Best Smartphone Strap and Stand Reviews 2020 Latest Updated Review

Best Smartphone Strap and Stand reviews 2020 Latest Updated Review

A phone grip is one of the most useful tech .They give you a more secure and comfortable grip on your device, saving it from fatal drops. Many also double as stands to prop your phone up

PopSockets Swappable PopGrips

PopSockets were already some of the most popular and widely-used phone grips on the market for a reason: they lasted a long time, really helped reduce the stress on your hands

The biggest issues with the older “classic” PopSockets were that they were often too thick to allow wireless charging and that in order to swap styles between any cute PopSockets you may own, you either had to pry the whole darn thing off your phone or you disassemble the tops in order to swap them.

PopSockets decided to fix both of these issues with the new and improved Swappable PopGrips.

By allowing you to twist off PopTops from the PopGrip base, you can remove the bulk while using wireless charging, great news as wireless charging expands to more and more phones.


  • Widely available
  • Easily swappable
  • Licensed designs available
  • Small footprint
  • Qi charging compatible


  • Not a reliable kickstand
  • Slightly addictive
  • Best Ring Grip

Spigen Style Ring 360

Spigen’s second-gen Style Ring lays flat, looks bold, and works better as a kickstand than PopSockets.

Most Functional: Speck GrabTab

This loop grip is all-plastic rather than metal like the Style Ring 360, with the loop sliding out along a grooved track from flat to loop to kickstand modes.

Speck’s grip is nice and thin, allowing it to work well with wireless chargers and let your phone sit flat and stable on a tabletop when you’re not using the grip.

The GrabTab is much larger than a PopSocket or Style Ring 360 — in fact it’s the size of a credit card — but at least Speck takes advantage of its wide canvas and offers up over a hundred GrabTab styles, including an awesome Pride collection and a beautiful Fine Art collection that allow you to jazz up a boring case with a fun GrabTab.

The only problem I’ve run into with the Speck GrabTab over the last couple of months of use is that while the adhesive back can allow it to be moved between devices or cases, they’re more prone to breakage during transfer.


  • Qi charging compatible
  • Easy to use with smaller fingers
  • Tons of fun designs
  • Sits flat with the case


  • It’s thin but super big
  • Unreliable kickstand
  • Doesn’t transfer well
  • Most Functional

Speck GrabTab

A stylish flat grip that’s bright and light

GrabTabs are available in over a hundred styles, works with Qi charging without disassembly, and is easy on your fingers.

Best Kickstand: Scooch Wingback Universal

This snappy silver/black grip can serve as a kickstand, a phone grip, and either a standalone car mount or a mounting plate for a magnetic mount thanks to the bistable metal spring inside — the same kind you saw in your old slap bracelets or your metal tape measure.

That spring is insanely durable, which means that unlike a Spigen Style Ring or Speck Grab Tab, the Scooch Wingback will definitely last you years and years.

While the actual in-hand grip with the Scooch isn’t quite as natural for smaller fingers, it’s easy to get the hang of and its kickstand is far superior thanks to that springy metal back.

It may wobble in portrait mode from time to time while swiping through matches on Tinder; it won’t slowly sink and flatten the way portrait kickstands on most phone grips will.


  • Pop in/out one-handed
  • Portrait/landscape kickstand
  • Long-lasting mechanism


  • Awkward to some hand sizes
  • Not Qi charging compatible
  • Bulky size is too tall for some phones

Scooch Wingback Universal

Slap bracelet + Smartphone Strap = awesome

Scooch’s phone grip can be a little awkward to those with smaller fingers, but its kickstand is second to none for productivity.

Get a handle on it

Plastic and metal grips can last a long time, but they can also be hard to grip for hours and hours on end if you’re a power-user. That’s where fabric grips like the LoveHandle come in.

This adorable little bow can help you avoid wearing out your fingers pinching a PopSocket or slinging a Style Ring, and since it’s an elastic fabric Smartphone Strap , it’s available in so many cute and adorable styles.

Of course, fabric can have its own pitfalls: elastic wears out over time, especially if you have a habit of yo-yo-ing your phone on your finger when you’re bored like me.

Fabric can also pick up stains and smells from spilled coffee and greasy, sweaty fingers, so you’ll want to take care to keep your hands and your LoveHandle clean.


  • Small footprint
  • Easy to slip on one-handed
  • Qi charging compatible


  • Elastic wears out over time
  • Smartphone Strap can absorb sweat/odors over time
  • No kickstand
  • Most Comfortable

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