Findster Duo GPS Pet Tracking 2020 Detailed Review

Findster Duo GPS Pet Tracking 2020 Detailed Review.

Findster Duo GPS Pet Tracking: For most pet owners, their pets are considered a member of the family, albeit a much furrier one. Obviously, owners want to know where their pets are at all times to make sure they are safe and sound. And while most pets are typically well-behaved and stick close to you, even the most obedient of pets can get distracted and run off without warning. 

Findster Duo GPS Pet Tracking


Dogs, for example, can smell and hear thousands more scents and noises than we can, and may go running off to explore the unknown. An open door, a forest trail, or an off-leash dog park all provide your dog with a multitude of new stimuli that can lead your dog on an unplanned adventure (and you, chasing after it). Thankfully, there is a way to keep track of where your pet is at all times: GPS pet trackers. 

Although GPS pet trackers have been around for some time, they have been large and inconvenient. In addition, many companies require you to sign up for a monthly fee, on top of the up-front cost of the actual tracker. Finder Duo, the “next-gen” GPS tracker, is the newest GPS pet tracker that eliminates the drawbacks we find in other pet trackers. 

Design & Modules 

The Findster Duo, as its name suggests, involves the cooperative integration of two separate pieces of technology: the pet module, and the guardian module. The pet module is a small yellow device that is fastened to your pet’s collar using velcro. The pet module itself has GPS that allows it to be tracked by the guardian module, that you simply keep on your person, like in your pocket. The guardian module then connects your phone, which is capable of converting the data your pet’s module is sending out to the Findster Duo’s GPS satellite network, into a visual map. 

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What Sets it Apart 

The Findster Duo+ doesn’t use cellular service, which sets it apart from other pet trackers. Instead of relying on cell towers to pinpoint your pet’s location, it uses proprietary MAZE technology that communicates wirelessly within a three-mile radius. 

The technology communicates between the pet module your dog wears and the guardian module that you keep with you. That data is uploaded to the app to keep you in the loop. The upside to this technology is that you don’t need to be near a cell tower. That means that even in a no-service area you can track your buddy if she wanders off. It’s also the reason you can get the Findster without monthly service fees. 


The two modules can communicate with each other at a distance up to 2 miles (3.2 km). This maximum distance can vary, however. If there are many buildings present like in urban areas, it could be smaller. In open areas like fields or for those who live in prairies or other such settings, the maximum distance can be even greater. If your pet does happen to leave the maximum area, the map on your phone will show you the last position your pet was in, so you can head there to start looking. 

Easy Installation 

  • A smartphone 
  • Findster Duo+ equipment 
  • Findster app 
  • USB outlet adapter 

Nearly everything you need to get the Findster Duo + up and running is in the box. All you need to provide is your smartphone and a wall adapter to plug in the charger. 

Kyla had an easy time setting up the Findster Duo+, but she found the setup materials in the box (and the app) lacking. The Quick Start Guide is primarily visual, so if you’re someone who needs more direction than pictures provide, we recommend checking out Findster’s online video tutorial

Security Fences & Virtual Leash 

Security Fences & Virtual Leash 

When you’re walking your dog, there will always be certain areas you want your pet to be able to roam, while others you want him to stay away from. You can set these areas on the map of your favorite parks to make sure the Findster Duo keeps track of your pet should you become distracted. Security Zones are the places that your pet will be allowed to wander without alerting the Findster app, which can be adjusted using the app. 

Durability and Battery Life 

Although the small modules are lightweight and compact (about 1.6 x 1.6 x .39 inches) they are very durable. The pet modules are water-resistant, but not waterproof. Rain and splashing in a pond should be fine, but if your pets decide to jump in the lake, it may not survive. Otherwise, the modules are well sealed from dust and dirt, and can definitely last quite some time on your pet’s leash. The batteries within the modules are fully rechargeable and can charge simultaneously from the included charger. Obviously battery life can vary based on several factors like temperature, actual usage, and age, but typically the batteries can last up to 5 days. 


  • Quick, easy setup 
  • No cell coverage required 
  • No monthly fees 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Ability to track in no-service areas 


  • No way to monitor remotely 
  • Shorter range than advertised 
  • Lag time to update location 

Final Words 

Final Words 

The Findster Duo is a truly unique GPS pet tracker. It’s the only tracker on the market available that forgoes monthly fees – all you have to purchase is the modules, and download the app. The GPS is extremely accurate, and quickly updates in real-time. Real-time updates notify you when your pet has surpassed the limitations of your Virtual Leash, Security Zones, or the total range of the Findster Duo.

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