Denon AH-GC30 Premium Wireless Headphones 2020 Updated Review

Denon AH-GC30 Premium Wireless Headphones 2020 Updated Review.

If you are looking for a good noise cancelling wireless headphones, then you should check out Denon AH-GC30 premium headphones. It offers so much perks including a very good battery lifespan. In this article we have made a well detailed review on the Denon AH-GC30 Premium Wireless Headphones.

Denon AH-GC30 Premium Wireless Headphones 2020 Updated Review

About Denon AH-GC30 Premium Wireless Headphones

So what does the AH-GC30 deliver? Well, this design is fairly generalized. It’s supposed to be aimed close to the average person, so you won’t need a special amp to power these suckers. Nevertheless, in some sense, the AH-GC30 does come close to delivering an audiophile level sound performance.

That’s mostly because these headphones have half a dozen different sound-facing features. All of them are designed pretty well, and pretty evenly. It’s really only the things they DIDN’T try to achieve with these headphones that stands out as unusual. As always, there’s no such thing as a perfect pair of headphones. But where do these things fall flat? And where do they excel?

Sadly, the AH-GC30 do have one problem when it comes to aesthetics. Because these headphones look a tiny bit cheap. That’s because they are constructed with what seem like pretty ordinary plastics. Though if you actually start looking at the engineering side of things, you’ll find it’s important to stick to a plastic construction like this in order to maintain the best weight/comfort ratio.

That’s the reason even $600 headphones are typically made with plastics like these. Cause over the long term, nothing will ruin your listening experience worse than weighty headphones. Actually, the only non-flexible portion of the design is the headband, which is made from aluminium. That gives a nice solid core to the headband, and it allows you to pull out the ear-cups by about two fill inches.

You can find the AH-GC30 available in both black and white. And both versions look pretty similar — both using the same matte paint. Admittedly, the black version is a little distinct looking because it’s been partially highlighted with bits of silver. But the white version is far more stylish with those gold highlights.


  • Hybrid wired/wireless design.
  • Versatile audio performance, with many different sound-modes to pick between.
  • High quality traveling pouch that exceeds the basic quality extras of cheaper brands.
  • Comfort is pretty excellent owing to their flexible over-ear design.
  • ANC exceeds basic expectations.


  • Not much for calling features to round things out.
  • Battery lifespan is ultimately not much better than average.


  • EXPERIENCE A DEEPLY IMMERSIVE SOUND with the AH-GC30 Wireless Headphones, which feature Free Edge Drivers to maintain a natural tonal balance for movies and music and keeps them as realistic as you’d want them to be
  • TRIPLE MODE ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLATION – Whether on a flight, commuting, or at work – choose the perfect mode to keep out all unwanted noises. Additionally, the AMBIENT MONITOR MODE ensures that you never miss an announcement or important conversation
  • WIRED AND WIRELESS CALLING – Listen, make and answer calls wirelessly (via Bluetooth) or wired with the included in-line remote
  • UP TO 20 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE – The perfect travel companion; take these headphone just about anywhere cord-free. Easily recharge with the included USB cable or plug in and use as a wired headset with the 3. 5mm audio cable
  • These noise suppressing headsets exemplify DENON’S HERITAGE & EXPERT ENGINEERING with the cVc feature that provides adaptive equalization, wind noise reduction & echo cancellation while giving CRYSTAL CLEAR AUDIO EVEN IN NOISY ENVIRONMENTS
  • Included components: headphone; carrying case; 1.3m audio cable with remote and mic; 1.2m USB cable; 1.3m audio cable
  • Compatible devices: Android, IOS

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Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling

You’ve probably noticed that the Denon AH-GGC30 are an over-ear design. That’s pretty good for noise reduction because latching around your ear, they’re able to make a physical seal against noise in your environment. This passive noise protection really only amounts to perhaps 6dB. But that’s a good step ahead a lot of similar pairs of headphones.

But what really makes these headphones noise-proof is the addition of ANC. And it’s important to understand that ANC isn’t something that headphones simply have or don’t have. It’s a feature that can be done well — or done poorly. And it’s fair to say the AH-GC30 does a reasonably good job of implementing this particular feature.

They’re actually delivering several ANC sound modes which can be switched between. Being able to move between different levels of ANC is something that’s really only been experimented with by a couple of brands, and only in the past two years or so. In any case, that includes an ambient monitor mode, a regular listening mode, and a block out all the sound mode. (They’re perhaps the second brand to pull this off, the first was Bose.)

In execution, when the ANC comes on, a small white LED will let you know you’re burning down your battery. Because the ANC will end up eating through your battery lifespan, and you’ll have to remember to flip it off. Sadly there’s no automatic timer here, so if you forget to disable the ANC, you’ll just come back to find a drained battery.

Audio Quality

Denon AH-GC30 are made with edge-free audio drivers, intending on helping maintain a more natural tonal balance within the soundscape. But it’s really all the software support surrounding those drivers that help them sound outstanding. Things like adaptive equalization, wind noise reduction, and echo cancellation.

The resulting audio is ideal for enjoying movies, listening to music, and of course taking calls. Not only are these drivers good at helping ensure you hear what you’re supposed to hear, they’re quite good at keeping things sounding realistic. Which means better clarity in calls, and hearing music closer to what the artist intended for you to hear.

Of course, over-ear headphones have their own limitations. They’re not going to compare to a real subwoofer when it comes to bass performance. But the AH-GC30 delivers bass with warmth, and the rest of the tonal range with great clarity. It’s a soundstage that’s easy to love because it’s not heavily biased in any one direction.



Just about the worst thing about the Denon AH-GC30 are their price tag. But sometimes you get what you pay for. People who want to marry several high-tier headphone traits together into a single product will love these headphones. When it comes to call clarity, they’re near perfect. You could do better if you had four microphones instead of two, but only better by a narrow margin.

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