KiMiFi Unlimited 4G Mobile Hotspot Review 2020 Latest Updated Review

KiMiFi Unlimited 4G Mobile Hotspot Review 2020 Latest Updated Review

The KiMiFi K5 MiFi provides the idea of an unlimited 4G mobile hotspot that you can use when travelling in 130 countries . If you are a traveler then its for you


The KiMiFi K5 MiFi keeps you connected in over 130 countries.

The device uses breakthrough CloudSIM technology which enables you to get high-speed and unimpeded Internet for both families traveling and business trips.

device has no SIM card and all you need to use the device is take it with you. It packs a 3500mAh battery which can last for up to 14 hours and up to 5 devices can connect to it via WiFi.

The device also has an appointment which you can use to control it.

There is also any day multilingual customer service in case you experience any issues


The K5 looks like one of those anonymous battery chargers that are so common on Amazon.

Its plastic enclosure is utilitarian, in line with the fact that it is a single-function device: there’s no screen, just three icons that light up to indicate the status of connectivity, Wi-Fi and battery.

At 127.5 x 65.5 x 13mm with a weight of 130g, it is about the size of a traditional smartphone and is charged via microUSB; bear that in mind if you carry around a Type-C charger/cable.

You can easily remove the front cover to find the security details (Wi-Fi SSID, password, a QR code and the IMEI).

There’s also a spare SIM card slot which is designed for customers who have purchased a local SIM and want to use data.

In that scenario, they can use KiMiFi as a hotspot.

In Use

Connecting to the Wondafone was seamless and we managed to get it up and running within minutes.

We tried the service in Central London, in our Paddington offices, with Vodafone as the roaming partner, running a number of benchmarks with the main speed test providers.

In, we witnessed 19.44Mbps download and 5.12Mbps upload speeds.

Google’s own speed test showed 22.8Mbps download and 9.69Mbps upload speeds, and the results with Bing were 30.35Mbps download and 12Mbps for uploading.

Finally, Netflix’s gave a result of 9.4Mbps for downloading.

The KiMiFi K5 can power up to five devices and has a 14-hour battery life thanks to an internal 3,500mAh battery.

The company partners with Uglocalme to deliver 4G coverage in more than 130 countries using a CloudSIM

How The Unlimited 4G Mobile Hotspot Work

After purchasing your KiMiFi K5 MiFi, download and install the KiMiFi K5 app on your phone.

It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You need to create The KiMiFi Unlimited 4G account and activate the device by scanning a QR code on the inside label.

Now, you are ready to travel. Before each trip, login to the app to buy the data package that you want and pack The KiMiFi Unlimited 4G

On arrival at your destination country, power on your KiMiFi device, and wait for the signal light to come on.

The light will blink at first but then stay on steady after a while.

Your unlimited 4G mobile hotspot is ready and you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop for use.

Why You Should Get It

  • Wireless network sharing in 130+ countries, no SIM card required.
  • Long standby time & using time of 14+ hours.
  • Support 5 devices connection simultaneously
  • Simple to operate & central control on App named KiMiFi.
  • The weight is only 130g, which is easier to carry.
  • All-day multi-language customer service to answer.
  • Promise absolute personal information security

The Hardware

The hardware is pretty simple and intuitive.

It looks like a power-bank but it’s not very heavy. It’s a bit smaller than most smartphones, but still got a 3500-mAh battery, which can stay connected for over 14 hours with a full charge.

In daily use, it generally can last for two days.

Removing the cover, a QR code and WIFI information can be found for your device activation.

A SIM-Card can be available here but my suggestion is rather to use its Cloud SIM-Card.

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