hereO Children’s GPS Watch 2021 Detailed Review

hereO Children’s GPS Watch 2021 Detailed Review. 

hereO Children’s GPS Watch: Being in charge of your children’s safety is incredibly important. Any tool that you can use to put you in the driver’s seat and bring you peace of mind is worth looking into if it provides the unmatched benefit of safety to your loved ones.

hereO Children’s GPS Watch

The advantages afforded to you and your children by the hereO GPS Watch extend all the way to durability, convenience, appearance, and price, yet it can fully deliver overall greater security and better peace of mind.

What’s the hereO children GPS Watch? 

The hereO GPS watch is the world’s smallest real-time connected GPS tracking device, created specifically for children three years and up. For the first time, tracking technology has been miniaturized to fit in trendy kids watch.

hereO enables parents to know the whereabouts of their children at any moment directly on their mobile via the here app. 

The hereO GPS watch comes with a build-in SIM-Card, which automatically connects to a local carrier in more than 120 countries. 

What’s more? 

The hereO is the first GPS tracking device cleverly disguised to look like a cute, colorful watch.

Simply sync the watch with the free HereO app on your mobile device and a map pops up displaying your kid’s precise location. If lost, the child can also send a panic alert using a series of simple commands. 

hereO also allows you to set a geo-fenced safe zone so that when your child crosses the boundary, an alert is sent to your device. 

GPS Tracking 

Once you connect the HereO watch to the app, you’ll be able to start tracking your children on a map. You can even see them move on the map in real time if they are walking or riding in a car.

In the app, you can set up Safe Zones, which can include your child’s school, your home, relatives’ and friends’ homes, and after-school programs.

When your kid enters that zone, the GPS unit stops pinging the network, and that break helps conserve the watch’s battery.

Once your little one moves outside that zone, the GPS resumes and you’ll get a notification in the app. 

Compact Design 

hereO says its watch is the smallest of its kind, and the watch face does indeed have a compact design, measuring 1.3 by 1.2 by 0.5 inches.

The screen is just a digital clock, as hereO’s founders said they didn’t want to include too many features on a watch designed for young kids.

In keeping with its simple design, hereO built the watch to be especially rugged and water-resistant so it can handle playground bumps and scrapes as well as the occasional juice spill.

The watch lasts for 72 hours on a single charge, and it will send an alert to the app when the battery is low. 


For any parent, the security of devices like these is paramount. No one wants the GPS data to fall into the wrong hands, and they don’t want the device to get lost either.

hereO encrypts the GPS that’s sent to from the watch to the app, to reduce the risk that someone else could get a hold of it. 

hereO also included a sensor that can tell if the watch is taken off, either by the child or someone else. Again, you’ll get an alert when this happens.

Finally, your child can send a panic alert at any time by tapping the watch face in a specific pattern, and that alert will ping the app. 

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Durable, Comfortable, and Attractive Design 

It’s obvious that durability and comfort are extremely important qualities to any GPS watch, but what’s often overlooked is the appearance.

Being able to hold up to whatever your children can throw at it is essential, because children tend to play anywhere.

It doesn’t matter much to them what environment they’re in, whether it’s raining, snowing or they’re playing in the dirt, it’ll always hold up well. 

The hereO Watch has been specifically engineered to be very resilient, with a water resistant outer cover to protect all of the inner-technology from potential damage. 

As you know, it’s been designed with some advanced technology, with GSM, GPS and WiFi capability.

However, there’s also an electronic paper display screen and a panic alert button integrated into the smart software capabilities, but also with your child in mind. 


Upgrade your family experience with the world’s smallest real-time cellular-connected GPS tracking device. Designed, developed, and geared to kids age 3 and up, parents can now enjoy true peace of mind with regard to their children’s safety.

With real-time pin-point tracking, breadcrumb trail logging, and smart location alerts, parents can track their children’s whereabouts directly from the hereO Family smartphone companion app. 

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