QCY QY8 Bluetooth Earbud Headphones 2020 Review

QCY QY8 Bluetooth Earbud Headphones 2020 Review.

The SoundPeats QY8 are above-average, wireless in-ear headphones with a decent sound reproduction. They’re stable enough to be used while doing sports. They also block noise pretty well and don’t leak much so they won’t be disturbing to the people around you, even at high volumes.


The SoundPeats QY8 are very stable headphones. They can be used while doing sports and high-intensity exercises like running and jumping.

They’re lightweight, and the in-ear tips fit deep within the ear canal.

That combined with their Bluetooth wireless design, means fewer cables that can get tangled or hooked by something and stable fit that’s relatively hard to dislodge.

They also include extra tips to improve stability.

Build Quality & Appearance

Appearance wise these headphones look good. They are black, with silver accents and blend in nicely. There isn’t any colour selections so you’re stuck with this – but they look pretty great as is.

I’ve seen some resellers with a black-on-black model which looks fine too.

The build quality of the headphones themselves is surprisingly good. All the buttons have a nice click to them and the cables feel strong enough that they won’t break.

While they’re clearly not $100 headphones, the build feels like it’ll stand up to modest abuse, which is necessary when excercising.

Pulling on the cables resulted in no flex or damage and after mashing the buttons they still work.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is where these headphones kick butt. It’s worth noting that audio quality is subjective: to some people these headphones will sound tinny, as they have a more balanced and neutral sound profile than most of the BT headphones on the market today.

To me they remind me of studio monitor/reference headphones, and this is a good thing. Because the bass is a little more subdued, I am able to hear more detail in the mids and treble.

The bass tones that are present are rich and, especially at higher volumes, can pack quite a punch.

The tonal range of these headphones seem higher too, but that may just be because of how their equalizer is tweaked.

I find myself enjoying all genres of music with these headphones. When I first tried them I was doing chores, and I actually had to sit down and listen for a bit.

Battery Life

The battery life of these headphones is average for wireless earbuds. I didn’t time it exactly, but I exercise about 1 hour a day and this pair lasted 5 days from full charge. Unfortunately, like every other pair of BT headphones I have used, when this headset dies it is fairly sudden.

Only 10 minutes happen between the initial battery low warning and the headphones powering off.

Thankfully they do transmit battery life information to the phone, but I’ve found that it can be inaccurate. Expect to charge them 1 – 2 times per week, depending on how much you use them.

Comfort & Fit

The headphones are comfortable out of the box.

The earbuds themselves a bit on the large side, so they do stick out of the ears, but their design does not interfere much with standard helmet straps and they stay in the ears pretty well.

For most people the Bluetooth weaker nibs will be a moot point as the headset does stay in ear pretty well, but I found while wearing a helmet occasionally the straps would pull on the headphones and using the stronger nibs from my other headphones helped keep them in place

Connectivity & Signal

Not much to say here: this headset uses a higher quality Bluetooth chipset and it shows. Connectivity is find and the music comes in strong and clear, with no interference or drops in signal.


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