Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera 2020 Updated Review

Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera 2020 Updated Review.

Most people are non-verbal communicators. Subtle hand gestures, a small inflection in the voice, or the raise of the eyebrow. This article, has a full review on Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera which will be best for your zoom meeting cameras.

Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera 2020 Updated Review

About Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera

Polycom RealPresence Debut is an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution made simple, elegant, and affordable for huddle rooms and smaller spaces. It also delivers cost-effective collaboration for smaller organizations that are ready to move up from consumer-grade alternatives, which are great for chatting with friends but don’t get the job done at work.

Instantly transform any meeting room with an HD display and a network connection into the centre of your business’ collaboration. The Polycom RealPresence Debut is an all-in-one video conferencing solution.

Connect the device to your network and high definition, and instantly create a video conferencing solution out of your existing equipment. The system also supports PoE, requiring no additional power supply.

The built-in camera has a 2x digital zoom, and motor-driven pan and tilt. Dual stereo microphones are built-in and an additional, optional external microphone is supported.


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Compact all-in-one design eliminates cable clutter
  • Sharp, rich and reliable 1080p HD video collaboration
  • Ensure everyone is in view with a camera specially designed for huddle rooms and other smaller spaces
  • Hear everyone clearly with innovative Polycom NoiseBlock technology and fine-tuned voice quality
  • Flexible control options using a touch display interface or included remote control

Polycom RealPresence Debut Camera Build and Design

  • 1080p30 Video Quality For Sharp, Clear Images
  • Full 1080p HD Content For Sharing Even The Most Detailed Documents With Clarity
  • Integrated Dual Stereo Microphones – Polycom NoiseBlock Technology To Eliminate Distracting Background Sounds
  • H.323 And SIP Support
  • Zoom Meetings Interoperability

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Customer Support

Suppose you’re setting up a digital meeting room in the exposition hall of a local hotel. What happens if there’s something unusual about their network and you have trouble connecting calls? Do you know what to do next?

Most of the time, you’re not going to encounter situations like this. And if you’re not a novice at using the Internet, it’s usually not too hard to wiggle out of them. But these types of things can happen, and they can happen unexpectedly.

To solve these kinds of problems, the Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera includes a one-year subscription to the Polycom partner service.

That includes access to a group of trained network professionals who are there to help support the deployment of video setup in different circumstances. It’s essentially customer service taken to the next level, at a moment’s notice, where you always have access to a network technician who can take you step by step through network issues.

Codecs Supported

The Debut Collaboration Camera offers broad support for common video codecs: H.263, H.264 Baseline Profile, H.264 High Profile, H.264 SVC. These help the Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera be more effective at saving file space, while also being widely compatible.

Similar to its video codecs, the Debut delivers support for a wide range of versatile audio codecs, including G.711, G.722.1, G.722.1C, and Siren 22. Covering wideband, narrowband, and full band audio quality, you can record in detail or record to save space.

Why Choose the Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera?

Why Choose the Polycom RealPresence Debut Collaboration Camera?

Debut is really about making things simple. Instead of the Polycom RealPresence Debut, you could instead buy two or three microphones, a webcam, and some premium streaming software. You could try to handle the tech support for four different products, try to get them to work together in harmony, and potentially repeat that setup process ad nauseam.

With half a dozen wires running across your floor, you’d still come up short compared to what the Debut offers. Because features like packet protection, NoiseBlock, ConstantClarity, and native file sharing take all these components to another level of quality. Your Internet connection can always fail you. But the Debut will scrape every bit of data it can to ensure your calls are as smooth as possible.

And the entire setup process is for this fairly elaborate system is about as simple as plugging in an Ethernet cord. Given good network conditions, clear crisp audio and video runs as smoothly as if you were watching someone on television. You might be able to achieve similar effects with multiple pieces of separate equipment, but the all-in-one nature of the Debut is what makes it special. It’s a strong choice for businesses seeking simple solutions to a complex problem.

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