Photive Cyren Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 2020 Review

Photive Cyren Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 2020 Review.

Photive Cyren Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakeris Highly resistant to splashes, drops, dust and shocks and is your best companion whether you are indoor or outdoors.


This Bluetooth speaker is rated as IPX66. This indicates that Photive Cyren speaker is highly resistant to dust and water.

You can safely take it to beach and place it any where without any worries. You can enjoy swimming with your favorite music and your Bluetooth speaker will resist the hard jets of water.

The external body of speaker is made from treated Aluminum grill and heavy duty rubber that don’t allow any dust or water particles to enter into the internal circuits.

The high quality rubber exterior also makes this Bluetooth speaker highly resistant to shocks. It will absorb the shock if your kid drops it on the floor.

Build & Design

We’re looking at the Photive Cyren in the pseudo-standard color of black, but if you prefer your speakers to be more colorful, you can also pick it up in orange, blue, purple and red.

The color of the front grille may change depending on the color, but one thing that stays constant is its odd shape, which is somewhat similar to the Solememo Myvision N16 we recently reviewed.

The size of the Cyren is fairly small at 6 x 2.5 x 2.6 inches, and it’s also fairly light, weighing in at just 11 ounces.


The Photive Cyren uses Bluetooth 3.0 for its connectivity. Though this isn’t the newest, shiniest version, it can help compatability somewhat.

There’s no NFC here, but pairing is still fairly easy. Flip the dedicated power switch and the Cyren should start broadcasting; then pair from the device of your choice.

Range is the standard 33 feet, and I didn’t encounter any skips or dropouts while moving around as long as I stayed within range.

A 3.5 mm jack on the back lets you plug in any devices that don’t support Bluetooth using the included cable, and the status light makes things like pairing a less confusing process.

Unlike a lot of budget Bluetooth speakers, the Photive Cyren packs plenty of buttons.

You have dedicated volume buttons as well as a play / pause button and buttons for skipping forward and backward. Instead of using the play button to answer and end calls, there is a dedicated call button as well.


Photive states battery life for the Cyren at 8 hours, which is fairly respectable for a budget speaker.

In testing I found that I’d already passed 8 hours when the speaker’s built-in low battery warning sound began to play.

Sound Quality

In testing the Photive Cyren, we briefly played music from a computer through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface, but since most people will only use this speaker for its Bluetooth capabilities, that’s how we did the majority of our testing.


Charging is important so that you don’t end up consistently having to charge it, and then taking it off the charger to find it only lasts an hour.

With lithium ion batteries it is important not to overcharge them. When you first put your Photive CYREN II on the charger, keep it on there for about 6 hours or so then take it off of the charger.

This is your first charge and sets the life of your battery – on full volume your speaker will last about 5-6 hours nonstop on one full charge.

Whats More

Dust Proof & Shock Resistant  Featured with an aluminum grill and a burly rubberized exterior to withstand even the nastiest of falls gives the proper protection to ensure the Photive CYREN II is almost indestructible.

Bring Anywhere  Great speaker to bring with you to the beach, a hike, climbing, or even biking if you stick it in your backpack.

Made rugged for people who love to adventure, but hate worrying about whether your Bluetooth speaker will last through back country skiing, or rock climbing at a local crag.

Easy Controls  Large control buttons on the top of the speaker make it easy to switch a track you hate, or turn up the volume on the song you love.

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