live view for that camera.

Whats More

This screen allows you to pause the camera, take a snapshot, record video, change from 1080P to Fluent resolution, color to black and white, and go full screen with the live view.

You can also listen to the built-in speaker, have a two-way conversation, and go into the playback/motion clip screen.

I was impressed with the image quality during the day and at night. As you can see from the images, the picture is sharp and clear.

What we Like

  • Good image quality
  • 4G capability
  • Can be used outdoors with a solar panel for complete wireless installation

What we Liked

  • Only works with T-mobile carriers
  • Needs WiFi capability in addition to cellular
  • Does not record all footage to micro SD card, only motion alert clips are saved
  • Expensive

Reolink Installation

Depending on the Reolink Go 4G Security you choose, installation can be as simple as using a QR code.

Some cameras require simple mounting to install, but users report an easy process with no need for professional installation.

Because these battery powered cameras are wire-free, there’s no need to worry about drilling any holes or any messy installation

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