JBL Reflect Flow Features, Specifications, Functionality, and More

JBL is a well known and trusted brand when it comes t audio and they have plenty of bluetooth earphones, headphones and speakers for you too choose from. Today we are reviewing the JBL Reflect Flow which is a true wireless earphone that is designed for sporty people that want lots of features but still need their earphones t be able to take lots of abuse

Jbl Reflect Flow

Since they’re also a big hit with wireless sports earphones, their latest entry will be a sure win. The JBL Reflect Flow is the company’s latest offering to the market. And based on its looks, features, quality, and specifications, it is indeed a promising and must-try piece.

JBL Reflect Flow Design and Functionality

The JBL Reflect Flow is the company’s latest IPX7-rated true wireless earphones for sports. It comes with a 5.8mm drive as well as JBL’s signature sound profile. With that, you can expect outstanding sounds for all music genres.

Although the earphones are quite large, the Reflect Flow has a lightweight build and only weighs 85g. They feature the usual shark fins or wingtips to fit your ears properly.

Since the earphones are rated IPX7, you can submerge the Reflect Flow in the water. Although this is the case, we still don’t recommend that you swim while using them. But technically, these can handle submersion of up to a meter without any problems. Do note that the case isn’t waterproof, so slipping in wet earphones will likely break it.

When it comes to the charging case, it’s compact and measures 1.1 x 3.3 x 1.5″ (H x W x D). It gives you a sturdy feel with its flip-top lid and status LEDs beneath the micro USB charging port.

For the controls on each earpiece, they differ slightly from each other. The one on the left controls the Ambient Aware mode. Press it twice so you can skip the track forward. The right earpiece controls call management and playback.

JBL Reflect Flow Device Control

The pairing of the Reflect Flow, which supports Bluetooth standard 5.0, takes place automatically with removal from the case, by switching the system on and putting it into pairing mode. The headphones can also be returned to the charger to switch them off.

Alternatively, the buttons integrated into the surface can be held down for a long tap to switch them on and off manually. Since the right headphone functions as the master, it can also be used in a single mode.

If there is a connection, the right-hand side is used to control the Play/Stop function and to accept and end calls. These can be made with clear speech intelligibility.

Supported speech assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Bixby can also be called up by pressing twice. In addition, you can jump to the next title by double-clicking on the left; otherwise, the button activates the TalkThru and Ambient Aware functions

Key Features of the JBL Reflect Flow

JBL claims a massive 10 hours of battery life. While that maybe is possible at lower volume levels I found that with the volume set at about 70% of maximum I achieved 8 hours which is still a good result when comparing to other sports earphones

– True Wireless Earphones

Experience true freedom with the wireless JBL Reflect Flow. Listen to music while working out, and manage your calls without getting its wires tangled.

Hands-Free Stereo Calls with Quick Voice Assistant Access

Touching one button allows you to manage your music and calls instantly from your voice assistant.

Ambient Aware and TalkThru

Ambient Aware is a feature that helps you know what’s happening in your surroundings. TalkThru allows you to have easy phone calls without removing the earphones.

30 Hours Battery Life and Speed Charge

The Reflect Flow has a battery life that lasts for 10 hours when fully charged.

Jbl Reflect Flow

The charging case provides an extra 20 hours of power. Charging the earphones for 10 minutes gives you one full hour of playback time.

– JBL Signature Sound

The 5.8mm driver offers JBL’s Signature Sound. This feature delivers a more powerful punch to enhance the sound of your music.

– Ergonomic Fit

The JBL Reflect Flow comes with ergonomic silicone tips and Freebit enhancers to make your listening experience comfortable and enjoyable. JBL offers three different sizes for the silicone tips.

JBL Reflect Flow Sound

The sports headphones have a powerful output with plenty of reserves, which can also be used with very little distortion, so that there is enough power even if you’re working out even with lots of background noise.

The slightly springy basses sound round and full, especially as the lush foundation reaches deep down and is defined enough to push powerfully.

Jbl Reflect Flow

Despite the strong bass, the tuning does not appear unbalanced, but harmonious, because midrange and treble are not dominated and no drop in the upper frequencies is noticeable.

Although the support of high-quality audio codecs has been dispensed with, the rounded, warm sound is well resolved and as clear as possible, covering a broad musical spectrum. Bass-focused music with depth, however, benefits particularly from the orientation and is fun to listen to, especially when playing sports.

TalkThru and Ambient Aware Function

Those who wish to understand announcements or make a call despite the high shielding can do so in TalkThru mode, which can be activated by pressing the left button, resulting in a significant reduction in playback.

At the same time, high-frequency external noise is amplified via the microphones so that conversation is possible without any problems. In a quiet atmosphere, background noise can be perceived, but it does not interfere with speech intelligibility.

Jbl Reflect Flow

In Ambient Aware mode, on the other hand, you can hear a mix of playback and the outside world, which increases your own safety, especially during urban outdoor activities.

This function can be switched on by pressing the left button again, while a third press returns to normal playback.


JBL Reflect Flow Review Summary

The JBL Reflect Flow is a great pair of earphones that have an excellent balance and build. It has an impressive sound profile that suits all genres so that anyone can use these earbuds.

Jbl Reflect Flow

The earbuds look a bit bulky, but they’re stable and comfortable, making them perfect to use while working out. Although the sound is not customizable via JBL’s mobile app, it delivers excellent audio quality, so we don’t have complaints. Overall, the Reflect Flow is an impressive pair of earphones for everyone.

To conclude our JBL Reflect Flow review, we highly recommend these earphones. If you want to get your hands on them, visit the official website to purchase the earbuds online.

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