Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device 2021 Detailed Review

Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device 2021 Detailed Review. 

Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device: Keeping track of all of your personal videos, photos, and files always seem to be a daunting task for some individuals. Knowing which device you saved a specific file or document can be confusing and time-consuming when you want to retrieve it. For this reason, many individuals are resorting to other options that are much easier to access, manage, and keep everything secure and in one place. 

Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device


Lima is a smart device that stores your files on your hard drive at home and makes them available to you on all your devices remotely.

You can enjoy your music, movies, pics & documents from any of your devices, coming straight from your Lima. It’s all there at your fingertips, waiting to entertain you. 

How Does It Work? 

Connect the Lima device to your router

That’s how the Lima device will be able to communicate with your devices when you leave home. No complicated setup needed: just plug it in! 

Plug it into an external hard drive

That’s where the files you put in Lima will be restored and protected. Take the size you need! Lima works with any type of hard drives (empty). 

The Lima drive appears on all of your devices

The Lima drive appears as if you had a hard drive connected directly to your computer. Put your files in Lima just like you would in any other folders: the files are instantly sent to the Lima device and available on all of your other devices. 

Better than the Cloud

Better than the Cloud 

Unlike cloud technology, Lima reinvents the way that your tablet, smartphone, or computer uses and stores its files. It acts as reference storage for all of your devices to automatically save to the same location.

The need to constantly upload, download, and move your files into separate cloud files or servers is a thing of the past.

Let Lima simplify your digital life and always be ready to save, backup, and secure your precious data, no matter where you are in the world 

Your Smartphone Becomes a Full Media Player 

Your files are not meant to just sit on your phone: they’re meant to be enjoyed. The Lima mobile app offers a complete enriched media player to listen to your music, watch your videos, or swipe your latest presentation 

Free Your Devices From Their Storage Limits 

Both your computer & smartphone can hold up several terabytes! The size of your devices now depends on the hard drive attached to Lima. Plug a 2TB drive to Lima, and you’ll have 2TB of storage on all your devices. 

No Internet?  

In one click, keep locally the files or folders you need. As long as you’re online, all of your files are available without taking space on your devices via streaming.

If you’re planning to go offline, you can set any files or folders to be downloaded so that they remain available even then. 


One thing to check on before you make any investment in your computing world is compatibility. Many are pleased to find out that Lima works on just about any device with any platform. Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS are all able to use it the way it was meant to be.

No matter what your devices are, as long as the Lima app is installed, you’ll be able to use it without any issues whatsoever. 

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What Are The Benefits? 

Regain Control Over Your Data 

Your files can only be stored on the hard drive(s) attached to your Lima device(s) and on your devices. Not on anyone’s servers. Nobody but you has physical access to them. 

Learn More About Security 

Files on the hard drive are encrypted using military-grade protocol AES (also used by banks). If someone steals your hard drive, that person won’t be able to read any of your files. 

No Hidden Cost, No Monthly Fees 

You own your storage once and forever, and no one can mine your data for advertising purposes. 

Color Options 

Available in six different colors, you can select between green, blue, orange, pink, purple, or yellow. Although this isn’t really a big deal for many, having a few different colors makes it a great way to color-code your specific device from others in the same household. 

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts 

Overall, the Lima Smart & Private Cloud Device is an easy and secure way to keep all of your data located in a single place. It brings a new level of ingenuity to a technology that’s seen little advancement over the last few years.

With it, you can simplify your life and add peace of mind and organization to your everyday digital life. We think it’s a great investment and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing an easy and inexpensive upgrade. 

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