Best Business Card Scanners 2020 Latest Updated Review

Best Business Card Scanners 2020 Latest Updated Review

Business Card Scanner help you to scan and store valuable business cards and easily find it when you need it the most.Just taking a photo of business cards isn’t enough. Scanning them at your computer isn’t much better

Avision IS15+ Portable Card Scanner

By going through Avision is15+ portable scanner review like this, you’ll have opportunity to discover some of the things that made it different from most other in the market today.

And that will help you choose the best that will suit both your needs and budget. If not this, why are you here in the first place…?

And in your office or operating environment, this doesn’t take much space at all.

Like in most office products, one person’s use case often differs from another.

Interestingly, this informs the decision on what you choose instead of the other.

Looking at business card scanner price comparison, here is one of the best business card scanners under $100.

Besides cards, you can do clean photo scanning with it as well.

And then your output can be store via SD card or USB flash drive.

DocketPort Duplex DP687 Scanner

If you are one of those die hard Windows fans, here is another great business card scanner meant specifically for people like you.

And if you are just wondering about compatibility with Windows 10, yes it is confirmed to be working perfectly with it.

From the very first impression, this one looks pretty smaller than every other competitor in the list.

However, it doesn’t support multiple languages like most others.

In this DocketPort business card scanner you are restricted to work with English language only.

These image outputs can be viewed and used in PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats.

Also interesting is the fact that you can scan almost all types of imaginable cards with it; think about insurance cards, drivers’ license, complimentary cards and more.

Among all the DocketPort features, one cool outstanding thing is that you can easily scan both sides of double sided cards in a single stretch.

Dymo Cardscan Executive V8 Card Scanner

Going by the key benefits of business card scanners mentioned earlier

Easy accessibility in time of need is just one good reason why people buy affordable business card scanners in the first place.

And so the Dymo executive card scanner brings that benefit for you to experience it with many interesting features of this product.

These features include the ease of categorizing your business contacts in any way you like.

You can do this by industry, location or job title.

And then in its digital format, a simple text search makes these contacts readily available in times of need.

Now, can you compare that with having to wade through a stack of business cards whose prints may be blurring and invisible?

Specifically for those people that understand the value of proactive networking, asking for and collecting business cards is just one of the most important routines.

Depending on your preferences, you can do your scanning in color or black and white.

The Dymo CardScan weighs about 4 pounds with dimensions of 9.2 x 8.1 x 2 Inches.

Docketport 2DM9978 Sheetfed Scanner

Simply by reading through this buyer guide, your search for the best high resolution business card scanner is very likely to end here.

Besides business cards, you can scan a whole lot of other types of documents with it including photos and office documents.

The set up s very easy and can be done in minutes

The AutoContinue function also makes it possible to scan a lot more cards and document in less time. All you have to do is to follow the machine flow.

This is a USB powered scanner so there is no need for AC adapter.

The weight is about 1.3 pounds so it won’t be heavy as much while packing or moving.

For first time users, there is a starter guide inside the pack when you buy the Docketport 2DM9978 Sheetfed Scanner. Don’t forget that you need the driver to set it up for active use.

To have it fully functional at all times, be sure to clean it up after every 1000 scans. If you don’t do this, the scanner may start performing below capacity.

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