Gioteck FL-100 Wired Chat Headset 2020 Detailed Review

Gioteck FL-100 Wired Chat Headset 2020 Detailed Review. 

Gioteck FL-100 Wired Chat Headset: Gioteck is a fairly well-known gaming accessories manufacturer. They recently announced their new “FL” headset series featuring 4 main models: The FL-100, FL-200, FL-300, and FL-400. This range in everything from features to budget (with FL100 being the starter headset) but the basic functionality is similar across the board. 

Gioteck FL-100 Wired Chat Headset

What’s It All About? 

Total comfort. Complete accuracy. Absolute control. Simple plug-and-play cabling gets you set up and gaming in moments.

Connect, then enjoy lag-free chat and audio via our superior noise-canceling and a fully retractable mic. The world-class design delivers feather-light, adjustable comfort and slick looks, to let you stand out from the crowd. 

Starter-Headset, Simple And Cheap 

If all you’re looking for is a simple gaming headset that offers you plenty of flexibility and allows you to focus on the gameplay while not having to shell out hundreds of dollars, the FL-100 is a worthy consideration.

If this is your first time purchasing a gaming headset bear in mind this is a mono (single cup) headset and the ear cup can be rotated easily. 

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Simple plug and play cabling get you set up and gaming within moments.

Lightweight and molded, our 3-way adjustable headband provides total comfort during epic gaming, film or chat sessions. The mic and earcups fold away for space-saving storage.




Premium noise-canceling microphone  

Accurate lag-free sound & chat  

Retractable mic and folding ear cup 


Featherlight & adjustable cushioned silicon headband 


Analog volume/mic mute controls 


0.8m cable and 3.5mm jack for PS4
4 pole jack for easy connection to PC/Mobile 

How Reliable Is This Manufacturer? 

It’s a British company that focuses on creating accessories that improve gaming experience thus if you’re on the market for a new gaming headset, their products should make the top of your considerations list.

They pretty much lead-in categories like PS3/xBox accessories and lately, they’ve expanded onto PC accessories as well. Most of their products feel durable and you can tell they pay a lot of attention to detail.

This is because the company was started by gamers and their products are made by gamers. 

Our Final Thoughts

Our Final Thoughts 

The Gioteck FL-100 Wired Mono Chat Headset is the entry-level model to the new FL series and as such, it’s generally a mixed bag, not in terms of audio/design quality but more on deciding whether you should invest in it or opt for the more expensive models.

On one hand, it’s the most affordable option and offers features a gamer could need to communicate, but on another, the fancier, better equipped FL headsets are not even that much more expensive.

It’s generally a great option if you want to experiment with a headset without the downside of having to spend a lot. 


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