Corsair HS50, HS60, HS70 Headset  Comparison 2020 Detailed Review

Corsair HS50, HS60, HS70 Headset Comparison 2020 Detailed Review.

Corsair HS50, HS60, HS70 Headset Comparison: Corsair has been making top quality peripherals for 25 years. They have recently transitioned their focus to equip gamers, e-sports athletes, and other game enthusiasts such as streamers. From mechanical keyboards to precision mice and wireless headsets, Corsair is going all-in on the gaming economy. 

Corsair HS50, HS60, HS70 Headset


The HS series gaming stereo headsets come in multiple levels of quality from the starter level HS50, to the medium range HS60, and the high-end HS70. All three of these headsets have the excellent build quality and design, so the differentiators are going to come down to the individual qualities and features. 

Build & Design 

All three of the Corsair HS headsets have the same overall design with the minor exception of the HS70 being wireless. The headset itself is the same, the microphone attaches to the left earphone and extends out. 

One quite useful feature of the microphone is that it is fully detachable, so if you do not plan to utilize the HS mic, you can detach it and store it for later use. True to form, Corsair’s build quality is top-notch with their structural components being made out of metal for extra durability and more rugged stability. 

Each of the headsets has on-ear control for easy access to adjust the volume or mute the mic if needed. The earcups on all three are the same plush memory foam material and are adjustable to fit your head. What is nice about the earcups on all of the HS series headsets, is that they fully surround your ear instead of laying on top of the ear and pressing it against your head. 

The headset dimensions for all three are as follows: 

  • Height: 155mm / 6.1” 
  • Width: 100mm / x 3.94” 
  • Depth: 205mm / 8.07” 
  • Weight (w/o accessories): 330.5g / 0.73lb 



As mentioned previously the microphone on the HS series is fully detachable and the same hardware across all three. Aside from its convenience, it is also a very high-quality unidirectional noise-canceling mic. It has an impedance level of 2.0k Ohms. Impedance is the AC resistance and the lower the impedance the more resistant a mic will be to sound degradation. 

Sound Quality 

You start to see some differentiation between the levels of the headsets when it comes to sound quality. Naturally, the lowest level HS50 scores the lowest on sound quality though it is by no means low quality when compared to most other headsets on the market.

The HS50 has a 50mm neodymium speaker driver. The driver unit is the element inside the headphone that converts the signal into sound. 

Battery Life & Other HS70 Details 

This specific section only pertains to the Corsair HS70 headset because it is the only one out of the three that is wireless. Due to its wireless functionality, it also has a few other physical traits. To start, there is a charging port at the base of the left ear and a status LED light right next to it. 

After that, you will find the regular mute and volume control buttons followed by the power button that is unique to the HS70. The LED light will turn green once it reaches over 90% charge and will be amber if it is at 89% or below. 

The HS70 is a wireless headset but not in the same way that you might expect your Bluetooth headset to be. That is because it was designed with gaming in mind and so it uses a USB wireless transmitter to connect to your PC.

Transmission occurs through a low latency 2.4 GHZ signal. Because of the utilization of 2.4 GHZ you can get ranges of up to 40 feet from the USB adapter. 

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Other Considerations 

If you want a multi-functional headset that you can use on PC, consoles, or even your mobile device, then the only two options you have are the HS50 and HS60. The HS70 was designed for PC gamers and they went all-in on making the best quality headphones for that specific market. 

If you fall into that target market then the HS70 is your best bet as you get the top quality of the three-plus you do not have to deal with getting tangled in excess cabling. 



The final verdict here is that for all PC only (or PlayStation 4) gamers the HS70s are extraordinary and should top your list. For all others including those that want additional compatibility for use with their mobile devices or Xbox gaming console, the HS60 is the way to go.

At the end of the day there is no real reason to choose the HS50 other than its lower price point.

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