Linksys WRT32XB Gaming Router for Xbox 2020 Detailed Review

Linksys WRT32XB Gaming Router for Xbox 2020 Detailed Review.

Linksys WRT32XB Gaming Router for Xbox: When it comes to gaming, your network speed is just as important as skill.

Even the leaps and bounds that networking speeds have made in the past ten years hasn’t been able to keep up with the advances in graphical and gaming technology. The Internet gets faster and the games get more memory-hungry. 

Linksys WRT32XB Gaming Router


According to Linksys, the new router officially dubbed the WRT32XB  will automatically detect an Xbox that’s connected, and then prioritizes and accelerates gaming traffic.

It uses the same “Killer Prioritization Engine” networking tech from the original WRT32X, but applies it to Xbox One devices as well, instead of just PCs.

Custom Built Firmware Boosts Performance 

Enjoy exceptional online gaming performance from specially engineered software. Gaming-optimized firmware works to minimize response times, thus providing a virtually lag-free connection when you need it most: in the midst of a heated competition. You won’t lose your edge even if your roommates or LAN party are streaming, gaming, or strategizing with you over voice chat about how to take down the competition. 

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 

The WRT32XB gives you enhanced Next-Gen AC Wi-Fi speeds up to 3.2 Gb/s that keep you at the top of your game. Experience exceptionally smooth, responsive gameplay. The Killer Prioritization Engine will reliably fast-track gaming traffic whether you’re using a wired or Wi-Fi connection. 

Lower Peak Ping up to 65% on Xbox 

Linksys partnered with Killer Networking, industry leaders in gaming networking, to develop a Wi-Fi router for hard-core gamers. The WRT32XB uses the Killer Prioritization Engine to identify, prioritize, and accelerate your gaming traffic above all other devices and activities on your home Wi-Fi.

The WRT32XB gaming router auto-detects Xbox to prioritize Wi-Fi gaming and video streaming. Its Killer Prioritization Engine protects against extreme lag spikes, lowering peak ping by up to 65%. The result is unparalleled game-conquering response rates no matter what other devices on the network are doing. 

Powerful Interface for Ultimate Control Over Wi-Fi Traffic 

The intuitive interface lets you see your home’s Internet traffic. You can monitor connected devices, manage advanced networking settings, and conduct speed tests with just a few mouse clicks. With the gaming-focused UI dashboard, you can check network traffic speeds, check VPN and network storage status, see Killer device connection status, and also control port-forwarding. You’ll know at a glance whether your computer or console games are performing optimally. 

MU-MIMO Provides Stunning Multi-Device Performance 

Thanks to MU-MIMO technology, the WRT32XB Gaming Router can handle even the most bandwidth-intensive environments.

Each connected client device receives its own dedicated data stream, so users won’t have to compete with one another for bandwidth. 

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Design and Dimensions 

Design and Dimensions 

The WRT32XB design features that modern gaming aesthetic: black, geometrical, angular, and matted black. The device’s blue LED lights add an added dose of slick techy goodness. The dorm and lights almost make the WRT32XB look like a sports car.

The device measures 9.68 inches x 7.63 inches x 2.04 inches and weighs 28 ounces.


Internally, the WRT32XB features a speedy 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU processor. Four external dual-band antennas with four powerful amplifiers provide your home with reliable, wall-to-wall connectivity.

Linksys says that the signal strength is fit for a “rather large household”, which we assume is enough coverage for the vast majority of you. If you live in a medieval castle, you might want to consider checking out some other options. 


With firmware and a user interface engineered specifically for the Xbox One, the router keeps your network speed fast even if all of your friends are using a large chunk of bandwidth, or if you are hosting a LAN party. The user interface dashboard allows you to monitor all of your connected devices, manage advanced networking options and settings, and conduct on-demand speed tests to ensure that your network is keeping up with the competition.

The user interface also allows you to manage VPN and network storage.



The Linksys WRT32XB is a solid gaming router that features awesome prioritization features through the Killer Prioritization Engine, speedy hardware, an overhauled user interface, a solid yet stealthy design and enough ports to satisfy almost all of your networking needs. If you’re an avid Xbox One gamer who is plagued by lag and latency, the WRT32BX is a no brainer. 

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