MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review

MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Detailed Review.

MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, the wide array of options can be intimidating. With so many earbuds on the market, how are you supposed to make sense of what’s worth buying and what gets a hard pass? 

MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


We’ll be taking a look at MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, which are designed to solve the dilemma of choosing between a solid pair of listening buds and a functional pair of earbuds to pair with your smartphone. 

What’s in the Box? 

Earbuds come as a package deal, with accessories that also make a difference as to the performance and value. So before we take a deep dive into their features, let’s see what’s in the box, so we can get a good idea of what we’re dealing with. 

  • Wireless earbuds 
  • Charging and storage box 
  • 3 interchangeable ear hooks 
  • Owner’s manual 

Now that we’ve got a good idea of the overall features, let’s get into these earbuds’ design and function. 

Design & Features 

MUCRO True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds are designed to work in two different modes. This is perhaps their best feature, so let’s spell it out. They work in master-slave mode or single-mode. Essentially, what this means is that you can pair them either with one phone or with two. 

Pair them with two phones, and one phone will control music on both earbuds, while the second phone can control call functions on a single earbud only. This allows two phones to function in tandem, and it’s a great feature for couples who are listening to an audiobook together and still want to be able to take calls. 

These earbuds are designed for outdoor use, as well as for athletic activities. The audio chip functions even under intense vibration, and even if the case is covered in moisture.

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that stand up well to your everyday work out or the occasional cloudburst during a run, these are a solid choice. The textured finish stays in your ears well even when they’re wet, so there’s no worry about them slipping out. 

Accessories and Battery 

Accessories and Battery 

As we mentioned before we started, a pair of earbuds is more than just the buds themselves. The quality of construction is just as important when it comes to accessories and add-ons.

After all, it doesn’t make much difference how good your earbuds are if your batteries don’t last very long, or if you don’t have a worthwhile carrying case. 

So, what do you get with the True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds? Let’s take a look. 

First, you get three interchangeable ear hooks that are sized for a large, medium and small fit. We encourage you to experiment since it really does make a significant difference as to the overall quality of the fit.

If the earbuds fall out too easily, try a large. If they hurt, try a medium. The default tips are a medium, which is what most people are going to find the most comfortable. This means that the majority of people will also get an extra set of tips. 

Sound Quality 

As you would expect from a pair of earbuds that come at this kind of price, you’re looking at a compromise when it comes to sound quality. We’re not saying these earbuds are bad; they’re not. They’re just not the best you’ll ever see. 

To begin with, we already talked about the good call quality. This also translates to podcasts and audiobooks, and also to rap to a more limited extent.

Essentially, any time you’re listening to vocals, you’re going to get good quality from these earbuds. This is because the mids and the highs are well-balanced, which also provides a good balance for any music where trebles are important, such as classical and country music. 

Alternative Options 

Of course, not every pair of wireless earbuds is going to be right for everybody. You may be primarily concerned about call quality, in which case good stereo and bass will be less significant to you than a reliable Bluetooth connection and good calling controls.

Conversely, you may be looking for optimal sound quality, with fewer calling concerns and no need for a bunch of extra control options. 

Either way, we understand. Thankfully, we’ve reviewed a number of earbuds in the past. If MUCRO’s offerings aren’t quite your speed, here are a few other options that might be a better fit. 

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The Final Verdict 

The Final Verdict 

MUCRO’s True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds aren’t about to win any awards for sound quality, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth buying. For one thing, they’re very reasonably priced, which alone makes them worth considering, especially when you take the connectivity into consideration. 

These buds allow you to pair them with two phones at once. This makes them a fantastic option for couples since you can listen to music, a podcast, or an audiobook together and still have the ability to take calls independently. That’s a lot of functionality for a very low price. 

Finally, the battery life is a lot better than you’ll see on a lot of budget-priced earbuds. Again, 24 hours isn’t the best in the world, but it’s the best you’ll see at this price, especially without the need for a big, bulky battery pack. All in all, these earbuds are of great value. 

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