Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review

Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review.

Neckband headphones are not for everybody. But for certain types of activities? You just about can’t do better. They’re wonderfully stable, and can provide a kind of ambient awareness that’s just not possible with many other options. Here is a complete review on all this product has to offer.

Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review

About Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones

The first thing to get out of the way — these earbuds are attached to a wire which is supposed to pull out from the headband. The wire actually comes out and retracts rather smoothly, which is great for protecting that wire against damage. It also means you don’t have to worry as much about problems like tangling, or having to transport a loose cable with you.

The size of the headband also allows you large analogue buttons to be positioned along each side of its body. These controls allow you to raise or lower volume, swap between traps, and so forth. Often times, these buttons are crammed into some kind of single multi-function button, but this more direct design is something a lot of people will be able to appreciate.

In this case, it’s pretty clear Phaiser is doing just that. The headband is a but unusually thick, but it houses retractable earbuds and some pretty powerful batteries. It also houses more than your average microphone setup. So all in all, they really do seem to be making excellent use of the extra size. For people who are trying to get higher levels of call performance, that can be pretty important.

Of course, headphones tend to be a matter of taste. As such, the BHS-950 isn’t going to be a great choice for everybody. Not everybody will want something this bulky. But for people who are able to find at least a couple of appealing aspects to its design, the BHS-950 clearly has some things to offer. It really depends on how much you value calling features, portability, and similar concerns.


  • HD SOUND – 10mm Speakers combined with Bluetooth 4.1 create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise.
  • SWEAT PROOF – Say Goodbye to Water-Damage! Protected by Liquipel Nano Coating your Buds withstand sweaty workouts and will survive accidental dropping into water – Guaranteed!
  • MICROPHONE – The built-in microphone makes it possible to use the headset for Calls. The headset reads out the callers number when a Call comes in, and the Audio you were listening to is silenced. When you hang up, audio starts back up automatically.
  • VIBRATING CALL ALERT – The headset VIBRATES INDEPENDENTLY from your phone when a call comes in and reminds you even while you don’t have the earbud in your ear.
  • LIFETIME SWEATPROOF WARRANTY – We will replace your Earbuds in case they ever get damaged by sweat! No questions asked.

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Wireless Connectivity & Calling Features

Wireless Connectivity & Calling Features

But then there’s the Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth 4.2 means you get much faster and reliable data transmission. That translates into fewer connection drops, even when you’re transmitting a signal from across the distance of a room.

You can extend or retract the buds from a headset for a more secure and easier storage. Plus, the transmission distance is actually slightly above average. It can stretch anywhere between 30ft and 40ft, making it roughly a quarter better than the average pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Another thing these headphones does pretty well is provide a good call experience. That’s largely because of the inclusion of a noise cancelling microphone. But it’s also because the microphone is a smart mic, capable of starting and stopping your music at the beginning and end of your calls as needed.

Additionally, the headband stands out thanks to its vibrational functionality. It has a vibrating alert that it can use when calls are detected, so your voice assistant can help keep you in the loop as needed. Think of it like a phone’s vibration feature, except applied to your headphones.

The vibration is actually pretty gentle, so it won’t tear through your battery if it goes off with regularity. But it’s something you’ll be able to feel over clothing, and that’s pretty well designed.

Battery Lifespan

The BHS-950 are constructed to deliver a total of 15-hours of playtime. That’s a result of running a 170mAh battery. It takes nearly two hours t o end up recharging your headphones, but if the battery isn’t totally empty, you can get it done in closer to an hour.

You can run past the 15-hour estimate with the use of the charging case. When all is said and done, the charging case is supposed to be able to run your playtime out towards the 77-hour mark. It’s also possible to get around 2.5 weeks of standby time.

Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones Audio Quality

Phaiser BHS-950 Bluetooth Headphones Audio Quality

Internally, you’ll find the little earbuds are made with surprisingly decent 10mm drivers. They’re designed to sit a little further away from your ear than many similar drivers, which allows them to manipulate a greater volume of air.

The difference isn’t enormous, but it’s something an attentive listener can appreciate. Compared to your typical pair of intro-level headphones, the bass tones are slightly better developed.

However, these earbuds still end up sounding pretty close to average. You’re not going to end up with your expectations being totally reshaped or blown away. And it’s always possible to open an equalizer to fiddle with the soundscape a bit if you think the treble needs a bit more pep, or you think your ears could withstand a little more boost in the bass


You can find things to love the Phaiser BHS-950, and you can find things to dislike. Certainly, it’s fair to say the charging case is nowhere near as streamlined as what you might have used in the past. There are extra steps involved in order to connect and recharge your stuff.

You’re not looking at a pair of headphones designed to give you everything. There’s no active noise cancelling features, you won’t find memory foam ear-tips to swap between, etc. However, looking strictly at sound quality and calling support, these headphones end up having strong price vs performance appeal.

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