Best RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards 2020 Detailed Review

Best RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards 2020 Detailed Review.

Best RFID Blocking Sleeves for Credit Cards: RFID. The radio technology of the future. A security tool that would protect us, while making our lives easier. A technology that is used to prevent retail theft, conduct financial transactions and authenticate documentation. Or so we thought. 

What’s more? 

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The concept is simple and requires only three components. You’ve got the RFID chip itself, a reader, and an antenna. To understand how this works, let’s think up a simple analogy. 

Let’s say that you take a piece of paper and write the number 1 on it, then place it into a hat. Next, you do the same, only write the number 2. Then you do it again for 3, 4, 5, and so on.

You don’t stop until you’ve got 28192 numbers written down. When RFID tags are made, it’s very similar to drawing a number out of a hat. You don’t really know what you’re going to get.

The tags are pre-made with this data onboard, and agencies that use RFID tags keep a record where they know which piece of information is tied to what database entry. 

Alpine Rivers Premium RFID Blocking Sleeves 

Alpine Rivers Premium RFID Blocking Sleeves 

Prior to trying out their RFID blocking sleeves, we had never heard of Alpine Rivers. After doing a little research, we found that this company has been involved with the security industry for many years.

Starting out filling corporate contracts, they now make a number of standardized products such as TSA approved locks, carry-on travel pouches, and of course RFID blocking gear. These sleeves are the most minimalist of any RFID solution they offer, designed to fit within your existing wallet or purse. 

What You Get 

The Alpine Rivers RFID Sleeves come in a large pack. You get a total of 16 sleeves in total. Four of them are designed to protect your passport, but can also be used for larger documentation that contains RFID chips. The other 12 sleeves are credit card holders, which slip over your existing cards and give you 80% coverage. 


Where looks are concerned, you have a few different options. The first is in terms of the structure of the cards. The standard model has an opening for the cards on the side.

You slide them in lengthwise. The other version, called the “versatile” sleeves, slide in width-wise. To decide which one is for you, you should check and see how your wallet opens. The versatile kit includes both the width-wise and lengthwise options, so you’re not stuck with just one. 


The layout of these sleeves is very intelligently designed. They come up about 85% of the way up the card. This allows them to completely cover the RFID chip, blocking the entire signal. But because the card sticks out a little bit, it’s still very easy to grab our card out of the sleeve.

Despite their advanced technology, they are incredibly thin. This allows you to use your cards as you normally would. Even with the sleeve on, they’ll easily slip into your wallet.

This is not an all-in-one solution. We wouldn’t recommend that you just take a stack of these sleeves, shove your cards in them, and carry them around in your pocket. Instead, you should consider them an upgrade. They can be used with your existing wallet, adding a layer of protection. 

Travel Sidekick Protector Sleeves 

Travel Sidekick Protector Sleeves 

Travel Sidekick started out by promoting their patented material that, at the time, was much more effective than the competition. While the industry as a whole has moved towards 100% reliability, Travel Sidekick still has an edge. But they still have an edge.

With their unique designs and catchy graphics, these sleeves will definitely allow you to show off a little more than with competing products. 


The printed graphics are the biggest selling point of the Travel Sidekick RFID Protector Sleeves. There are three different kits available. The most popular is decorated with vector-graphics flowers.

They come in very vibrant colors with a black background. With orange, blue, white, purple, and yellow flowers available, you can pick the one that best matches your sense of style. There are two kits that have the same look, with one opening from the side and the other from the front. 


These sleeves are still a little thicker but still fit nicely inside of your wallet. They have a very smooth internal wall, so it’s easy to put cards in and pull them out.

Due to the additional thickness, these sleeves aren’t the ideal choice if you’re the type to cram tons of cards into a single slot, but they still worked fine with 8 cards in our single fold wallet. 

Security and Durability 

These sleeves are fully FIPS 201 approved, so you know they’ve been verified for 100% security. Even at extremely close distances, the RFID signal will not pass through.

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If you already have a wallet you like, it’s time to beef it up with some sleeves. In this area, you have two options. The Alpine Rivers Premium RFID Blocking Sleeve is more of a minimalist looking model, although there are some subtle color choices available.

If you need something with a little more pep to it, you may enjoy the floral patterns printed on the Travel Sidekick RFID Protector Sleeves. Both options are available in top loading or side loading options, and you get enough sleeves to cover every card in your wallet!

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