GAEMS M155 Full HD 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor 2020 Review

GAEMS M155 Full HD 1080P Portable Gaming Monitor 2020 Review.

GAEMS M155 FHD 1080p gaming monitor is a real gem. Adding this portable monitor to your list of gaming appliances will introduce a whole lot of interesting and exciting gaming experiences


GAEMS M155 FHD 1080p measures 15.75 by 0.6 by 9-inches, a small enough size that lets it fit comfortably into a laptop bag.

Its chassis’ rear end is slightly recessed to improve its grip during transportation.

The small yet compact remote control supplied together with this gaming monitor allows for convenient adjustment of the screen brightness, volume, and other settings, as well.

With Gaems M155, you can enjoy solid gaming experiences at an aspect ratio of 16:9, superb resolution of 1920 x 1080, and at a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Description for GAEMS M155

M155 Performance Gaming Monitor 1080p GAEMS M155 is a portable 15.5-inch monitor that lets you play your favorite games anywhere you go.

With a 1920 x 1080 resolution E LED backlit screen, this monitor delivers a solid gaming experience without compromise.

It only needs a single USB port to get power and supports HDMI for high-quality video and audio transmission.

GAEMS M155 features an adjustable viewing angle stand. You can also mount it on the wall with the built-in screw socket. 15.5” 1080p Display


  • Intuitive and versatile design
  • Performs impeccably
  • It’s easy to set up and connective
  • It has interior protection and flexible external casing
  • Small and light enough to fit in a laptop bag
  • Outstanding refresh rate


  • Poor viewing angles
  • Text appears blurry when the display is connected to a computer
  • Glossy display finish confounds viewing in bright conditions and is a finger print magne

Quality of Video

Take a look at how a 24” viewing space interacts with 1080p content. It’s an almost perfect match. Pixels don’t have to stretch or expand to fill the space.

As your screen size reaches out towards 50”, while keeping the same number of pixels (1080p), image quality drops precipitously. The opposite happens when you compact that resolution into a smaller space.

The GAEMZ M155 packs 1080p content into a tiny 15.6” LED panel, delivering roughly 141 pixels per inch. For the sake of contrast, that’s considerably higher quality than 1440p content spread out towards a 27” screen space.

True to its form, content is supported using standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Perhaps more importantly, you don’t see any downgrades with respect to refresh rate.

Audio Quality

For any number of reasons, it’s tough to get decent sound from the backside of a monitor.

There’s added difficulty with the GAEMS M155 because of the relatively low-powered design of this panel. Nevertheless, there are onboard speakers are positioned on the left and right edges of the backside of this panel.

Tiny 1” drivers create more or less exactly the sound quality you would expect from a monitor. It’s certainly passable, but nothing to celebrate.

If you’re looking to get more than passable sound, there is an AUX port on the backside of the panel you can put to good use.

The most obvious use would be attaching a pair of headphones, which can instantly help the GAEMS M155 sound considerably better.

Whats More

The GAEMS M155 is the perfect companion for gamers on the go. Setup was a breeze – connecting the display to the console, hooking up the power, and plugging in the external speakers (the M155 has no internal speakers) all took mere minutes.

The folio cover/stand adds to the usability of the device, allowing you to plop the M155 on a tablet or TV tray and game away.

That being said though, the display’s glossiness lends itself to reflections, so you’d want to keep that in mind.

There are a lot of selling points surrounding the M155, where does one begin? Over the 2 months of use, I tested out the device on a plane ride, in a car, out in the field for video shoots

Gaems M155 Features

  • Single Speaker or listen with headphones
  • Camera Mount 1/4 Camera Screw Socket
  • Ultra Lightweight and Portable
  • Portable Gaming Monitor
  • 15.5″ E-LED Display – 1080P
  • HDMI Input
  • Virtually Lag-Free Gaming

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