Eero Home WiFi System 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits

Eero Home WiFi System 2020 Detailed Review & its Benefits.

Eero Home WiFi System: Working with an unreliable WiFi Connection doesn’t just push you away from your most comfortable spots in the household where you can fully immerse yourself and do your work – it can cause all sorts of headaches.

Eero Home WiFi System

As more and more homes are starting to become “smart”, even your average appliance/device is in need of a stable internet connection in order to function properly, thus securing access to an all-around high-speed internet connection is a priority 


The eero app allows you to easily set up and manage your eero wifi system (sold separately).

The world’s first home wifi system, eero blankets your home in fast, reliable wifieero stays new and gets better with frequent software updates, improving performance, while also bringing new features and security improvements.

It’s simple to set up and easy to manage. With a network that expands as far as you need, you’ll finally be able to stream, work, and play, from every corner of your home — and from the backyard, too. 

Not A Router 

The Eero Home WiFi System is a class of its own and so far very few devices can compete. 

Think of it as a few white, small, minimalistic-designed units that you simply place in different areas throughout your house.

Three Eero units are enough to cover a regular mid-sized home including the backyard.

The main Eero unit simply connects via cable to your modem (using the latest Gigabit-fast WAN port) and other units are simply placed in power sockets around the house. 

Faster Speeds For More Devices 

The eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router replaces your current WiFi router and is a perfect start for any home. It can be paired with another eero Pro or eero Beacon to quickly add more WiFi coverage as needed. 

Pro-grade WiFi

Pro-grade WiFi 

With the most intelligent mesh WiFi and hardware, the eero Pro features tri-band technology, making it twice as fast as the original eero router.

It also features two gigabit Ethernet ports. It also automatically updates overnight so you always have the latest security and features. 

Reliable Mesh Network 

Powered by proprietary TrueMesh technology, eero Pro WiFi Systems leverage multiple access points to create a mesh network that provides your home with incredibly reliable internet from a single system. 

Quick & Easy Setup 

Replacing your router has never been easier than with the eero Pro router/WiFi extender. Setup takes minutes and the companion mobile app makes managing your whole-home WiFi simple and intuitive. 

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App For Controls 

As you can imagine based on the photos you’ve seen, the founders designed Eero with simplicity in mind. They made it suitable for most interiors, and the units self manage.

However, the control system is top-notch because it gives you full control over your network via a single app. All you do is download it on your iOS/Android device and it connects to your Eero units via Bluetooth. 

Eero App offers full adjustability over your network and you can everything from checking the current speeds to inviting devices to connect to it and being prompted whenever someone makes a connection attempt.

You can send network information (like a user+pass combo) via text message with the press of a button. Another benefit to the cloud system is that it automatically does routine checkups, makes updates, and improves security.

The whole system has minimal maintenance. 

Minimalistic Design/Size 

A single Eero is around 5×5 inches (12x12cm) and with its simplistic design, it should be suitable for most interiors.

When it comes to internal mechanics, it comes with 512MB RAM memory, 1GHz processor, and 1GB storage space. It’s compatible with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac networks. 


– Setup in under 10 minutes
– Automatic updates with new features, performance improvements, and the latest security standards
– View and manage your network from anywhere
– Easily and securely share your network with guests
– Schedule or pause internet access to manage screen time
– Block devices from using your network
– eero Secure – a subscription service that includes advanced security, additional parental controls, and VIP access to our team of wifi experts 

Final Thoughts – Is It Worth It?

Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is that the Eero Home WiFi System is top-tier – it functions in a different way to your average extender and entirely removes buffering/the need to reset your router.

The way it was designed is to allow for an extremely fast data transfer between multiple Eero units (without the need for cables) – therefore no areas are left without stable coverage.

It looks simple and it is simple but it gets the job done. Granted you’ll need a few minutes to set everything up and the only downside is that it doesn’t work without the app. 



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