Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review

Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review.

Earbuds are made for different reasons. Some people need to keep ambient sound awareness. Others want to block out all the noise around them. Some are exercising. Others want to kick back and enjoy the movie. Where does that leave neckband headphones?  Whatever the reason Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones have you covered. Here is a detailed review of the product.

Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones 2020 Updated Review

About Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones

The Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones have a pretty stupid name. But if you can look past the name, these things do have a couple of neat features. As with any pair of headphones, you do need to consider several advantages and disadvantages.

Among the list of advantages, neckband headphones like the Iqua Yuppy are a bit bigger than other kinds of headphones. And being bigger means there’s more space for setting out a user interface. There’s also more opportunities for microphone placement. And it should almost go without saying that there’s enough room to add a vibration feature.

When it comes to disadvantages, Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones are not going to be quite as portable as some other designs. But for people who know what they’re getting into, how well do these headphones work in practice?


  • Upgraded Bluetooth Headphones Neckband: With the enhanced CSR 8635 chip +submarine cavity design, the Iqua wireless neckband headphones offer faster pairing, more stable wireless connection and wider compatibility with Bluetooth enabled cell phones, tablets, computers, Smartwatches and smart speakers etc.
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Sweat Resistant: It is sport earphone design, which is rated IPX 7 level waterproof, protects the headphones from heavy rains or sweat throughout the intense workout, enjoys the music when running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, hiking, gym exercise and other outdoor sports.
  • 10H Long Lasting Battery Life: This neckband Bluetooth headphone is built-in 160mAH rechargeable battery, supports up to 10-hours continuous talking / audio playtime and 320 hours standby time with single fully charged in only 2 hours.
  • Vibration Reminder & CVC 6. 0 noise-cancelling: When a phone comes, the neckband Bluetooth headphones will remind you with gentle vibration from neck and you will not miss any calls even you’re in a noisy environment.The built-in CVC6. 0 noise-cancelling microphone can reduce background noises so as to provide you clear sound for hands-free calls.
  • Lightweight & Comfortable Fit: Decent lightweight&soft skin-like nature material and ergonomic neckband design allow you to wear these Bluetooth headphones on your neck more comfortably for a long time and decrease the pressure from your ears.

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Wireless Connectivity Strength

Wireless Connectivity Strength

Bluetooth 4.2 is at the centre of wireless connectivity for this kit. And that’s pretty much all that is necessary for a good connection on a pair of neckband headphones. When you decide to use true wireless earbuds, you’ve got some good reasons to stick to Bluetooth 5.

Because the fifth iteration of Bluetooth has a number of features that are almost specifically advantageous to those kinds of earbuds.

But for earbuds that have a wire connecting them, like the Iqua Yuppy, Bluetooth 4.2 is perfectly fine. It’s forward and backwards compatible, and it provides all the syncing features necessary for a smooth connection with the rest of your devices. Though you only end up with about 30-feet of connectivity between yourself and the devices which you are connecting with. It’s a pretty average connectivity distance.

Battery Lifespan

According to Iqua, the battery lifespan can run out towards 10-hours. That’s actually an awkward middle position between being great and being terrible. Because compared to a pair of true wireless earbuds, that’s almost three times the average battery capacity you’ll get from the buds alone.

However, that kind of earbuds often come with a charging case. There’s no charging case involved with Yuppy. Do they actually provide you with 10-hours of playtime? Well, that partially depends on you. If you’re receiving calls every 5 minutes, then this headset is going to have to do a lot of vibration.

And that kind of thing can throw off the battery calculations. The same is true for people who prefer listening to their music at very loud levels. If you decide to run the volume at 100%, you might expect closer to 7-hours of playtime.

But for people who don’t want to deal with charging cases, this design is admittedly much simpler. And hitting the 7-hour mark is perfectly respectable. For people who are using these headphones for athletic activities like riding bikes, you probably won’t end up on the trail for more than 7-hours in a row, right?

Audio Quality

Iqua Bluetooth Headphones were made to master a wide soundstage. Even though their advertising suggests that these earbuds are using 40mm drivers, this is some kind of translation mistake. They’re actually using more common 4-6mm drivers. Because the Iqua Yuppy is running quad-core dual drivers, two drivers per earbud.

That collection includes both a standard dynamic driver and an armature driver. Having two separate kinds of drivers means you’re able to replicate all portions of the tonal range in a very accurate way. Even though dynamic drivers don’t usually have the best bass performance, the armature driver can really help fill it out. The same is true for the upper treble range. The end result is an extremely well-rounded sound signature, especially for a pair of earbuds down towards this price range.

It may also be worth noting that the high-Performance CSR 8635 chip helps to bolster what Bluetooth is already doing well. You don’t have support for the aptX codec or the low-latency version, but you do have support for basically all other wireless and audio standards in common use.

Why Choose Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones?

Why Choose Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones?

The Iqua Yuppy Bluetooth Headphones are a strange device. When it comes to their battery capacity, they’re in the middle between great strength and weakness. In a practical sense, 10-hours ought to be enough to get the average user through a day or two. And that’s really enough to give them a passing grade for this category.

When it comes to ease of use, these headphones try and split the difference between convenience and full-sized controls. They included two separate volume buttons, which aren’t used to control any other features.

That’s pretty cool because the volume controls are the one control you’ll probably use more than any other. But rather creating another four buttons, the rest of the commands are stuffed into a multi-function button. That means there’s at least a small learning curve involved with mastering these headphones.

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