Mordaunt Short Sound Quality, Performance, Design, and Specifications

The Mordaunt Short 904 is a 2-way floor-standing loudspeaker designed to offer the extended bass realized by a larger enclosure in addition to all-important mid-band resolution and treble clarity. The rear-ported cabinet ensures a tight, fast bass response which can be further enhanced by ballast loading.

These loudspeakers are voiced to allow you to derive maximize pleasure from your music.

The dramatically simple yet elegant styling combines form with function and maintains Mordaunt-Short’s heritage of first-class design and sonic excellence

The Mordaunt-Short 904 Overview

The Mordaunt Short Performance speaker system is an excellent system offering an open and inviting sound with a smooth midrange, excellent bass extension, and amazing detail and separation. The treble is clean and clear.

Mordaunt Short

The general tone of this system is very balanced, other than the slight accentuation in the treble at very high volumes; otherwise, the system did exceptionally well, even handling torture test bass without getting boomy.

The speakers transition seamlessly and blend in with the subwoofer perfectly.

The Performance 2’s and 6’s offer excellent separation and detail, and don’t throwing music at you, rather draw you into it, making for really enjoyable listening sessions with either of them while the 6’s clearly made for a more full range system.

The Mordaunt-Short University Alumni

The Alumnis are sold as a 5.1 package (on test here) or individually for greater flexibility, and means that you can add speakers and grow your system to a 6.1 or 7.1 layout at a later date.

Much of the brand’s speaker technology found in its upmarket Avant and flagship Performance speaker ranges has filtered down to the Alumni range

Mordaunt Short

They’re all Omnimount-ready for those seeking discreet wall mounting installations, and the chunky spring clips allow you to make quality speaker cable connections.

The Mordaunt-Short Sound Quality

Notwithstanding the good measurements, the listening panel gave the Mordaunt-Short MS 5.30 an emphatic thumbs down, and on this occasion at least I can find no reason to modify these findings, despite trying a number of alternative ancillaries.

On a more positive note, the mid-band is well balanced, clear, and pleasantly free of boxiness, stereo images are well focused and the overall character remains impressively consistent when driving it hard.

Mordaunt Short

But there remains a notable lack of genuine transparency, as the bass drones on and on.

Big on sound but small on size and price, the Mordaunt Short M10 speakers offer everything you’d expect from this premium brand

Long-Throw Woofer

The woofer unit uses a long-throw, lightweight bass cone giving a tuneful and surprisingly powerful bass response. A neat touch with both drive units is the absence of visible fixings.

Solid Cabinet

The Mordaunt Short M10 has a cabinet constructed of heavy-duty MDF for rigidity and a solid feel that you’d usually only get from a more expensive design.

Mordaunt Short

This rigidity actually helps the sound quality as it ensures the cabinet doesn’t distort and bring unnatural coloration to the sound. Compact dimensions and a charcoal finish help the M10 blend into its surroundings.

For surround sound or stereo, a single room or multi-room applications, the Mordaunt Short M10s simply can’t be beaten.


Soft Dome Tweeter

Although budget speakers, Mordaunt Short hasn’t compromised on the quality of its drive units.

The soft dome tweeter gives a far smoother and more refined sound compared to hard dome types, and it has a cut-out on the bottom of its mount

While $19,000 isn’t cheap for a 5.1 system, this system really performs at an audiophile-level at an obtainable price and offers looks beyond your wildest dreams and performance besting more expensive systems

Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when buying speakers?

A speaker with a sensitivity rating that’s only 3 dB higher than another speaker’s only needs half as much power to deliver the same amount of sound.

 If you have a low-powered amp, look for speakers with high sensitivity ratings (90 dB and above) to get the most out of your system.

What makes a good stereo speaker?

The best speakers recreate sound very accurately. … In theory, you can measure how faithfully a speaker reproduces sound.

Frequency response charts the range of frequencies a speaker is capable of producing. You want a speaker that can produce as much of the full range of frequencies that human ears can hear as possible.

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