Best Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip 2020 Detailed Review

Best Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Waterproof Flexible LED Light Strip: LEDs are inexpensive, powerful, and versatile. Compared to traditional bulbs, they take almost no electricity to operate. They’re often RGB compatible, giving you a customizable and cool aesthetic that’s hard to otherwise achieve.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why LEDs are seeing implementation in everything from commercial housing to computer cases. 

Choosing a Waterproof LED Light Strip 

You’ll want to begin by asking some basic questions. What is it you want to light? Where is the installation taking place? Do you want dim controls, remotes? Do you need any special coloring? What kind of materials are you lighting up? Even the presence of other lights in the area may affect your decision. 

Lumens is a measure of how bright something seems to our eyes. For choosing the brightness of a strip, lumens and watts cannot be used interchangeably, but they do tend to correlate well. When possible, pay attention to lumens over watts.

Lumens allow you to make comparisons from one strip to another. And you always need to contextualize that information. Lumens per foot? Per reel? Be sure you know precisely what’s being measured. 

Sunnest Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light Kit 

Sunnest Waterproof Flexible LED Strip Light Kit

The Sunnest flexible LED strip light kit includes two 16.4 foot reels, totaling 32.8 feet of LED strips. Each strip contains 300 LEDs, providing enough illumination for everything short of task lighting. Power consumption is about what you’d expect from a kit of this size, taking 120 watts to fully power both strips

. From color to strip length, these strips are fully customizable. And their highly flexible design makes them easy to install even in tight spaces, like within a vehicle or PC case. 

Ease of Use and Installation 

These strips can be sliced every 3 LEDs for a fully flexible install, provided only that you’re ready to start wiring a few connections together. Installation is as simple as sticking to a surface. And Sunnest strips are IP65 waterproof, making them perfectly suitable for use outdoor use.

But the IP65 rating doesn’t mean these strips are necessarily going to hold up to submersion, so don’t plan on putting in your pool or aquarium. Furthermore, the included power adapter and 44-key IR remote aren’t waterproof, so plan accordingly. 

Daybetter LED Strip Light 

Daybetter LED Strip Light 

Rather than breaking into two separate strips, Daybetter’s LED strips are 600 LEDs rolled into one lengthy 32.8-feet of strips. Within the strip you’ll find color-changing RGB LEDs, and which are noticeably brighter than most strips in this range. As with Sunnest strips, these Daybetter LED lights enjoy IP65 waterproof protection, making them good for setting up outdoors. 

Ease of Use and Installation 

Much of what you’ll find about these strips is on the higher end of what should be considered standard. These LEDs offer a 50,000-hour lifespan, which is optimal for people concerned about maintenance.

Each LED is cut-able and linkable with the standard 3-LED strip distance. And you can control most aspects of the presentation with the included 44 key IR remote. 

Lighting EVER Flexible LED Light Strip 

Lighting EVER Flexible LED Light Strip 

Much of the Lighting EVER Flexible LED kit is ordinary. It includes a single 16.4-foot strip of RGB LEDs, composed of 300 individual LEDs. That works out to about 18 LEDs per foot, which is about average for LED light strips.

Power consumption is ordinary as well, with a typical 12V construction. But what makes these strips stand out are their use of 6000K daylight white LEDs, providing the brilliant white light that warmer-colored strips can’t provide. 

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Final Thoughts 

Sunnest Waterproof Flexible LED strips to have enough colors and play modes for most people to find what they want. They’re especially good at thermal dissipation, making these the perfect choice for people who are extra safety-minded, or otherwise have a reason to be worried about the heat. 

Daybetter LED strips are exceptionally bright and long-lasting. The options color patterns are extensive, and the LEDs themselves are distinctly high quality. The quality of the LEDs alone warrants Daybetter a spot amongst this list, their construction has an excellent price to performance ratio. You get all the essential features with none of the fluff, making these the strips for bargain seekers. 

Finally, Lighting EVER Flexible strips are good for people who have a power adapter already or are adding on to an existing LED kit. If you’re looking for daylight whites around 6000K, you have even more reason to pick these strips. They’re particularly flexible strips, and ideal for people who are using angled, bendy patterns with their LED designs.

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