Litmor Battery Powered Security Cam 2020 Latest Updated Review

Litmor Battery Powered Security Cam 2020 Latest Updated Review

Litmor Battery Cam allows you to use a couple of really high-end features. The ability to improve your detection features is very cool. And as with many AI-based products It works nicely alongside Alexa or Google Assistant, and the siren was a nice touch.


Litmor Battery Cam is designed to meet that need and fill the gap. It comes with all the basic and innovative functions that you need as a security camera.

You can watch, listen-in and talk back to visitors through Litmor App anywhere in the world.

Through its smart alert algorithm, you can know who is there, a stranger, a car or an animal. It also comes with a bright LED lighting so you can watch color live view after sunset.

At the same time, leverage on the genius product design we manage to control the costs and squeeze our profit, therefore we can offer a decent product with a much lower entry cost.

Physical Construction

The Litmor Battery Cam is rather small, taking on a ball shape that’s about 3 x 3 inches.

Though that compact shape gets just a tad larger if you place it inside the included mounting station.

The station is form-fitting over the Litmor Battery Cam, so it doesn’t really add much too the size of the unit. And that mounting stand makes placing it in various positions much easier, as we’ll look at in a moment.

With respect to its outdoor capabilities, the Litmor Battery Cam was designed with an IP66 water resistance rating. That’s supposed to tackle rain easily, leaving you with no reason to sweat over the weather.


Thanks to the mounting station, Litmor’s cam gives you several different options for installation. The easiest involves using some screws, which can keep the mount in place permanently.

The second option is using those screw-holes to hang the unit instead. And the third option would be regular placement, using the mount as a stand.

Battery Lifespan

As you might expect, the battery is at the heart of the wireless design. It’s a pretty impressive 5200mAh lithium-ion battery, which is supposed to last for a year without needing your supervision.

Will you make it to a year? Well, that’s hard to predict.

For one thing, running that long requires you to choose the eco-mode. But it also matters how often you’re detecting things and activating the camera.

Litmor Battery Cam

The lens is… an interesting compromise. They’ve given it a wide 160 degree viewing angle.

That’s not quite as large as the super-wide lenses that have become so popular on many security cameras, but it’s also a big leap up from cameras that are supposed to look at one specific point.

As a result, this camera is good for surveying a pretty wide open space; about half of a room.

As you might expect, footage is recorded at 1080p by default. Of course, it’s possible to take that down a notch if you’d like to stretch out your storage space.

But the 1080p is decently compressed, and it looks as sharp as you’d expect from full HD. Likewise, as you should expect from basically any camera like this one, they’ve rigged it with night vision.

The Alert System

What happens when someone starts meddling in your garden, and you’re not around to do anything about it? Do you think calmly asking them to leave might help? It just might.

But how about something a little less personal? For that, the siren will do nicely. At any point, you can trigger the siren alarm from their app, activating an alarm that’s over 100dB in output.

It’s similar to a car alarm, basically. And it’s loud enough to scare away most things you might want to scare away, whether that’s a deer or a person.

The App

Speaking of their app, it’s everything you might expect. You can look through the camera from the homepage, and you can look through the various recordings you’ve taken.

You can start checking out the history of notifications that have been sent to you with their configurable monitoring.

And you can create camera recording schedules, or establish motion zones.

Those motion zones have perhaps the greatest potential of any of the sensor features. Sure, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the motion tracking, like many cameras.

Storage Options

Litmor’s camera allows you to run cloud storage, if you desire. Their service is quite cheap, you can get a year of it for something like $25.

That’s actually pretty cost effective compared to other devices, though it starts to make less sense for a multi-cam setup.


1080p HD live view and color night vision

The overall video and audio experience with Litmor Battery Cam has all the basic needs covered.

Litmor Battery Cam provides 1080P live and recording video quality over a 125-degree field of view.

With its two LED lights on the front panel, color night vision allows you to see clearly, even at night.

Flexible Installation On Any Surface

Unlike any other home security cameras, Litmor Battery Cam uses a hand-like 360-degree rotatable mount instead of a normal magnetic mount or screw mount. With this 360-degree rotatable mount, customers can mount their camera on any object or surface, like wooden walls, windows, fences, and trees.

Day Brief

Day brief is Litmor’s exclusive feature. It briefs customers on the security status of their home by summarizing daily security statistics and application usage information.

It shows the total number of motions that have been detected and demonstrates motion numbers in different time slots and overall motion trends in a day.

AI Detection

The best function of Litmor Battery Cam is the AI detection. It provides a much more accurate alarm with more precise detection and notifications.

It detects and recognizes persons, cars, and animals

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