LG OLED TV Review on Price, Features, Performance and More

If you want the best-looking TV image that money can buy, choose an LG OLED TV. With perfect blacks, superior viewing angles, infinite contrast ratios, and better motion quality than other TVs, LG OLED65CX displays outperform even the best LCD options. I will still tell you more if you continue reading this article.

LG OLED Tv Review

We strongly recommend the LG OLED65CX because it offers the same excellent video performance as 4K OLED TVs that cost a lot more.

When we think of premium TVs, OLED TVs are the first to come to mind. They are thin, they are elegant, and have incredible picture quality unlike any other.

However, one cannot deny they are expensive but prices have dropped recently

LG OLED TV Design and Features

The OLED65CX is gorgeous. The star of the show, as usual with OLED TV technology, is how incredibly thin its screen is: for around two-thirds of its rear area it’s insanely skinny – just a couple of millimeters deep.

Though of course, unless you’re fond of looking at the back of your TV rather than the front, you probably won’t notice this much once you’ve installed the set for the first time.

The bottom third or so of the OLED65CX’s rear sticks out quite a bit more than the rest. But the design still wears this pretty well – and the set’s speakers, connections, and processors do have to go somewhere.

The screen attaches to one of the centrally mounted metallic sheet stands we’ve seen for a few C-series generations now. This is nicely finished and well built, but perhaps looks a touch chunky compared with the incredible slimness elsewhere.

LG OLED TV Amazing Sound Quality

In most ways, the new CX Series sounds superb – especially when it comes to the volume levels and the scale of the soundstage.

It somehow manages to cast out from its incredibly skinny body: there’s genuine width and even some verticality to the sound the set produces, especially if you ditch the default Dolby Atmos sound setting.

LG OLED Tv Review

This mode optimizes the sound to the capabilities of the TV’s speakers, and the result is a much more dynamic, loud and impactful sound.

The only issue we had with the OLED65CX’s audio is that really heavy duty bass in a movie soundtrack can cause the speakers to start crackling and dropping out.

Fortunately there isn’t much content around that’s extreme enough to cause this problem, so the strengths of the sound system typically rein supreme. The bass crackle is certainly distracting when it happens, though.

LG OLED TV New Picture Modes

The OLED65CX boasts two new picture modes: The Filmmaker Mode has arrived through a collaboration between the UHD Alliance and movie creatives

Broadly speaking, this means turning many of the TV’s picture processing tools off, resulting in pictures that some may find a little judder, and too dull to watch in a bright room

LG OLED Tv Review

Where Filmmaker Mode might become more interesting is if discs start carrying the flags needed to turn the OLED65CX’s version of Filmmaker Mode on automatically. Though I’m yet to hear of any disc that carries such flags.

4K/HDR Performance

Great though the OLED65CX is with HD SDR images, it’s the improvements it brings with 4K and HDR images that really count in the premium TV world.

For starters, the OLED65CX’s black level performance improves on 2019’s LG C9 OLEDs in two ways. First, black levels get even deeper, and retain that depth and neutrality more consistently.

Just occasionally a really extreme dark shot can suddenly appear infused with a low-level yellowish-grey tone. This is faint though and doesn’t occur very often at all.

LG OLED Tv Review

Second, the CX combines its improved black levels with more shadow details and dark color shading subtlety than last year’s B9s .

So basically the CX’s handling of black level and dark scenes combine the best bits of both the B9 and C9. And the results are beautiful.

HD/SDR Performance

OLED TVs have always been particularly well suited to standard dynamic range (SDR) technology.

So it’s no surprise to see the OLED65CX looking stunning with every SDR Blu-ray or broadcast we threw at it.

Colors are rich and vibrant, but also nuanced and balanced. The contrast is pretty much perfect, as OLED’s ability to have every single pixel produce its own light brings out shadow details.

The color and contrast performance are both founded on a spectacular black-level performance that’s free of the greyness and localized clouding problems you get with pretty much all LCD TVs.

Just as importantly, bright highlights of mostly dark images retain a consistent level of intensity.

Smart TV With Artificial Intelligence

Like the rest of LG’s OLED TV lineup, the LG OLED65CX inevitably deploys LG’s WebOS interface for its smarts. As usual, this is mostly a very good thing.

The economical, no-nonsense home screen, with its row of icons connected to different content sources, is instantly accessible and easy to use and customize.

I guess the sheer volume of content apps available these days could make WebOS’s long scrolling bar of apps a bit unwieldy for some content-hungry households. But this is a small negative against all the good stuff.


LG OLED TV Review: Remote Control

LG calls its controller a Magic Remote, which may be a bit of an overstatement.

It has a scrolling/clickable wheel in the center for moving a cursor around the screen like a wireless mouse, as well as the usual numerical and volume, and channel buttons.

LG OLED Tv Review

It’s a well-balanced, curved remote that can also be used as a universal controller. It took us just seconds to get the remote to recognize a PlayStation 4 and a Roku box, for example, and assume command of those devices.

Pressing and holding a microphone button on the remote triggers Google Assistant, which works remarkably well in this context.

Unlike the more premium members of the LG OLED family, the CX OLED does not have far-field microphones built-in, so you’re limited to the microphone input on the remote.

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