Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds 2020 Updated Review.

Philips BASS+ True Wireless headphones bring you big, bold bass with total freedom. Live unchained with rock-solid connectivity and extra-long battery life, plus a compact charging case. Designed with a stability fin for a secure fit. In this article, all you need to know about Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds have been highlighted for you below.

Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

About Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

Philips has made no secret of its striving for powerful bass, yet still, it is striking just how much low-end response it has managed to extract from a pair of wireless in-ears – even with those sizable drivers.

The SHB4385 combine a matte exterior with a handful of glossy parts to give it a very definitive appearance. And of course, it takes more than booming bass to make a good pair of earbuds.

You’ve got to think about the charging case, the portability of everything, calling features, and of course how good they sound. So where does that leave the SHB4385 Earbuds?


  • Big pumping bass: bass+ headphones feature 8. 2 mm speaker drivers that produce big, pumping bass
  • Up to 12 hours of playtime: get up to 6 hours of playtime from the earbuds and recharge in the compact rechargeable Charging Case for another 6 hours (case holds approx. 6 hours of playtime battery)
  • Hands-free calling: enjoy convenient hands-free calling with mic and Bluetooth 4. 1, along with a closed-back acoustic design that keeps ambient noise out and great sound in via enhanced passive noise isolation
  • Secure fit: Designed for optimal fit, bass+ True wireless headphones feature stability Fin for secure fit
  • 3 ear tip sizes for a custom fit: silicon ear caps come in 3 sizes for a better, customized fit
  • Usb charging cable included: the included USB charging cable makes it easy to keep your headphones powered up when you need them.
  • Included Components: Ear TipsUsb CableCharging Case

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Color: Black


Acoustic system: Closed
Magnet type: NdFeB
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Speaker diameter: 8.2 mm
Frequency range: 9 – 21,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 107 dB
Diaphragm: PET



Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Bluetooth version: 4.1
Maximum range: Up to 10 m


Volume control: Yes
Call management: Answer / End call, Reject call, Switch between call and music


USB cable: Yes
Charging case: Yes
Ear caps: 3 sizes


Battery type: Li-Polymer
Rechargeable: Yes
Standby time: 50 hr
Talk time: 6 hr
Music playtime: 6 hr

Product dimensions

Height: 9.95 cm
Width: 4.85 cm
Depth: 4.85 cm
Weight: 0.091 kg

Packaging dimensions

Packaging Type: Carton
Number of products included: 1
Type of shelf placement: Both
Height: 17.4 cm
Width: 9.65 cm
Depth: 5.25 cm
Gross weight: 0.165 kg
Nett weight: 0.111 kg
Tare weight: 0.054 kg
EAN: 69 51613 98155 9

Outer Carton

Number of consumer packagings: 3
Length: 17 cm
Width: 10.8 cm
Height: 19 cm
Gross weight: 0.61 kg
Tare weight: 0.277 kg
GTIN: 1 69 51613 98155 6
Nett weight: 0.333 kg

Wireless Connection

The Bass+ SHB4385 Wireless Earbuds are running a slightly dated version of Bluetooth, which is Bluetooth 4.1. But this isn’t a fatal mistake. Because the differences between the 4th and 5th iteration are not mind-blowing. You can still secure stable sync between your earbuds, which is really what counts. You’re also still able to access instant-syncing features.

The wireless connection is otherwise pretty average. You can expect a total of 33 feet of connectivity, which means you should be able to reach basically any TV or smartphone you want to connect with.

You typically don’t want to use headphones that can transmit across great distances unless you’re actually going to make use of that extra distances in practice. Because it wears down your battery and typically adds to the cost of your earbuds.

Battery Lifespan

Earbud batteries tend to be pretty small. And smaller batteries tend to have weaker lifespans. In fact, the average earbud battery lifespan, for entry-level earbuds, is about 3.5 hours. Which is what makes the SHB4385 so impressive. You’re able to squeeze out about six hours of battery from each earbud. That’s almost twice as much battery as you can get from other earbuds.

Once you get the charging case involved, you can get another 6-hours. That is actually on the lower side for earbuds. But it’s not fatally low. Between the initial charge and the charging case, being able to stay connected for 12-hours is fairly respectable. The thing that will chain you more than the 12-hour capacity is the standby time.

Because the standby time for these earbuds is about 50-hours. That basically means you have two days between charges. So if you’re headed out into the woods for some camping, these earbuds probably aren’t going to be your best bet.

At least, not without adding some kind of portable power bank into the mix. Absent of that, for charging, you’re looking at a pretty standard USB connection. The included charging cable allows you to keep the charging case topped off.

Why Choose Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

Why Choose Philips BASS+ SHB4385 Wireless in-Ear Earbuds

The SHB4385 have some distinct strengths and weaknesses. Many of their features are a little middle-of-the-road. For instance, their calling features aren’t going to blow you away. But they do achieve a level of quality that you’d expect from the brand.

Looking at their audio quality, these earbuds were also clearly designed to deliver bass. And they get the job done. Compared to almost any other pair of earbuds in this price bracket, you’ll find the SHB4385 really hold their own. And because the enlarged drivers affect the rest of the tonal range as well, these earbuds end up sounding pretty strong in general.

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