Recon Jet Smart 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Recon Jet Smart 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits. 

Recon Jet Smart: In May of 2015, Recon is to launch its Jet Smart Glass, Sunglasses for Sports. The device is aimed at those with active lifestyles like cyclists and runners; it enables thorough tracking of your activity, speed, and overall sports progress.

Recon Jet Smart

It can connect with your smartphone, transfer data, exchange metrics, and is loaded with a wealth of other high tech features. With an integrated high definition camera, you can easily take shots as you run or cycle, and instantly upload them to your smart devices and social networks. 


Connectivity with your smartphone ensures greater safety while cycling. If you have to accept a call or read a text message, you’ll no longer need to reach for your pocket.

Equipped with advanced sensors and an on-board GPS system, the Recon Jet Smart Glass can supply you with precise, real-time data metrics. 

The Recon Jet Smart Glass is equipped with a GPS system and a 9-axis sensor that captures all the relevant data you need while you’re active.

This is quite a useful feature if you want to keep real-time track of your progress, so it’s very beneficial while cycling, skiing, etc. Though really convenient, it can be a little distracting for some people. 

It features an HD cam that shoots instant, real time videos. If you want to share your sporting experience with friends and relatives,  the glass can become a great addition to the rest of your sporting accessories.

The definition on the cam is 720p, which is not the best there is, but still quite impressive to offer clear and high resolution photos and videos. 


Shove the Jet onto your face and you’ll find the compute module on the right-hand side, which contains the meat and potatoes of the device.

That includes the display, camera, GPS module, charging port and controls, while a swappable battery pack is tucked in on the left. 

This means that you won’t be able to run to your local opticians for a replacement, or get prescription or tinted lenses.

The company has said it’s working on offering these options, but most of these additional pieces rely on the device becoming fatuously successful before the R&D money begins to flow. 

Effectively it’s a low-end Android smartphone that’s been squeezed in to sit beside your face. Tucked beneath the plastic you’ll find a 1GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 CPU, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage along with the various GPS, WiFi and gyro sensors.



Plug the Recon Jet into your desktop and visit the companion website and you’ll be able to download maps that you can use offline.

You can select multiple locations; the only limit being that the total area of your selections is no larger than 10,000 square kilometers.

Then, the next time that you’re out and about, you can use the wearable as a rudimentary navigation tool. Yes, it sounds cool, but there are some limits to what you can do with the technology. 

When it’s on your head, it’ll take around 40 seconds for maps to load, and then you’ll be presented with a Grand Theft Auto-style overhead map view.


  • Light and compact 
  • Available in either white or black 
  • Sleek design 
  • Equipped with sensors measuring distance, speed and elevation 
  • Can be integrated with smartphones over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or ANT+ 
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices 
  • Has an optical touch sensor 
  • Features interchangeable battery set 



  • Poor battery life 
  • No voice control 
  • Can be a little distracting 
  • Allows a margin of error in metrics 
  • Functions as an addition to smartphone rather than a separate smart device 

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts 

Recon has definitely made an effort here, but in reality the Jet Smart Glass for Sports is just another metrics app that can help you keep track of your speed, lineage, etc.

No doubt, this Smart Glass offers plenty of useful features – like making instant videos and photos, or reading text messages without getting off the bike. It can be a quite useful gadget for those with a very active lifestyle of fitness. 


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