GRYPHON Guardian Mesh WiFi Router 2020 Review

GRYPHON Guardian Mesh WiFi Router 2020 Review.

The Gryphon Guardian is a 3 router node mesh-wifi system. Enjoy Simple setup and management, parental control systems, intrusion detection, without breaking the bank


This service allows you to use your security and parental controls while you are away from the main router interface on your computer.

You can monitor web activity and alter your parental controls or security features from your mobile device.

Parents will love this tool while they are away from home and want to make sure their kids don’t disable the security features while they are away.

Installation and Setup

Setup is pretty simple as wifi routers go. First I downloaded the Gryphon Connect app and set up an account.

Gryphon then emailed me a 3 digit code that I typed in to the app and it was ready to go once it was plugged into ethernet and power.

Adding a mesh repeater is as simple as using the Gryphon Connect app to scan a QR code on the bottom of the device and making sure it’s plugged in to power and your network.

The Gryphon Connect app provides links to FAQs, how-to videos, and access to support for easily getting help when things go wrong.

The app also includes a speed test but the speeds it reported were less than what I got from everyone’s favorite testing site, I pay for 200/200 fiber internet service. tests at or over that speed consistently, but using the Gryphon Connect app’s speed test showed in the range of 205/99 to 210/120.


Once the setup was complete, the App took me to the Dashboard.  I received an immediate notification that the Firmware was being upgraded and the App features were limited.

Along the top left of the screen, I found a small tappable bug (“0 Blocked”) alerting me to the malware count.  Along the top right, I found a green Gryphon Shield icon that announced the end date of my 6month trial.

Beneath these, you will find a large yellow ring with “Suspend” as an option.  You can choose to suspend now, in 5 minutes, or in 15 minutes.

Beneath the ring, you will see a green checkmark with “Internet is on for all devices” and then four colored icons: red managed devices, yellow unmanaged devices, green things, and blue TV/Entertainment.

Stylish and Simple

The Gryphon Guardian is a good fit for users looking to protect their network and client devices while providing Wi-Fi coverage to every room in the house.

The system’s low-profile nodes are unobtrusive and very easy to install and configure, and come with Gryphon’s excellent parental controls.

The Guardian delivered solid close-range throughput in testing, but its long-range performance was merely average.


  • Easy to install.
  • Robust parental controls.
  • Respectable close-range performance.


  • Anti-malware protection requires a subscription.
  • Middling long-range performance.
  • Lacks USB connectivity.


Gryphon’s app does it all with configuration, malware protection and parental controls. Routers like TP-Link’s Archer C5400X awkardly split it into two apps.

The Gryphon Dashboard shows whether the Internet is connected, how many devices are online and has a Pause button upfront to instantly turn off the Internet for dinnertime or a family powwow.

To get the most of Gryphon, devices should be categorized based on type and use.

WiFi Features

The Router has a ton of features to warrant its asking price.

The security features are second to none, especially when you have the advanced Internet protection subscription active


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