Best Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras 2020 Detailed Review

Best Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras 2020 Detailed Review.

Best Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras: Technology has changed the way we access a lot of different services. Instead of expensive monthly cable subscriptions, many of us are instead choosing streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.


When you’re shopping online, you’ll probably notice that there are hundreds of different options to choose from. Not all of these cameras are created alike, so we had to test them ourselves.

After comparing our results, we found the three best outdoor wireless IP cameras for 2017 that are now available. First, we’ll see how they perform. Then, we’ll help you choose the one that’s right for you. 

Phylink Bullet Pro

Phylink Bullet Pro 

Phylink focuses almost exclusively on home security systems, and happen to make some of the best IP cameras on the market. The Bullet Pro is one of their top-end models, offering a high-quality camera at a reasonable price. 


The last thing you want to do is misconfigured your security camera, or spend hours struggling through a complicated setup procedure. The Phylink Bullet Pro is compatible with almost every operating system out there. You can use it with a Mac, Windows PC, or Linux computer. If you want to go mobile, it will communicate with both iOS and Android. 

The first step is to get your camera connected to your Wi-Fi network. All you have to do is push the WPS button on your router (sometimes designated with two concentric arrows) followed by the WPS button on the back of the camera. It only takes about 30 seconds, making it one of the easiest systems on the market. 

Next, all you have to do is download the free application. You can get it for your computer from their website, or on your mobile device from the app store. Additionally, there’s a CD included in the box. Our camera connected right away and without any issues, making it the easiest installation yet. 


As an outdoor camera, the Bullet Pro is designed to withstand all types of environmental challenges. It’s fully IP-66 certified. This means that it’s not just rainproof, it could survive being sprayed rigorously by pressurized water jets and still function 100% properly.

The camera is made from a highly durable, white-painted metal, and its weather treated so it won’t crack or break when it gets cold. Additionally, all of the moving parts are made from metal, making sure that it won’t wear out or become unstable over time. 

Video Quality 

The 2 Megapixel 1080p image sensor produces some of the highest quality footage we’ve seen from an IP camera. The image is clean, free from noise and distortion, and picks up every tiny detail in the picture. It’s got a 4mm lens that provides the camera with an 80-degree viewing angle.

This is a very wide-angle, so you’ll get a lot of coverage with just a single camera. It may not be as wide as some of the 180-degree cameras on the market, but that means that there is no distortion or warping of your image. 

Security Features 

The Phylink Bullet Pro has the essential security features you’d expect to see from such a high-quality camera. It’s equipped with motion detection, ensuring that video is only saved when there’s an activity in the frame. You can set it up to only be activated by certain zones, or reduce the sensitivity so that it’s not triggered by small movements. 

Amcrest ProHD

Amcrest ProHD 

As a popular manufacturer, Amcrest re-brands many different types of consumer electronics. The ProHD camera is one of their higher-end models, offering impressive performance at an affordable price. 


Amcrest has joined the ranks of all the other cameras that offer a simple mobile setup procedure. The Amcrest ProHD configuration process is a little longer than usual, although still quite straightforward. Simply plug in the camera, and download the app.

It will search for the camera, eventually prompting you to begin the setup procedure. It’s a multi-page setup process where you select your Wi-Fi network, enter the password, select your storage location, and choose from a list of configuration options. The whole process takes around 10 minutes, although most of that is waiting for the camera to initialize. 


Despite being the cheapest, the Amcrest ProHD seems to be one of the more durable cameras we’ve reviewed. Instead of a long, flexible adjustment arm, they used a small pivot point that is much sturdier.

You are a little more restricted to your positioning, but a criminal wouldn’t be able to break the camera off or divert it. It’s got an adjustable shade hood that provides varying levels of cover for the lens, and an easy to install mounting plate. Its all-metal construction is certainly rigid, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart. 

Video Quality 

You’ve got two options for video quality. It can produce 1296p video at 20FPS, or 1080p video at 30FPS. Lower resolution is better for recording activity, as it’s smoother.

But 1296p is better for capturing detail, as the resolution is much higher. Additionally, it’s got a 100-degree lens, one of the widest we’ve seen. This offers unparalleled coverage of a single area, saving you from having to purchase multiple cameras. 

Trivision NC-335 

Trivision NC-335 

Having been around for many years, Trivision supplies security solutions to both consumers and businesses. Their products are known for being durable, reliable, and well made. 


Like all of the IP cameras we’re reviewing today, the Trivision NC-335 is a piece of cake to setup and configure. Following many other video security companies, Trivision uses a mobile app to set up their camera. Once mounted and powered on, simply download the app on your Android or iOS device. After scanning for a few moments, your phone will quickly identify the camera. 

You’ll need to then enter your Wi-Fi networking information, give the camera a name, and select your storage options. Overall, the camera is pretty simple to configure. The remote storage does require a little extra work, but we’ll explain that later. 


The camera itself is very similar to the Phylink Bullet Pro and is also IP-66 rated for standing up to the elements. The entire frame is metal and has been treated with a special coating that makes it rust-proof. It feels very well built, if not a little heavy. This camera is marketed for both consumer and business use, so it’s been toughened up to withstand just about everything you throw at it. 

Video Quality 

Utilizing a full 1080p resolution, it’s very impressive in the video department, thanks to an excellent image sensor and lens combination. It has a 60-degree field of view, which is very similar to what your eyes see. Because the lens is so natural, the image comes across as very crisp and sharp.

In a high-security environment, this is very important. You’ll be able to pick out details such as the clothes somebody is wearing, or the license plate on a car. It does, however, slightly restrict the visible area, so it might not be the best if you’re trying to get a lot of coverage. 


The easiest way to set up the NC-335 is with an SD card. Just like the Bullet Pro, it can take up to 128GB, and also acts as a DVR. This means that, as long as you’re on the same Wi-Fi network, you can review and delete videos from your phone. It does support remote file storage over FTP or on a local NAS drive. 

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If you’re looking for the best Best Outdoor Wireless IP Cameras 2020, image quality, and most cutting-edge IP camera technology, we highly recommend going with the Phylink Bullet Pro. It’s packed with just about every feature you could ever want and boasts a strong and reliable wireless signal. We really love how the connections come included with a waterproof box that assures long-lasting connectivity without any threat of weather, including cold, heat, or moisture. 

The Trivision NC-335PW is another great option that’s quite similar to the Bullet Pro, but much less expensive. Although it doesn’t come with a waterproof box, it boasts just about every feature most home or businesses could ask for. 

If you’re on a budget but still don’t want to skimp on quality, look no further than the Amcrest ProHD. It’s not quite as ‘high-end’ as the other two options, but it has a better night vision range and improved viewing angle. The image clarity is still fantastic and you’re able to configure it just as easily as the other two options.

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