Razer Nommo Chroma Computer Speakers 2020 Detailed Review

Razer Nommo Chroma Computer Speakers 2020 Detailed Review. 

Razer Nommo Chroma Computer Speakers: Why are we gamers? We game to escape our lives. We game to be entertained. We game to be challenged. We game to relieve our stress and to vent our anger. We game because it allows us to immerse ourselves into another world. Sometimes we just need to experience something outside of our own reality. And sometimes, we just need to shoot some bozo in the head with military-grade weaponry. 

Razer Nommo Chroma Computer Speakers


A great sound system can change the way you experience immersive gaming. Until you have a set of speakers that are up to the task, there is no way for you to realize just how much attention gaming companies devote to the sound quality of their software. The audio experience of gaming is just as important immersion as it is to television and movies, if not more so. When you game, you’re actually part of the story, not just emotionally invested in it. 

First Impressions 

Razer is one of the most popular gaming accessory brands in the world. They are known for producing equipment that not only improves the gaming experience but looks awesome while doing it. With a futuristic design aesthetic, Razer is all about neon backlights and premium tech specs.

There is an air of sci-fi that surrounds all of their products. The new Razer Nommo Chroma speakers combine the best elements of both worlds: immersive sound and amazing design. We were able to sit down with the new speakers and test out their impressive features, which include 3-inch woven glass fiber drivers, rear-facing bass ports, and Razer Chroma lighting. 


Available in brushed black that almost looks like aluminum, but is plastic, the Nommo Chroma speakers nonetheless look quite cool. The right speaker houses the controls and connections (described below), while the left speaker simply connects to the right.

Unfortunately, the connecting cable is semi-hardwired—you can unplug it from the left, but not the right speaker. But to make up for it, the cable is almost excessively long, which is much better than being too short to place the speakers where you want to. 



By default, the LEDs look quite cool, spinning a prismatic array of colors in a ring at the base, under each stand. In a well-lit room, their output is subtle; with dimmed lights, they become more impressive.

They also project light—you don’t look at the LED rings themselves, so a reflective tabletop will make for a more exciting effect than, say, a non-reflective or carpeted material. 

Speaker Drivers 

Razer has incorporated some awesome hardware into the Nommo Chroma speakers. Their custom woven glass fiber 3-inch drivers are designed specifically for providing unparalleled clarity and sharpness. You might be asking yourself, “Why glass fiber? Does it really make a difference?”.

The glass fiber drivers affect the way that the speakers vibrate. The result is a sharper sound that produces audio at higher frequencies. Because of the glass fiber, gamers are provided with better sound accuracy, distinct layers and the ability to hear increased detail. Therefore, the gaming experience becomes more immersive. 

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It’s hard to know what level you’re at with the bass knob, but with it situated at roughly halfway, you get some decent deep bass. On tracks with intense sub-bass content, like The Knife’s “Silent Shout,” the speakers deliver less sub-bass than some big low-end fans might want. Even at maximum bass levels, the bass output is relatively modest. 

Bass and Gain Control 

The speakers also feature a designated bass knob, which provided instant and easy EQ access. During our testing, the bass knob really came in handy during night time play. We were able to lower the bass with almost zero effort, which means the rest of our family wasn’t interrupted by boom-dropping bass bombs.

The Nommo Chroma’s automated gain control ensures that the bass always remains undistorted, so you don’t have to go screw with the levels after using the bass knob. Usually, the gain is something you would have to modify yourself if you were playing around with the EQ controls, but the addition of the automatic gain control eliminates those extra steps. 

USB Connectivity 

The Razer Nommo Chroma’s USB connectivity is a nice touch and which will cause relief for some people. We like how the speakers don’t rely on your motherboard’s hardware to handle digital processing. We also like how we don’t have to worry about wireless features not delivering adequate sound.

Like it or not, USB connectivity is the most consistent form of audio processing if you don’t have crazy expensive hardware. Not everyone can afford top of the line internals. That’s why speakers like the Nommo Chroma are so important to us. They provide professional sound without the necessity of Richie Rich hardware. 


  • Solid audio performance, with bass level knob. 
  • Sleek design with prismatic LED lights. 
  • LEDs can be customized and work with various PC games and apps. 


  • Sound quality doesn’t live up to the price. 
  • No input selection button. 
  • Semi-hardwired cables. 



Those wanting solid audio performance and a cool LED light show will enjoy the Razer Nommo Chroma. As far as we’re concerned, the Razer Nommo Chroma speakers are a no-brainer. Their combination of hardware and smart design creates a spectacularly immersive audio experience across multiple activities.

While Razer is clearly a brand focused on gaming, they’ve branched out a bit with these speakers. Much how their headphones are also good for listening to music or talking on the phone, their success outside of gaming is a result of their focus on great sound, rather than an effort to draw more people into their product line. 

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