Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium 2020 Latest Updated Review

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Lithium 2020 Latest Updated Review

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a solar powered portable power station with 396 watt hours, 300 watts running power and 600 watts surge power.

Product Description

The Goal Zero Yeti 400 is a solar powered portable power station with 396 watt hours, 300 watts running power and 600 watts surge power.

This is enough for charging sensitive personal electronics like laptops, cameras and smartphones several times over.

The shelf life of the battery is 3 – 6 months so a fully charged unit is a good off-grid power source. You can also charge it on the go using either Boulder solar panels or a 12 volt car port.

Durability, Design, and Structure

The Yeti 400 Lithium is very durable. It has a large carrying handle to support the 17lb structure and has thick, durable plastic surrounding the body of the battery.

The modern design makes it easy to pinpoint the outlets, and the display points out what you need to know for optimal use of the solar powered generator.

But that being said, the Yeti is not just another battery box to power devices, it is a legitimate generator that provides you with the technology to assist you on your next camping trip.

For a backup supply in your own home, the Yeti 400 is slightly excessive due to the heavy-duty design but is still a great backup power source. In the case of an outdoor adventure, the generator will be durable if you drop it.

How long will the Yeti run for

The Yeti 400 lithium has a capacity of 300 watts, which means you cannot go over this with plug-in devices. However, the Yeti 400 Lithium has surge protection, covering 1200W. This is the highest surge protection for any 300W generator on the market today!


The disadvantages of this battery generator are – you may not be able to store this on an airplane.

Large lithium batteries are prohibited on airplanes, so you don’t want to travel with these. Contact the airline you intend to use if youre considering flying with the Yeti 400.

Also, there is no USB-C charging output, so you cannot charge your phone/tablet as fast as possible.

However, since the USB port in the Yeti 400 lithium supplies 2.4 amps, you can still fast charge your phone, it is just not as fast as it could be if it had the USB-C Output.

Battery Performance

The Yeti 400 Lithium has 428 total watts hours. To put this into perspective, a phone charger uses about 12 watts, so you could charge your phone for about 35 total hours.

Obviously, there is no need to charge your phone this much unless multiple people are using it.

And still, even if three people were using it to charge up, it would take days to wear out the battery completely, making this battery reliable in camping situations and for backup power if the power goes out at home.

With all of this sophisticated tech, it’s important to note that the LCD display shows you how much time is left to charge and also how much battery is left, so you don’t have to worry about the exact numbers.

Informative LCD Display

In just a quick look, know how much power you have left with an easy-to-read battery level indicator. It also features an input/output meter, as well as a runtime/recharge time calculator to completely take out the guesswork of how long it will run.

Replaceable Battery Design and Enhanced Safety Features

We utilize high-quality lithium batteries with a name brand battery management system and additional layers of protection for supreme safety. The lithium battery pack is also user-replaceable.

Improved Shelf-life for Reliable Emergency Power

Gas generators don’t work inside your home or apartment – but the Goal Zero Yeti Lithium does. With a 12-month shelf-life, store it away charged so it’s ready when you need it. Best of all, there’s not gasoline to depend on, and no fumes, mess, or hassle.

Ease of Use

Traditionally, batteries haven’t been known to be particularly easy to use.

This is due to their polarity aspect as well as the time and expertise it demands in connecting and disconnecting with panels or electrical loads.

The Yeti 400 lithium comes with clearly designated ports for everything. Plugging in a solar panel needs less than five seconds with a single pin and port.

Same stands true for the output side.

DC as well as AC devices can be charged or used by plugging in the specific port.

For something that has an array of ports and features, the Yeti 400 lithium is surprisingly easy to use.


Despite being a squarish model, the Yeti 400 lithium does well in the design section.

Goal Zero has gone with the trademark color scheme of black-grey with some green.

From a distance, it vaguely resembles the retro music players, with its longer handle and front panel.

The ports have green painted borders to group them into their categories.

Tiny buttons with small indicators switch the output to on or off for respective ports. The display is darker in shade and makes it look modern.


At a reasonably light weight of 17.6 lbs, this power station is an authentic portable machine. Its dimensions are also considerably lower.

Though a bit more rectangular than its lead-acid counterpart, it requires surprisingly less volume for storage or transportation.

Its rugged casing also improves its portability.

The tightly fitted plastic panels should stay intact even after plenty of transporting and handling.

The lack of water resistance is a noticeable shortcoming, while charging the system outdoors with panels.

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