Haloview MC7611 Wired Backup Camera System 2020 Detailed Review

Haloview MC7611 Wired Backup Camera System 2020 Detailed Review. 

Haloview MC7611 Wired Backup Camera System: Driving a larger vehicle can be tricky, which is why you typically need special licenses to operate them. Even for experienced drivers, maneuvering your vehicle around tight corners, and even parking can be a real challenge. All it takes is one small mistake, one slip-up, and things can get messy quickly. 

 But like with so many things in life, having the right technology can help you out. Backup camera systems can be a fantastic roadside safety aid. Whether you’re an amateur driver when it comes to large vehicles, or you’re an absolute expert, they can help make you drive more safely. And it’s certainly better than having a buddy standing behind your vehicle, shouting instructions at you. 

Haloview MC7611

Haloview MC7611 Wired Backup Camera System 

In some ways, the Haloview MC7611 comes pretty close to being a dash camera. But instead of being aimed at helping you get a better view of the road ahead, this camera is aimed at letting you get a better view of what’s around your vehicle. Whether you’re an experienced driver or not, you probably don’t have x-ray vision. 

You can’t see through objects. But with the MC7611, you can manage to see around them. In addition to being used as a highly effective rearview sight system, it can be used for active or passive security around your vehicle. And with as many as three separate camera inputs, it’s possible to use the MC7611 to create a pretty cohesive picture of every area around you. 

Video Quality 

As mentioned earlier, the included camera is wonderfully adjustable. You can raise or lower the angle of the lens in only a couple of seconds. You can also lock the lens into position once you’ve got it exactly where you want, so it won’t be shaky during recording on the road.

In addition to being fairly adjustable, you’ll find the camera itself shoots in a wide 130-degree angle. Though not quite a panoramic view, you’ve still got a wide view of basically anything that might be approaching your vehicle.

With respect to resolution, the MC7611 is capable of broadcasting content in a variety of formats and framerates. Most notably, that includes 1080p content broadcast at 25fps or 30fps, and 720p in either 25fps or 30fps. But if you’re looking at the hairy details, it’s worth pointing out that the Haloview MC7611 also supports PAL, D1, NTSC, and D1. 

Design & Layout 

Design & Layout 

There are basically two components to this kit, the viewscreen, and the included camera module.
The camera base measures roughly 2.5 x 1.5 inches. Once you’ve got it in place, its adjustable mounting plate allows you to adjust the angle of your shots upwards or downwards as necessary.

It’s pretty convenient and very easy to make adjustments. The MC7611 draws power with the support of a 12V or 24V vehicle battery. Pretty much any vehicle you want to connect with is going to work well here.

And connecting to a power source really isn’t any more difficult than you might anticipate, but it does mean a couple of added steps compared to devices that have their own independent power source. 

Night Vision Performance 

You probably drive when it’s dark outside. That being the case, you need a camera that’s capable of seeing in the dark. Without that, you’d need to add some lights to your rig, and that could start to get complicated and tedious pretty quickly. 

But impressively enough, the Haloview MC7611’s camera comes equipped with a Sony STARVIS sensor. Some people may not have had high hopes for the performance of this fairly modest 1080p cam, but this sensor is fantastic at reducing image noise in the darkness while monitoring your vehicle.

It’s also great for night vision because it helps maintain the clarity of your image without totally destroying all sense of color or contrast in the process. 

Additional Features 

Interestingly, the Haloview MC7611 isn’t really packed with extra features. This device seems to be more about helping people solve the problem of backing up a large vehicle, which is why the included feature set might seem a little thin when compared to certain dash cameras. 

But you will find a few things. For instance, you’ll find there’s an automatic scanning function that will move through the cameras which are connected to the MC7611, so you can observe multiple angles without having to micromanage the camera.

If you need to keep your hands on the wheel while moving your vehicle, that can be very handy. In any case, it’s possible for the connected cameras to be carefully configured to be used for parking or backup as necessary. 

Audio Playback 

Like any good backup system should be able to provide, the Haloview MC7611 delivers some fairly strong audio playback support. The onboard speaker probably isn’t going to make you feel like you’re sitting inside a home theatre, but it’s good enough to help you listen to whatever is going on outside.

Suppose you do have a buddy standing near the end of your vehicle, and they’re shouting instructions. The microphone can help ensure you actually hear what they’ve got to say. However, from a hardware perspective, the built-in microphone they’ve used for the MC7611 isn’t anything too special.

It’s a fairly ordinary electret microphone. But to its credit, it’s designed to expect road noise and vibration and will work to counteract its effects. So it sounds pretty good even if you’ve got the engine of your vehicle kicking up lots of noise. 



Once you’ve carefully looked over everything it can offer, it’s hard to argue that the Haloview MC7611 doesn’t bring much to the table. The 7” view screen is gorgeous, and it lets you view content at a reasonably high framerate. If you’re worried about seeing the motion of fast-moving objects, as you should be when trying to back up your vehicle, then you really want to take advantage of a 30fps camera like the one included. 

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