Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 vs. Focus Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Review

Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 vs. Focus Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Review.

The Mpow jaws Bluetooth neckband headphones offer enhanced sound transmission, faster pairing, more stable wireless connection and wider compatibility with Bluetooth enabled cell phones, tablets, computers, Smart watches and smart speakers

Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 Overview

The Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 are really not trying to reinvent the wheel. But these things have been reinvented at least a few times since their original release.

They’ve moved around the analogue buttons, switched from several buttons to some multi-function ones, changed the underlying audio codecs involved with Bluetooth support, and so forth.

The end result isn’t necessarily better for everyone. But it would probably be fair to say that these changes are improvements for most people.

Provided that you’re looking for a neckband headphone kit, the Jaws do have plenty of things to offer.

Physical Construction & Audio Quality

Aesthetically, there is a shark-like quality to the neckband. It’s a nice mix of gray and black, that comes to a point towards the end. The neckband is very lightweight.

Unlike previous editions of these headphones, they’ve done away with some of the extra buttons.

Whether you like that or not is really a matter of taste. Some people will find multi-function buttons, others will find them worse.

In this case, there is a total of only 3 buttons. And they’re all crowded over on one side of the neckband, on the right side.

There are a couple of things to like about Jaws. For one thing, they’re very lightweight. Though in a direct comparison of Mpow Jaws vs Focus, the two are incredibly similar.

Not just because they’re both neckband headphones, either. Aesthetics aside, their design has fundamental similarities.

Wireless Connection & Battery Capacity

These headphones connect with generation 5 Bluetooth… that’s backed with a CSR 8635 chip. Though those kinds of features are becoming increasingly standard.

This does allow Jaws to offer fairly enhanced sound transmission, 1-2 second pairing, and so forth. If nothing else, you don’t have to worry about compatibility with various devices.

Oddly enough, there’ no pairing button. It’ll automatically pair when it’s not attached to a device.

So you have to disable something it’s connected with in order to swap to a different device.

It’s possible to connect with multiple devices, though. However, it’ll prioritize audio from the device that plays audio first.

With respect to their battery capacity, Jaws have an upgraded playtime that’s supposed to get you towards 18-hours. Do they? Well, that depends on you and the things you’re listening to.

However, as long as you’re not shredding your ears with 100% volume levels, the 18-hour estimate is actually reasonable.

Mpow Focus Bluetooth Headphones in Review

Once again, the Mpow Focus are not exactly supposed to be reinventing the wheel when it comes to headphones.

In a lot of ways, they’re quite similar to Jaws. And since these are neckband headphones, they have the distinct strengthen and weaknesses you can expect from neckband equipment.

They do have a slightly less user-friendly control interface, but Focus has more comfort options, and is more suitable for “active” users.

Focus is also especially aimed towards people who need strong noise isolation features. Though that does end up giving them a worse battery capacity, and a slightly heavier design than their counterpart Jaws.

Physical Construction

Sure, the user interface is decent. But it does have some issues. The + and – symbols allow you to raise or lower the volume or skip around between tracks.

On the other side of the neckband, there’s an ANC switch, and a multi-function button that lets you interact with calls, play/pause, or pair with Bluetooth.

How about those issues? Well, the multi-function button is slightly confusing. You need to hold it for about 4 seconds to turn things on/off.

And the LED will half-fill when you enter pairing mode. So suffice to say that getting used to this thing does take some practice.

The earbuds themselves are built around a neckband that’s quite durable and flexible. It’s a TPU based material that allows it to fit on your neck and conform to the contours of your skin.

The weighs less than two ounces, so you pretty much don’t feel it on yourself.

Audio Quality & Noise Isolation

As far as their audio performance goes, it’s worth noting these are actually active noise cancelling headphones.

They claim to remove 25dB, but that’s mostly misleading marketing nonsense. Because the amount of noise being removed will depend on the frequencies present in your environment.

In a high-treble environment, the effect will be almost no noise removed. In a bass-heavy environment, the effect can be much more than 25dB.

All in all, ANC is great at getting rid of lower bass tones. Sort of like the sound of an air conditioner, a fan, a droning engine, and so forth. It’s also pretty good at handling traffic.

So it’s situationally better or worse, not categorically better or worse.

A lot of Mpow’s headphones end up sounding the same. That’s pretty much the case with the Mpow Jaws vs Focus.

Battery Lifespan & Wireless Connections

Mpow Focus are Bluetooth 5 headphones. The Bluetooth 5 connection taps out at 33-f, pretty standard.

But it allows you to connect with iOS, Android, and pretty much anything else you might want or hope to connect with.

That includes the ability to connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

They’re powered by a sizable 200-mAh battery. That battery supports a 300 hour standby time, which is just shy of two weeks.

It takes about two hours to restore the battery from empty. And they’re also supporting a fast recharge feature, so it’s possible to squeeze 10 minutes of charge time out for a total of 2-hours of playtime.

You can actually get 2-hours of playtime if you’re using a very low volume setting. The real problem is that ANC drains the battery a great deal.

Mpow Focus vs Jaws – Which Wins?

Mpow Jaws Upgraded Gen5 aren’t exactly calling-focused, but they’re a solid choice for people looking to take calls.

It’s clear that Jaws were not given the sort of neckband you’d want to take to the gym.

The side controls will bounce around while you’re doing activity like running, and that could be annoying. But then again, if it isn’t, the stability of everything else remains good.

Mpow Focus are great for longer listening sessions, and they’re better for active-listening, like taking them into athletic situations.

They’re also much better than Jaws when it comes to noise isolation. For people who are concerned about protecting themselves from bass tones (like someone riding a bike by the road), Focus are going to be worth a try

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