Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Updated Review.

Selecting the right earbuds can be tough — because earbuds that work great for another person won’t necessarily be the right earbuds for you. But picking isn’t impossible when you’re able to narrow down your choices in the right way. In this article, we have helped you in your decision making, thereby giving you a review on the Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds.

Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds 2020 Updated Review

About Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds

The Norwegian company, Kygo, has produced the E7/900 compact completely wireless in-ears with a comfortable fit. They have an independent remote for controlling Android and iOS systems. Contemporary productions will benefit from a bass-driven tuning.

The ergonomically designed in-ears feature ear hooks that provide additional support inside the ear so the buds won’t fall out, even during fast, jerky movements. The fit is comfortable and does not cause pressure problems, even during long listening sessions.

This is aided by the low weight of 5 grams per side. Since the in-ears embed themselves well and do not stick out too far, their appearance is discreet and will fit under a cap. Also practical are the water- and sweat-repellent properties of the robust and well-made system. This provides protection against rain and splash water enables use during sporting activities and simplifies cleaning.


  • Generally strong audio quality.
  • Compact and portable charging case.
  • Affordable price point relative to their features.


  • Slightly below-average battery capacity. That’s probably a result of the audio being so bombastic.

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Physical Construction

Physical Construction

With respect to their physical design, Kygo Life E7/900 earbuds were made quite well. Though they’re wonderfully lightweight, coming in at around 59 grams. And even though they’re very light, they’re still got full waterproofing protection. Right up to an IPX7 certification, which essentially means you can do anything except take these earbuds for a dive into the ocean. Showering with them would be just fine, though.

The outer portion of each earbud contains a large, almost quarter-sized multi-function button. This kind of touch interface is pretty common these days, but it’s not always done well. In this case, you’ll find these earbuds feel pretty responsive, and don’t seem to ever mistake the number of taps you use.

The tap patterns are also pretty intuitive. You might tap once to take a call or hold the interface in order to raise your volume. In the end, you’re going to have to memorize seven different patterns of controls. But if you forget them, it’s simple enough to guess your way to finding the feature you want with simple trial and error.

Their charging case is a tad on the compact size, and it’s circular instead of a square case. That makes the Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds a little more hand-friendly than most of their counterparts. And the rubberized outer shell of the casing does a good job of allowing you to establish a grip while your hands are moist.

Battery Lifespan

The E7/900 are powered by two 45 mAh lithium polymer batteries that provide two to three hours of battery life. In combination with iOS devices, the battery status is indicated by a display next to the Bluetooth symbol. If the battery of the in-ears is empty, they can be fully recharged within two hours in the accompanying travel case, which also serves as a charging station.

The handy case offers an additional capacity of 460 mAh, which gives a total runtime of approximately twelve hours. Although the case, like the in-ears, is primarily made of plastic, it looks robust and gives a well-manufactured impression.

Wireless Connection

The E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds are designed to utilize Bluetooth 5, which is basically the only version you should accept while running true wireless earbuds. It ensures your connections remain stable, and it allows the earbuds to sync automatically and almost instantly. Both between the buds, and between the devices you want to connect.

One limiting factor? You’ve got 30-feet of connectivity in total. Though that’s fairly average for true wireless earbuds like the E7/900. And it’s a feature you’ve got to be willing to pay for to move into higher transmission distances. So unless you actually need to exceed 30-feet, you’re better off sticking here.

Audio Quality

With respect to how these earbuds sound — it would be fair to say they’re around one step ahead of the average. But ultimately, the audio drivers are only one of several elements that contributes to audio quality. Other elements include the version of Bluetooth you’re using, the audio codecs involved, how well your ear-tips fit if there’s noise in the room, and so forth.

But Kygo Life E7/900 Earbuds do their part to sound nice. These drivers are able to deliver a fairly wide range of dynamic sound, and so they’re able to accommodate basically any genre of music. Though it would be fair to say their sound-stage favours clarity over flavour. And their peak volume output is a tiny bit on the low side. (Sitting at 93-dB, it’s still loud enough to cause permanent hearing damage.)

Why Choose Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds?

Why Choose Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds?

These earbuds emphasize two things above all else. The first thing is comfort. The Kygo Life E7/900 has a ridiculous amount of different comfort options available for you to try. Between the earrings, foam tips, and silicone tips, you’re probably going to be able to find some favourites. Since you’ve got foam tips available, noise isolation is certainly above average, which really helps you focus on your music.

These earbuds are also pretty solid when it comes to their audio quality. Though they don’t have the distinctive sounds you’ll find from a brand like Bose, they do deliver clarity across the tonal range. Because these earbuds focused on comfort and audio quality, the rest of their feature list is a little thin.

The touch button interface is fine, but nothing to write home about for a pair of earbuds in this price range. Their waterproofing is slightly above average, and their Bluetooth connectivity is also quite average because it’s very common for truly wireless earbuds to use Bluetooth 5.

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