Light Harmonic Mera Headphones 2020 Updated Review

Light Harmonic Mera Headphones 2020 Updated Review.

Selecting a good earbud can be very stressful, especially without the right knowledge on what you want to be going for. And if you don’t have enough money to spend on what you want. In this article, we have made a well-detailed review on the new Light Harmonic Mera series.

Light Harmonic Mera Headphones 2020 Updated Review

Abut Light Harmonic Mera

The Light Harmonic Mera comes in a snazzy box with a posh carrying case, and six pairs of ear tips.

Featuring a removable cable, the Mera connects via an MMCX connection. As a result, this earphone offers compatibility with a wide range of third-party cables. But don’t take that as a snub at the supplied cable. Featuring a silver-plated copper construction, the cable measures a standard 1.2 m (4 ft) length.

Each earpiece features a hexagonal sound chamber and carries a single dual-layer dynamic driver. The nozzles are fashioned from copper alloy, supposedly to supply a silky-smooth sound.

Light Harmonic Mera are technically the weakest in their series. But in some ways, that’s like being the weakest among giants. Sure, Mera isn’t going to deliver the kind of premium features you can get if you’re willing to lay down nearly a grand for earbuds. But how well do they serve as a compromise?

Because for audio quality, there’s always a sweet spot in the price to performance ratio. And Mera is supposed to be aiming just above that sweet spot. As such, users should expect to pay a small premium for extra quality — but not to reach the kind of luxurious excesses of the higher tier.


  • Noise Isolating: These in-ear stage headphones/monitors are noise isolating earphones that can block outside noise. You can listen to your music clearly even in noisy environments like the gym, fitness walk, subway/bus commute and flight trip.
  • Front Housing: Copper Alloy Acoustic Damping (CAAD) with sound tuned copper alloy.
  • Sound Chamber: Patent-pending Hexagon Back Sound Chamber (HBSC) structure for zero resonance and clarity. This in-ear monitor recommended for singers, musicians, guitarists, worship bands.
  • Over Ear Earphones For Small Ears – The earphones size are smaller than other earhook headphones. You don’t have to stretch your ear to put earphones in ears. They can fit in and over small-average sized ears with no pain.
  • Complete Kit: It includes one cable, protective carrying case by Superior leather from Italy, 3 different sizes memory foam eartips, 3 different sizes silicone eartips.

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Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Pros:  A solid sound that really shows what the right dynamic driver can do for an earphone.  Gorgeous looks and great build quality help push the bang further from your buck.   Really, a solid option for the price.

Cons:  A tough fit, even for chaps with big ‘ole radar dish ears.  Finding the right ear tips remains imperative, but that quest for comfort may lead you to third-party tips.

Audio Quality

Out of the gate, it’s important to recognize that these are noise-isolating earphones intended to help block noise from the outside world. That makes them suitable for using at the gym, taking on walks, flights, and so forth. Though there aren’t any special noise-cancelling technologies involved with these earbuds, so you’re not able to take it any further than what passive noise isolation they can provide.

Internally you’ll find a relatively large 8mm polymer dynamic driver. It’s a bit bigger than the more common 6mm variants you’ll see used by a lot of similar earbuds. These slightly larger drivers are good for expanding the sound stage a bit and giving more definition to the sound. The fact it’s only a single dynamic driver is really only going to put some limits on what you can expect.

If you start heading through the higher members of this series, the Stella or Oscar, you’ll find they add balanced armature drivers in order to make the soundscape wider. But for people who are on a tight budget, a single driver can still sound pretty good when pushed to its limits. And that’s certainly that the Mera does with their 8mm complex diaphragm dynamic driver. It stays smooth-sounding from the bottom of the tonal range to the top.

Why Choose Light Harmonic Mera?

When you’re going to invest in high-end earbuds, it makes sense to get some that are going to able to last for more than a couple of years. If nothing else, Mera has that down. You can swap between new cables as old ones become worn out or damaged, allowing you to keep using these earbuds for years into the future.

And the rest of their design is generally strong as well. They’re made with some competent audio drivers, to be certain. Though not specialized BA drivers like the ones you can find higher up in the series, the Mera are still some of the best dynamic drivers you can get your hands on. What they are, this is truly top-shelf equipment.

Of course, if you’re looking for fantastic treble, you’d have to be willing to switch over to BA drivers, and you’d have to shell out a few more bucks. But for people who don’t need to go the extra mile, the Light Harmonic Mera is worth every penny. They’re a very cost-effective approach to high-quality audio, which has always been notoriously expensive.

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