Guide to the Best USB HDTV Tuners 2020 Detailed Review

Guide to the Best USB HDTV Tuners 2020 Detailed Review.

Guide to the Best USB HDTV Tuners: The rise of Netflix and online streaming means that a lot less of us are watching cable like we used to. It’s quite apparent that technology companies have moved to favor streamers. Even modern TV’s include the Netflix app, but many of them cannot access OTA (over the air) broadcasts. 

What’s more? 

Fortunately, there’s a way to access high definition television for free. In fact, the service is likely already installed in your home! This is an excellent way to get access to local programming, news, and much more. The most common way is through ATSC broadcasts.

Remember that pair of rabbit ears you had on your old television set? That same technology is back and more powerful than ever. Now, you’re able to get crystal clear high-definition streams with no noise or dropouts.

Most urban centers have many channels to choose from, although even rural cities usually get at least one local channel. 



Here’s a company that’s well known for its digital media products. The HAUPPAGE WinTV HD TV Tuner is one of the top of the line models in TV tuners and gives you all the same features you’d expect from a fully-featured cable box. 


This tuner supports both QAM and ATSC, giving you multiple ways to access your HDTV. The tuner will not work on a Mac, but it’s compatible with every version of Windows from Vista all the way up to Windows 10.

It includes a standard size coaxial connection, allowing you to use an antenna or cable on the market. No need to get locked into proprietary accessories. 


Everything you need to get started is included in the box. Instead of relying on Windows Media Center, HAUPPAGE has its own tuning software called WinTV.

At first, we were a bit apprehensive about the lack of compatibility with free software. Fortunately, we found that WinTV is an excellent program.

The menu is intuitively laid out. It’s easy to navigate your way around the menus and find all of the different features you might want to use. 

HAUPPAGE Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One 

HAUPPAGE Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One 

The Xbox One is a very capable media center. Some say it may even be the ultimate home media center. But the one major drawback of the Xbox is that it cannot receive digital TV. HAUPPAGE set out to fix that, and this USB TV tuner is the result. 


The HAUPPAGE Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One is compatible only with the Xbox One, but that means that it is incredibly easy to use. There is no software to install, and no settings to configure.

You simply plug it in, attach your antenna, and you’re ready to start watching live HDTV immediately. However, it’s important to note that this tuner will only receive over-the-air ASTC service.

Connecting it to a cable or QAM service will not work. This is currently a restriction with the Xbox in general, and not specific to the TV tuner. 


Everything is controlled through the Smartglass app on your Xbox as well as the One Guide. This makes the entire system incredibly intuitive to use.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to go to settings, TV&One Guide, then select the “Set up Live TV with Your Xbox One”.

This brief tutorial will help you set up your current location, TV guide, and ensure that your signal strength is strong. Once that’s done, live streaming TV is just one button press away. 

AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Q TV Tuner

AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Q TV Tuner


AverMedia has plenty of digital multimedia products available for home and portable computers. The AVerMedia AverTV Hybrid Q TV Tuner takes all the features you’d expect and adds a pile more. 


Not only does this tuner receive both ATSC and QAM reception, but you’ll also be able to receive old analog channels! If you’re in an area where they still broadcast standard over the air television, this is one of your only options to enjoy live TV on your computer.

With an adapter, you’ll also be able to receive analog input from your old VCR, DVD player, or home video camera. This will give you the option to digitize these keepsakes so you’ll have them forever. 


You’ve got two options for the AverTV hybrid Q receiver. You can use the included and competent MediaCenter3D DVR application, or you can use Windows Media Center.

Both work perfectly. Every feature of Windows Media Center is supported. You can schedule recordings, view subtitles or closed captions, and use any standard DVR function such as pause, play, rewind, and record. 

Final Thoughts 

If you just want everything to be simple, we’d highly suggest that you check out the HAUPPAGE Digital TV Tuner for Xbox One. This is the easiest to set up and requires almost no configuration beyond entering your current city. In fact, if you have Xbox Live this is already taken care of for you! 

But not all of us have Xboxes, so the next best option is the HAUPPAGE WinTV. This will work with any Windows PC and is incredibly easy to use. Plus, you’ll be able to record one show while you watch another! 

But for those of you who are a little techy, and want the best USB HDTV Tuners, the Avermedia AverTV is an amazing choice. Not only is it the best deal around, but it has plenty of advanced features that bring over the air TV into the future.

It does require a little extra set-up, however, so you’ll probably want to make sure you’re comfortable performing basic configuration tasks. No matter which you choose, we’re certain that you’ll enjoy getting free live TV. 

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